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jim hopper <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 19 Mar 2000 09:48:37 -0700
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At 5:17 PM -0500 3/18/00, Michael Feldman wrote:
>For example, in the 2 months or so since I started soliciting info
>about _defense_ projects for the project list on the web, I received
>over _60_ responses, most of which contained pointers to websites.
>I have gotten only a few for non-defense projects, and most of those
>are in the defense-like space domain inhabited by NASA and ESA.

Mike looking at your list i see the B1 listed as Ada project.  i
worked on a flight sim for b1 as it was being built called
Engineering Research Sim that was the first available training sim
for the b1.  we built it concurrently with the plane.  Anyway i spent
a fair amount of time studying Boeing docs for the avionics software,
and was at Boeing Seattle once and spend some time in their test
labs. The avionics software is pretty much contemporary with the
beginnings of Ada as it was written in like 83/84 time frame, and as
i recall the Avionics software was jovial not ada. same for the
ALQ161 EW suite.

its not impossible they have switched out computers and rewritten the
software. Where did you hear it was ada project?

also you are missing the army's Common Ground Station done by
Motorola.  they are now doing C++ but there is still 200+ KSLOC of
Ada in the system.  I know as i just finished porting all of it from
rational to gnat. Interesting note, i have listened to them complain
for years about how slow Ada was compared to c/c++ to compile.  well
now they are also porting to the Solaris c++ compiler that's part of
Solaris 7.  interestingly enough the gnat compiler now compiles about
5 times faster than the c++!

the Postload Systems Trainer which is a weapons load maintenance
trainer for the B-1. (teaches people how to load weapons into the B1,
and to check them out using the on board avionics) done by SAIC about
1985 or so. Our ERS flight sim was FORTRAN unfortunately as ada was
brand new then and the compilers just were not available.

Advanced Helmet Mounted Display Electronics done by SAIC which is an
experimental system for a helmet mounted display system for the
cockpit done in about 86 time frame by SAIC.

The F-16 Unit Training Device (UTD) is largely Ada as well.  the UTD
is a low cost F-16 flight trainer (approx 700k) it was done by Hughes
Training which became Raytheon i belive in its latest home. its host
is SGI onyx, developed in early 90's.  (SAIC did the radar sim for it)

Austrailian Air force's F111 flight trainer is also ada. (again SAIC
did the radar)  platform was SGI Onyx.  done approx 1996/7

you got our radar simulation thanks.

If you wish to strive for peace of soul then believe;
if you wish to be a devotee of truth, then inquire.
    -- Friedrich Nietzsche