Quinn wrote:

> i'm in a position right now where i am trying to translate web content for
> wireless devices. while this obviously presents some interesting ui
> challanges, but by far the most stumping  has been how to let a wireless
> user know exactly what they are doing at any given time and create some
> continuity between the wireless and pc experience.

You may find the following document valuable -- it is available from Sprint
PCS at --

It is the Sprint PCS HDML User Interface Style Guide (Version 2.0) (many of
the principles apply to WML also)  and provides some principles and examples
of working with small display devices.  Note, to get access to the document
you must register with our developer program, agree to Non-Disclosure and
then after signing in you will find the document within the "Getting
Started" started section -- (NOTE -- this document is only found within the
Premeir Developer Program -- but signing up costs you nothing to get the

Our team at Sprint PCS has identified some "common" methods for dealing with
"similiar" content that is either presented in "trees", "forms" or "wizards"
for wireless web content.

Quinn also wrote:
>also i'm running into trouble naming the task of creating
> form entries you can use to populate later forms. <-- if you didn't
> understand that, i don't blame you. i haven't found an elegant way to talk
> about it. (and no, before anyone tries to sue me, it's *not* 1-click
> shopping. heh.)

Our experience is that it is very useful to perform actual "label naming"
research for the different categories of content or methods - this involves
generating lists of names or potential names for a the action or category,
have a sample of your potential population of users categorize the names and
labels (i.e., card sorting) and then doing some evaluation of "what" a user
"thinks" would exist underneath the label or is implied by the action --
However, this is all quite a trick if you are trying to keep your names or
labels within 10 or 12 characters!

Hope to see your application soon on the wireless web -

Bob Moritz