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Ada Marketing <[log in to unmask]>
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Ada Marketing <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 09:28:48 -0500
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If you download less than the full version of ObjectAda, you should choose the
custom install option and in this case select the Core installation option
only.  Attached is the ReadMe file from the download page.

Kaid Pham wrote:

> I have download Ada software (core version: 17 Meg.).
> When I try to install the software, I have a message to mention:
>              'An error accurred during the moved data process: -113
>               Component: Sample files-native
>               File group: Sample'
>               File:c:/Windows/Temp/install1/samples/barnes/readme.txt'
> What I can do now.
> Thand you in advance to your help.
> My email:  [log in to unmask]
> _________________________________________________________________
> Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at

"Free ObjectAda 7.2" ReadMe May 2, 2000 ============================================================ Welcome! -------- We appreciate your interest in ObjectAda, the best-selling Ada 95 product line from Aonix. For your evaluation, we have included fully operational ObjectAda programming environments for Windows and UNIX (Solaris). In addition to the programming environments, a number of associated tools are provided in demo form. After downloading the full Special Edition product the user may select any of the available setup installation options. When downloading the Core subset version of the product, the user should select the Customize setup installation option, followed by selecting only the "Core" product to be installed. When downloading the Help file subset version of the product, the user should select the Customize setup installation option, followed by selecting only the "Help" product to be installed. We hope you enjoy these versions of ObjectAda. If you have any problems or questions, please contact your nearest Aonix office: US: 1-800-97-Aonix, 1-619-457-2700 France: (1) Germany: (0721)98653-0 UK: (1491)579090 Sweden: (08) 601 94 91 Contents -------- This directory contains the following versions of the Aonix ObjectAda product line: - ObjectAda for Unix v7.1.1 (Solaris v2.6) - ObjectAda for Windows, Special Edition, v7.2 (PLEASE NOTE that the current shipping version of ObjectAda for Windows is more recent that the Special Edition version. The Special Edition is updated on a less frequent basis than commercial editions.) These products are contained in the unix-tar and windows-zip directories, respectively. Each version is provided in compressed form and must be uncompressed with the appropriate uncompression (tar or zip) utility. To install the Unix version 7.1.1, follow the installation instructions in the file README in the unix-tar directory. ObjectAda for UNIX is also available for HP-UX and AIX. If you require one of these products, click on "Comments and Special Requests" link at the bottom of the download registration form or email Aonix directly at [log in to unmask] To install the Windows version, run the setup.exe program in the uncompressed root directory. [NEW: Based on customer request for a smaller download file, we have isolated the core files from the ObjectAda for Windows Special Edition and placed them into two zip files in the windows-zip-small directory. Download the files and and extract them both into the same directory. You may also download and install only the files, but if you do so, be sure installer dialog. In either case, you should also decline the options to install Internet Explorer and the Sun JDK, as these components are excluded from the "small" download files. Of course, to use the ObjectAda HTML features (for example, to cross-reference compile errors into the Language Reference Manual), you will need to have a browser installed. Regarding the JDK, you can compile Ada to Java byte code without the JDK, but you need the JDK if you want access to JDK tools or class files. The JDK may be obtained from Sun or other download sites.] Should you find these files too large to download, you may call Aonix to request a CD, which will be shipped for a nominal shipping/handling charge. Windows License --------------- The Special Edition of ObjectAda for Windows is a fully operational version of ObjectAda and does not require a license key. However, its usage is subject to certain restrictions described below. "This edition of ObjectAda for Windows may not be used for commercial development purposes. It contains a fully- functional environment but operates under the following limitations: a program may contain no more than 35 units; a compilation unit may contain to more than 20 tasks; a compilation may not exceed 2000 lines (550 for Java compilations). The compiler is not formally validated." In addition to these limitations, certain supplemental tools, such as the GUI Builder and the HOT_Ada tutorial, are provided only in demo form. In particular, the GUI Builder disallows saving (and therefore code generation), and as such does not include the associated GUI Builder object library. Unix License ------------ The Unix version of ObjectAda requires a license key. Contact your nearest Aonix representative for a free license key which will provide access to the product as follows: - the number of simultaneous users is unlimited - the key duration is three months - the product level is "StarterPack" Other Aonix Products -------------------- Check our web site at, or contact your nearest Aonix representative to find out the latest news and releases of Aonix Ada products. Our commercial editions of ObjectAda for Windows offer a variety of features geared toward professional Windows development, including: - Formal Ada 95 validation - No compilation restrictions - Full GUI Builder (now featuring OCX control import!) - Unrestricted Java byte code support - Enhanced Win32 bindings (to latest NT release) - "Core" MFC bindings - SQL pre-compiler - NIST certifiable thick ODBC bindings - Plot and Draw graphical libraries - DOS extender - Additional CM integration options - Integration with Aonix "Software through Pictures" - An included Ada 95 textbook - HOT_Ada tutorial - Bound hardcopy documentation - Subscription and support services For ObjectAda for Unix, we offer two packages in addition to the StarterPack. Some of the features available in the CorePack and ProjectPack bundles include: - Full CDE-compatible visual environment with CLI options - Extensive compiler optimizations - Java support - POSIX bindings - Annexes C & D - TeleUSE UIMS for design and implementation of application GUI interfaces - High end semantic / language sensitive development tools - CM integration packages - Integration with Aonix "Software through Pictures" UML modeling tool - Networking support - Bound hardcopy documentation - Full support services ObjectAda is now available for a variety of real-time development platforms, hosted on both Windows and Unix, and targeting Intel/ Pentium and PowerPC processors running Tornado/VxWorks, LynxOS, ETS (embedded Win32), embedded JVM, and RAVEN - Aonix' own high-performance hard real-time & safety-critical kernel. Many other host/ target combinations are under active development. Thanks to the ObjectAda development environment, these products represent the fastest, easiest to use, and best available integrated real-time embedded and safety-critical solutions. Contact your sales representative for the latest information on these and other Aonix offerings including training and consulting packages.