>From:  [log in to unmask] (Michael Feldman)

>But unless this fight (which is outside the Ada community) is
>resolved, at some point the JVMs and libs will diverge. There is
>much commentary on this whole issue at

One attitude is to look at the Java Experiment as buying time
(until vendor rivalry brings it down) for the Ada community to
get its act together regarding compatibile GUI environments,
etc.  Although I have said in the past a GUI package fully
compatible with all OS environments is a pipe dream, one that
did as well as possible would be a giant step forward and good
enough for many purposes.  If that package happened to require
Ada it would pay the world back for all those null-terminated
strings !

On the issue of Ada compiler vendors still emphasizing the embedded
market, I think it is good for them to do what is best for staying
in business, so long as they are also investing in other areas for
the future.  Those I know most about seem to be doing so.

Larry Kilgallen