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Tue, 30 Sep 1997 13:40:40 -0400
Currie Colket <[log in to unmask]>
Currie Colket <[log in to unmask]>
Currie Colket <[log in to unmask]>
"Team Ada: Ada Advocacy Issues (83 & 95)" <[log in to unmask]>
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Dear Team Ada,

Please find attached an announcement on the Ada Semantic
Interface Specification (ASIS) standardization process you
might find interesting.


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Subject: ISO Standardization Status of ASIS
Author:  Currie Colket at SPAWAR-MC5
Date:    9/30/97 1:28 PM


We are very excited! ASIS has been delivered to
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 in the form of ASIS Version 2.0.P.
The SC22 Balloting process for concurrent registration of
ASIS as an ISO Committee Draft (CD) and the CD Final Ballot
has begun. The Ballots are due on 8 March 1998.

ASIS is highly stable now as no changes are possible except
as a result of the SC22 Balloting process.

If the CD Final Ballot is successful, only one more ballot
is required to become an ISO standard, at the ISO DIS Final
level. This ballot is for 2 months and will be a thumbs up or
thumbs down ballot - no comments are allowed.

Should all of the balloting be successful, we could have
an ASIS ISO Standard by September 1998. This would be a
very nice thing to have available for Tri-Ada'98!!!!!

Please check out the ASIS Home Page, besides having the ASIS 2.0.P,
there is also a new section containing ASIS 95 tutorials. This is
a great place to find out more about using ASIS for code analysis
to support reliability and quality evaluation for your
mission-critical and safety-critical software. ASIS will allow an
application developer to easily and quickly roll-your-own tool to
support specific development requirements.

For those wanting to find out more about ASIS, you are encouraged
to attend the Tri-Ada'97 Conference in St. Louis from 9-13 November.
An ASIS tutorial, panel, paper, and BOF are planned. A quick summary
of these activities is attached. This is a good time to register as
8 October is the deadline for discounted registration fees.

Thank you again!!!

Currie Colket
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P.S. My spawar email address will go away circa 10 October.
Please update your records so that email for me goes to =>

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Planned ASIS Activities for Tri-Ada'97 =>
The following ASIS activities are planned for Tri-Ada'97 =>

Tri-Ada'97 will be having a number of ASIS activities ranging from
tutorial, panel, paper session, and BOF. The following is a short list
of the current planned ASIS activities at Tri-Ada'97.

Monday Morning, 10 November; Half Day Tutorial

   Building Development Tools for Use with GNAT.
   Sergey I. Rybin, Moscow State University
     This tutorial will explain how you can built your
     development and analysis tools when working with
     GNAT. Some sample tools are presented to
     demonstrate different approaches to tool development.
     Participants should have a good understanding of Ada
     semantics, and basic experience in programming with
     GNAT is helpful, but not required.

Wednesday Afternoon, 12 November; 4:00-5:30 P.M. Paper Session
Development Tools II Session:

   ASIStint: An Interactive ASIS Interpreter
   Mr. Vasiliy Fofanov, Moscow State University,
   Dr. Sergey Rybin, Moscow State University,
   Professor Alfred Strohmeier, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Tuesday Afternoon, 11 November; 4:00-5:30 P.M.; ASIS Panel

         ASIS Panel: Roll Your Own Analysis Tools

Chair:         Mr. Currie Colket, Chairman ASISWG/ASISRG
Panelists:     Dr. Joyce, Tokar, DDC-I
                   Technical Presentation on ASIS 95 Interface
               Dr. Bill Thomas, MITRE
                   Rolling Your Own Tools using ASIS
               Dr. Herm Fischer, MARK V
                   Roll Your Own Tools from ObjectMaker Experience
               Mr. Clyde Roby, IDA
                   ASIS 95 Artifacts on the Internet

Wednesday Evening, 12 November; 7:30-9:30 Joint BOF [Tentative]

        Joint Safety & Security Working Group [SAFEWG] and
              ASIS Working Group [ASISWG] BOF

               Mr. George Romanski, Chair SAFEWG
               Mr. Currie Colket, Chair ASISWG/ASISRG
               Mr. Steve Blake, AONIX
               Dr. Bill Thomas, MITRE

        A safety-critical/mission-critical application will be
        presented which is used to make Pale India Ale [Yes,
        safety-critical, and we will all agree, taste is very
        mission-critical]. Safety aspects will be discussed which
        will lend themselves to ASIS code analysis.

        Samples of the mission-critical Pale India Ale may be
        available, pending approval.


For more information on Tri-Ada'97 and the ASIS activities there,
please check out the Tri-Ada'97 Home Page at =>

Abstracts of each of the above will be distributed by email soon.