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Sean White <[log in to unmask]>
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Sean White <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 12 May 2009 12:17:06 -0400
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The Eighth IEEE and ACM
International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality


Aims and Scope of MR/AR:

Mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) allow for the  
convergence of
real and virtual worlds.  The evolution of novel MR/AR user interfaces  
beginning to have significant impact on industry and society.  The  
field is
highly interdisciplinary, bringing together signal processing, computer
vision, computer graphics, user interfaces, human factors, display and
sensor technologies, and wearable, mobile and ubiquitous computing.   
2009 will focus special attention on Mobile MR/AR applications across
different programs and venues.

ISMAR and its forerunners IWAR, ISMR and ISAR, have been the premier  
in this vital field since 1998 (  This  
year, we
place particular emphasis on widening the scope of MR/AR toward the  
areas of
arts, entertainment and the humanities.  To this end, the traditional
Science & Technology track will be complemented by an Arts, Media and
Humanities track with its unique and separate publication.  Both  
will follow ISMAR's stringent publication requirements with reviews  
provided by qualified peers from these respective disciplines.

The focus and scope of this call for participation in the Science &
Technology track remains similar to previous years.  The procedures  
are the
same for the Arts, Media and Humanities track, but with different  
reviewers and selection criteria.  Expanded Tutorials, Workshops,
Demonstrations and Competitions will provide more opportunities for
contributions and submissions.

Topics of the Technical Track include, but are not limited to, the  

    Tracking technologies, calibration methods, sensor fusion, vision- 
    registration and tracking, acquisition of 3D scene descriptions

-Information presentation:
    Object overlay and spatial layout techniques, handling of  
occlusions or
    x-ray vision, photorealistic augmentation, real-time augmentation,
    optical display technologies (HWDs, HMDs, HUDs, mobile projectors),
    aural or haptic augmentation, combined presentation across several
    displays (combining mobile and stationary devices), display and view

-User interaction:
    Interaction techniques and metaphors for MR/AR, collaborative MR/AR,
    multimodal input and output, tangible interaction, combined  
    with virtual and real objects

-Human factors:
    Usability studies and experiments of MR/AR-based interaction and
    presentation concepts, acceptance of MR/AR technology, social

-System architecture:
    Wearable and mobile computing, distributed and collaborative MR/AR,
    display hardware, performance issues (real-time approaches),  
    computing for MR/AR, integration of MR/AR technologies into wide- 
    pervasive computing environments MR/AR applications across all  
areas of
    personal and professional activities, such as: Personal MR/AR
    information systems, games, applications in industry, military,
    medicine, science, entertainment, architecture, tourism, art,  
    heritage, education, training etc. (see Arts, Media & Humanities).

Topics of the Arts, Media & Humanities Track include, but are not  
to, the following novel and compelling applications of Mixed & Augmented
Reality.  Applications include artistic expression, experiential media  
interpretive pieces that reflect the study of the human condition.

    The Art program is looking for notable artists that have stretched  
    boundaries of expression with the use of Mixed and Augmented  
    The creative interaction between real, virtual and the imaginary
    realities to create provoking experiences are highly encouraged.
    Written papers and posters are to include position statement with  
    and images on approach, implementation and the technology used.  A
    gallery show will be mounted to support physical entries (see call  

    The Media program will be accepting submissions from media  
    who have stretched the boundaries of the creative impact of Mixed  
    Augmented Reality.  This venue seeks innovative uses of creative
    techniques for communication and entertainment to enhance the  
    of MR/AR through novel applications of head-mounted, embedded
    projection, or mobile displays.  Submissions may include new tools,
    conventions or taxonomies for developing these new media.

    The Humanities program will be accepting academic submissions that
    relate to Mixed and Augmented Reality content that allows for  
    analytical, critical or speculative approaches to reflect the  
study of
    the human condition and digital media.

Call for Papers and Posters (All Tracks):

ISMAR 2009 invites paper and poster submissions in the general field of
mixed and augmented reality.  Submissions of full papers (up to 10  
short papers (up to 4 pages), and posters (up to 2 pages) will be  
Don't stretch papers unnecessarily to adhere to the page limits.  Only  
contributions will be accepted.  As a result of the reviewing process,
authors may be asked to change and potentially to reduce the length of  
papers (e.g., from long to short papers or posters), requiring a second
acceptance process by a shepherd.  All accepted papers in each  
category will
be published in the proceedings.

