>> I don't know if anyone caught the other Philadelphia event,
>> the Army-Navy game on Saturday. Well, the Army (Winning) Quarter
>> Back was named  "McAda".

> Note, McAda is _Army_, not _Navy_. The parallel is
> irresistible.:-) >

>> That seemed like an interesting
>> coincidence
>> to the execellent Tri-Ada conference!
> Yep. Good conference, good game outcome.

My first response when I saw this quarterback's name was to ask
myself if perhaps the McDonald's Corp. had created something for
their restaurant chain using Ada. :-)

Actually, we need to _educate_ the game announcers since they
kept pronouncing his name as MCaDA rather than McAda. I'm sure
they are saying it the same way as the quarterback does but
maybe if ARA gives him some sponsorship he could be persuaded
to change the way he pronounces his name. :-)

Dean Runzel