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Sun, 5 Sep 2021 15:18:48 -0700
"Team Ada: Ada Programming Language Advocacy" <[log in to unmask]>
"Team Ada: Ada Programming Language Advocacy" <[log in to unmask]>
Michael Feldman <[log in to unmask]>
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Dear Colleagues,

I hope you are all well and ready for the fall, whatever it might bring in these uncertain times.

My wife Ruth and I are moving from Portland to Berkeley in the near future (yes, our son and his family live there -- he is a professor at Cal Berkeley); our new flat will have many advantages, but alas, not nearly enough space for all our books, papers, and media.  

I'm writing in the hope of finding new homes for (i.e. giving away) any or all of my large set of books on Ada. I've been collecting these since Ada's beginning in the early 1980s; I think I have all (or very nearly all) the Ada books ever published. The list is included below.

Please email me if you're interested in any of these. Ruth has very kindly offered to work with you on the shipping logistics; we ask only that you reimburse us for the shipping costs. Overseas mailing has become such an expensive hassle that I'd prefer the destinations to be in the U.S.

Book dealers don't usually have the understanding or respect for the content of these books, so they have little to no sale value. But they might well have real value to people in the Ada community who know the field. 

One further note: a colleague here in Oregon is creating an undergrad library of computing books at the state university where he teaches. He is interested in taking all the books that aren't claimed by others. He'll be coming to Portland in a week or so to pick them up, so we must move fast. I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU BY THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9. I apologize for the short lead time, but I only found out about this a few days ago.

Best regards to you and yours; please stay out of COVID's way!

