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TEAM-ADA  January 1998

TEAM-ADA January 1998


TOOLS USA '98 (fwd)


AdaWorks <[log in to unmask]>


AdaWorks <[log in to unmask]>


Thu, 8 Jan 1998 18:14:17 -0800





TEXT/PLAIN (336 lines)

Attached is a call for papers for the annual Tools USA conference.
I have presented Ada tutorials and Ada-related tutorials at this
conference over the past several years.  If you have an idea for
a high-quality original paper, not necessarily language-specific,
that would contribute to the body of knowledge or practice of
object technology, this might be a good place to submit it.

This is a referreed conference and some papers do get rejected for
one reason or another.  It is also one of the delightful conferences
to attend because the other conferees tend to be technically astute
and serious about this aspect of software.

Richard Riehle

[log in to unmask]
AdaWorks Software Engineering
Suite 30
2555 Park Boulevard
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 328-1815
FAX  328-1112

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 16:27:55 -0800
From:[log in to unmask]
To: [log in to unmask]
Subject: TOOLS USA '98

Dear Colleagues,

Please be so kind as to distribute the attached Conference Announcement
and Call for Papers further in your geographical and scientific area.
We do apologize in anticipation if you receive this message more than

Wishing you a Successful New Year, and hoping to see you all at TOOLS
in beautiful Santa Barbara, California in August 1998!


Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems


The Move Towards Componentware

Santa Barbara, California, August 3 - 7, 1998


TOOLS is the major international conference and exhibition devoted to
the applications of object-oriented technology. TOOLS USA '98, the
twenty-seventh TOOLS International Conference and Exhibition, returns to
Santa Barbara for the eighth time and continues the commitment to
excellence demonstrated by earlier conferences in Europe, the Pacific,
Asia and the US. Standards established for TOOLS by earlier conferences
in the series include:

    * Emphasis on the practice of object-oriented technology and its
application in industrial environments, complementing the more
academically-oriented perspective of traditional conferences.

    * Solid technical program, based on a strict refereeing process
conducted by an international program committee comprised of both
academic and industry leaders:

    * Balanced coverage of the wealth of approaches, trends and =
variants in the object-oriented community.

    * Combination of tutorials by recognized experts, invited talks by
innovators in the field, relevant panel discussions, technical papers
targeted to industry practitioners, and an up-to-date exhibition of
products and services

The TOOLS 27 Conference Proceedings will be made available worldwide
through the IEEE Computer Society as well as from the TOOLS Conference.


TOOLS USA '98 is now soliciting papers on all aspects of object-oriented
technology. All submitted papers will be refereed and judged not only
according to standards of technical quality but also on their usefulness
to practitioners and applied researchers. A non-exhaustive list of
suggested topics includes:

+ Reports of experiences with O-O technology

+ Migration toward O-O software development

+ Management and training issues

+ User interfaces, persistence and databases

+ Specification, modeling, and patterns

+ Class management and evolution

+ Empirical and field studies

+ Production, distribution and revenue collection of industrial-quality
reusable components

TOOLS 27 will feature a special emphasis on issues relating the
challenges of building components, libraries, and frameworks. Technical
papers that report and assess advances and experiences in this area are
expressly sought. A special "Object-Oriented Reuse " track will include
workshop(s), tutorials, panel discussions, and featured speakers.

Papers should be in the range of 10 to 20 double-spaced pages.
Submission should be sent to the Conference Committee Office:

Paper Submission
ISE Building
270 Storke Road, 2nd Floor.
Goleta, CA 93117 USA
Phone: (805) 685-1006, FAX: (805) 685-6869
E-mail: [log in to unmask]

All submissions must be received by March 6, 1998 to be considered for
inclusion in the conference. Notification of acceptance will be sent by
April 6, 1998. Final manuscripts will be due to the publisher May 8, 1998.

Proposals for tutorials, panels, workshops are also solicited and should
be sent to the same address by January 31, 1998.

Exhibitors should contact the Conference organization for more information.

A special ISE Eiffel User Workshop will take place on Tuesday, August
4th. As in past years, the meeting will provide a forum for users to
share experiences and interact with peers who have been successful in
implementing Eiffel-generated application.

DON'T MISS the Fifth International Symposium on Teaching Object
Technology on Friday, August 7th! A large-scale event to be devoted
exclusively to O-O education, this symposium will be an opportunity for
teachers in academia, training managers in companies, and everyone with
an interest in O-O methods to discuss the problems and techniques of
teaching this approach.

As of January 1, 1998, information on the submission and review process,
including author guidelines, will be available on the World Wide Web at Furthermore, general information on all TOOLS
Conferences can be found at the same address.


