This brings up an interesting question -  how do people measure success when
it comes to non-ecommerce sites? (For example, sites designed to create an
impression or provide information rather than sell a product.) This type of
site generally doesn't have easily quantified goals, and users don't
generally call or email, they just leave. Some of this can be discerned from
server logs, but what other techniques have been successful for you in
measuring usability success for sites with metrics that are less
quantifiable than abandoned shopping carts and product returns?


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Richard Danca wrote:
We have easy measures of our success, beyond the results of usability
testing: income, profit, abandoned shopping carts, calls or e-mails to tech
support, number of product returns. Basically, that is, the thing works or
it doesn't; and when it does work, it meets the site's goal(s). Yeah, of
course there are degrees of how well something works, but I think you all
see my point.

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