Michael Feldman
Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
The George Washington University
Washington, DC 20052
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Books on the Ada Programming Language (and related topics)
Ada: Berger Tests of Programming Proficiency
AdaTEC Conference 1982
Airiau, R., et al. VHDL: du Langage à la Modernisation
Alsys. Safety Critical Handbook (1994)
Asplund, L. ed. Ada-Europe '98 Proceedings
Audsley, N. Ada Yearbook Millennium Edition
Ausnit, C. et al. Ada in Practice
Baker, L. VHDL Programming
Barnes, J. High Integrity Ada (1997)
Barnes, J. Programming in Ada 95
Barnes, J. Programming in Ada. (2e, 3e, 4e)
Beidler, J. Data Structures and Algorithms (1997)
Ben-Ari, M. Ada for Software Engineers (1998)
Ben-Ari, M. Principles of Concurrent and Distributed Programming (1990)
Ben-Ari, M. Principles of Concurrent Programming (1982)
Benjamin, G. Ada Minimanual (to accompany Appleby, Programming Languages)
Berg_, J-M et al. Ada avec le Sourire
Booch, G. and D. Bryan. Software Engineering with Ada. (3rd edition)
Booch, G. Object-Oriented Analysis & Design, 2nd ed. (1994)
Booch, G. Software Components with Ada.
Bover, D.C.C., K.J. Maciunas, and M.J. Oudshoorn. Ada: A First Course in Programming and Software Engineering.
Bray, G. and D. Pokrass. Understanding Ada.
Breguet, P. and L Zaffalon. Programmation s_quentielle avec Ada 95 (in French)
Bryan, D.L., and G.O. Mendal. Exploring Ada, Volumes 1.and 2.
Buhr, R. Practical Visual Techniques in System Design with Applications to Ada.
Burns, A. and A. Wellings. Concurrency in Ada, 2nd ed. (1998)
Burns, A. and A. Wellings. Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages, 2nd ed.
Burns, A. and A. Wellings. Real-Time Systems and Programming Languages, 3rd ed. (2001)
Burns, A. and G. Davies. Concurrent Programming (1993)
Burns, A. Concurrent Programming in Ada.
Burns, Alan and Wellings, Andy. Concurrency in Ada.
Caverly, P. and P. Goldstein. Introduction to Ada.
Cherry, G. Parallel Programming in ANSI Standard Ada
Clark, R. Programming in Ada: a First Course.
Cohen, N. Ada as a Second Language.
Computer Language, March 1989 (compilers)
Cooling, J.E. et al. Introduction to Ada
Crawford, B.S. Ada Essentials
Culwin, F. Ada: a Developmental Approach. (2nd ed)
Dale, N., D. Weems, and J. McCormick. Programming and Problem Solving with Ada. D. C. Heath, 1994.
Dale, N., S. Lilly, and J. McCormick. Ada plus Data Structures.
Defense Electronics, March 1984 - first Ada compilers
DeLillo, N. J. A First Course in Computer Science with Ada.
Denev, N. Programming (in Bulgarian)
DISA Symposium on Ada Success in MIS (1992)
Dorchak, S. and P. Rice. Writing Readable Ada
Downes, V. and S. Goldsack. Programming Embedded Systems with Ada.
Embedded Systems Programming, Nov. 1995 (Ada 05 issue)
English, J. Ada 95: the Craft of Object-Oriented Programming (1997)
Feldman, M. Concepts of Concurrent Programming (1990)
Feldman, M. Language and System Support for Concurrent Programming (1990)
Feldman, M.B. Data Structures with Ada.
Feldman, M.B. Software Construction and Data Structures with Ada 95 (1996)
Feldman, M.B., and E.B. Koffman. Ada: Problem Solving and Program Design.
Feldman/Koffman Ada 95 (1st printing, 3rd printing)
Freedman, R. Programming Concepts with the Ada Language.
Gabrini, P. Introduction au Genie Logiciel et a la Programmation avec Ada (in French)
Gauthier, M. Ada: a Professional Course.
Gauthier, M. Ada: Un Apprentissage (in French).
Gehani, N. Ada: an Advanced Introduction (2nd edition).
Gehani, N. Ada: Concurrent Programming (2nd edition).
Gehani, N. and A. McGettrick. Concurrent Programming (1988)
Gehani, N. and W.D. Roome. The Concurrent C Programming Language (1989)
Gilpin, G. Ada: a Guided Tour and Tutorial.
Glynn, G. Ada Yearbook 1998
Gonzalez, D. Ada Programmer's Handbook
Habermann, A. and D. Perry. Ada for Experienced Programmers.
Hardy, N. Ada Yearbook 1996
Hibbard, P. et al. Studies in Ada style
Hillam, Bruce. Introduction to Abstract Data Types Using Ada. 
HOPL-II Forum on the History of Computing preprints (1993)
IBM Software Engineering Exchange, Oct. 1980 (Ada edition)
IBM Systems Journal 1991, 25th anniversary of APL
Jones, D. Ada in Action
Jonston, S. Ada 95 for C and C++ Programmers (1997)
K.U. Leuven Dept. of CS Report 91-92
Krell, B. Developing with Ada
Lamprecht, G. Introduction to Simula-67 (1983)
Lindsey, E.R. The Encyclopedic Dictionary of ada terms
Lomuto, N. Problem-Solving Methods with Examples in Ada.
Lopes, A.V. Ada 95 (in Portuguese)
Lundqvist, K. Distributed Computing and Safety-Critical System in Ada (diss.)
Mayoh, B. Problem Solving with Ada.
Miller, N.E. and C.G. Petersen. File Structures with Ada.
Motet, G. et al. Design of Dependable Ada Software
Musser, D. and A. Stepanov. The Ada Generic Library
Naiditch, D.H. Rendezvous with Ada 95
Naiditch, D.J.  Rendezvous with Ada
National Academy of Sciences, Ada and Beyond (1997)
Naur, P. and B. Randell. NATO Conference on Software Engrg (1969)
Nielsen, K. Object-Oriented Design with Ada
Nissen, J. and P. Wallis. Portability and Style in Ada.
Nyberg, K. (editor) The Annotated Ada Reference Manual.(2nd edition)
Olsen, E. and S. Whitehill. Ada for Programmers.
Perminov, O. Programming in Ada (in Russian)
Price, D. Introduction to Ada.
Pyle, I. The Ada Programming Language.
Rosen, J-P and Kruchten, P. Doctoral Theses on Ada/Ed
Rosen, J-P. M_thodes de G_nie Logicial avec Ada 95 (in French)
Saib, S. Ada: an Introduction.
Sanden, B. Software Systems Construction with Examples in Ada
Savitch, W.J. and C.G. Petersen. Ada: an Introduction to the Art and Science of Programming.
Saxon, J.A., and R.E. Fritz. Beginning Programming with Ada
Schneider, G.M., and S.C. Bruell. Concepts in Data Structures and Software Development (with Ada Supplement by P. Texel). 
Shumate, K. Understanding Ada. (2nd edition)
Shumate, K. Understanding Concurrency with Ada.
SIGCSE Bulletin June 1991
SIGPLAN Notices June 1979 (A) Ada Proposed Rationale
SIGPLAN Notices June 1979 (A) Ada Proposed Reference Manual
Skansholm, J. Ada 95 from the Beginning (3rd ed)
Skansholm, J. Ada from the Beginning. (2nd ed.)
Smith, M. Object-Oriented Software in Ada 95 (1996)
Software Productivity Consortium, Ada 95 Quality and Style (1995)
Stein, D. Ada: a Life and a Legacy (1985)
Stratford-Collins, M.J. Ada: a Programmer's Conversion Course (in Chinese)
Strohmeier, A. Ada Software Components (1992)
Stubbs, D., and N. Webre. Data Structures with Abstract Data Types and Ada
Tedd, M. et al. Ada for Multi-microprocessors
Texel, P. Introductory Ada. (1986)
Thiess, H. Minimal Ada
Toole, A. Ada, the Enchantress of Numbers (2 copies) (1998)
Tremblay, J-P et al. Programming in Ada (1990)
US Navy Ada Implementation Guide
Vasilescu, E. Ada Programming with Applications.
Volper, D., and M. Katz. Introduction to Programming Using Ada.
Wallach, Y. Parallel Processing and Ada
Watt, D.A., B.A. Wichmann, and W. Findlay. Ada Language and Methodology.
Wegner, P. Programming with Ada.
Weiss, M.A. Data Structures and Algorithms in Ada.
Wheeler, D. Ada 95, the Lovelace Tutorial (1997)
Young, S. An Introduction to Ada.
Zaffalon, L. and P. Breguet. Programmation Concurrente et temps r_el avec Ada 95 (in French)



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