Registration Fees: EARLY-BIRD      ADVANCED        REGULAR

                   Before March 6  Before June 26  After June 26

1 Day              $445.00         $475.00         $495.00

2 Consecutive Days $695.00         $745.00         $795.00

3 Consecutive Days $875.00         $995.00         $1,075.00

4 Consecutive Days $995.00         $1,165.00       $1,295.00

Symposium on Teaching Object Technology

(if registered for at least two days of the conference)

                   $245.00 $275.00 $300.00

Symposium on Teaching Object Technology

(Symposium only)   $375.00 $325.00 $345.00

Full-Time Faculty Member: Take advantage of a 25% discount on the above
registration fees

Full-Time Student: Take advantage of a 50% discount on the above
registration fees

A 10% discount is applicable to any registration of three or more people
from the same company site at the same time for a minimum of 2 days
attendance. For 5 or more people the discount is 20%. These discounts
are applicable to Regular and Faculty registrations only.


Prices include; a copy of the tutorial notes for each tutorial attended;
a copy of the conference proceedings; breaks; lunches; beach barbecue on
Monday, August 3; open-air classical concert and conference dinner on
Wednesday, August 5; and free access to the exhibit.


Prices include; a copy of the tutorial notes for each tutorial attended;
a copy of the conference proceedings; breaks; lunches; and free access
to the exhibit. Tickets to the beach barbecue on Monday, August 3, and
open-air classical concert and conference dinner on Wednesday, August 5
may be purchased separately.


Payment should be made by check, credit card or international money
order to TOOLS Conferences and accompanied by the registration form.
Substitutions will be accepted at any time. Written cancellations
received by July 3 will be liable to a 50 percent service fee. After
this date, there will be no refund.


TOOLS USA '98 will be held at the Fess Parker's Double Tree Resort, the
most beautiful resort on the south coast, right across from the Santa
Barbara beach, which offers many recreational opportunities. Rooms are
available for conference attendees at the special rates of $185
single/double, $200 triple and $215 quadruple (guaranteed until July 2,
or until vacancy). For reservations contact: Fess Parker's Double Tree
Resort, 633 East Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara, CA 93103, phone (805)
564-4333 or (800) 879-2929, Fax (805) 962-8198. To benefit from the
special rate, you must mention that you are attending TOOLS USA 98.
Alternative accommodations are available, please contact
the Hot Spots Accommodation (9:00-21:00 PST) 36 State
Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, phone (800) 793-7666 (US only),
805-564-1637, Fax: 805-564-1633.


TOOLS has selected American Airlines as the official carrier for the 27th
TOOLS Conference. Valuable discounts are offered to attendees traveling
with AA from a destination in the US or through a connecting flight in
the US. Simply call the American Airlines Meeting Services desk toll
free number 1-800-433-1790 and specify the group name TOOLS. For any other
information on carriers and flight availability, please contact
International Travel of Santa Barbara, Phone (800) 383-2116, Fax (805)
683-2118. The airport is less than fifteen minutes from downtown Santa
Barbara, and a free shuttle service from the airport to the Fess Parker
is available by calling the Resort upon arrival, at (805) 564-4333.=20


For five memorable days, starting on August 5th through 9th, Santa
Barbara's week-long festival celebrates the founding of the city by
Spanish missionaries. Residents and visitors will join in sharing our
cultural and romantic past with the ringing of the bells on the steps of
the Old Mission, the procession of the El Desfile Historico parade to
the colorful Mercados, the Rodeo featuring the Competicion de Vaqueros,
the Arts & Crafts Show, the beautiful Noches do Ronda and much more,
with most events free to all. Visit their Web site at

We urge you to stay a few extra days in Santa Barbara to join the
festivities with your family and friends!

Follow these links to take a peak at some of Santa Barbara's history
and activities (festivals, winery tours, scenic drives, etc.) ,


I wish to attend:

___ Day(s) at TOOL USA'98 from August __ to __ , 1998

| | Symposium on Teaching Object Technology

| | Barbecue at the beach

___ extra tickets at $30 each

| | Conference Dinner and concert

___ extra tickets at $60 each


Conference: $ __________________

Symposium on Teaching Object Technology $ __________________

___ extra tickets for the Barbecue at $30 each $ __________________

___ extra tickets for the Dinner at $60 each $ __________________

Discount for multiple attendees from the same company $ _____________

Total $ __________________

/ / VISA / / Mastercard / / American Express

Card Number _______________________________ Exp. ____________________

Authorized Signature ________________________________________________

/ / My company is interested in exhibiting. Please send exhibitor's kit

by / / e-mail / / fax / / post


Name __________________________________________________________________

Organization __________________________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________ State_______________ Zip __________

Phone ____________________________ Fax ________________________________

Email ____________________________

Send Payment & Registration form to:

TOOLS Conferences

ISE Building

270 Storke Road, 2nd Floor

Goleta, CA 93117, USA

Phone: (805) 685-1006 Fax: (805) 685-6869

E-mail: [log in to unmask]

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