Papers and posters must be formatted according to the IEEE Computer  
VGTC authoring guidelines ( 
camera.html) and
submitted electronically as PDF documents.  ISMAR uses a single-blind
reviewing process.  Thus, authors and affiliations may be mentioned.
Detailed submission instructions are available on the ISMAR web site

*Extended* Deadlines:
- Title, Abstract, and Lead Author: May 23, 2009
- Full Papers and Posters: May 31, 2009
- Notification: August 1, 2009
- Camera-ready copies: September 1, 2009

The new schedule is very tight.  The initial registration of titles and
abstracts is mandatory to start the reviewing process.  No further
extensions will be granted for either of the two deadlines.

Call for Innovation Workshops
ISMAR 2009 will have a series of workshops the day before the
conference (Monday) to cover the innovative application of Mixed and
Augmented Reality to specific industry domains.  Three workshops have
been defined.  We invite you to submit papers or panel discussions
that will address topics of transferring MR/AR to solve critical real
world problems.  (See web site for details.)  If your paper or panel
does not fit the existing workshop, you may submit a proposal for a
new workshop.

- Designing the Future (Design and Manufacturing Workshop):  This
workshop will continue the ISMAR legacy of showcasing the pioneering
efforts of the auto and other industries’ use of Mixed and Augmented
Reality as design tools.

- Falling in Love with Learning (Entertainment & Education Workshop):
Entertainment and Education converge in Mixed Reality Experiential
Learning Landscapes for museums, libraries, schools and parks.

- Transforming Lives (Medical and Military Training Workshop):
Extreme Mixed Reality needs to meet high-risk, high-performance
training to enhance human preparation for life and death scenarios.

- The Power of the Mobile Magic Wand (Mobile MR/AR):
The combination of the new powerful mobile phones, the almost ubiquitous
high speed connectivity and the availability of rich databases and  
api's enable
Augmented Reality outside the highly controlled environments in which  
AR was
used in the past. Mobile AR now enriches the lives of individuals and  
them to discover and escape into new and revolutionary experiences.

- Submission: May 31, 2009
- Notification: June 30, 2009
- Camera-ready copies: September 1, 2009

Call for Pioneering Tutorials:
To mark ten years of ISMAR, the 2009 conference will include a three-
day comprehensive tutorial program that covers a wide spectrum of
topics in Mixed and Augmented Reality.  We are looking for submissions
from pioneers to share their experiences and insights.  Formats can be
from 30 to 90 minutes.  These tutorials will be video captured and
distributed as a series along with special features covering the work
of pioneering laboratories worldwide.

- Submission: May 31, 2009
- Notification: June 30, 2009
- Camera-ready copies: September 1, 2009

Call for Demonstrations:

There will be four formats to submit demonstrations.  Demonstrations  
can be
related to papers, posters or panels, but that is not required.  A  
abstract, floor plan and list of requirements are requested with the  
of intent.  (See website for details.)  Accepted participants will  
notification by June 30th, 2009 to start coordination with the ISMAR  
Planning Committee.  To accommodate late breaking discoveries, we will
accept "Laboratory Demonstrations" until the last minute, pending  
discretion and conference accommodations.  (Submissions received after
August 15th, 2009 will not be included in the publications.)  Letters of
intent are recommended for all submissions to assist in the planning.

- Laboratory Demonstrations will provide the opportunity for "late  
research teams to informally demonstrate their latest inventions and  
for interaction with attendees and other pioneers.

- Research Showcase will be a more formal presentation of innovative  
and Augmented Reality content that involve more production support and
exhibit design considerations.

- Art Gallery will present innovative Mixed and Augmented Reality  
within a unique gallery format based on a combination of invited and
submitted work.

- Innovation Exhibitions (See industry/sponsor relations) will feature  
latest commercially available products and services for use in Mixed and
Augmented Reality applications.  The exhibition will be available for  
to industry buyers from the entertainment, medical, military and  
markets.  A special "Start-up Park" will be available for small, first  
commercial exhibitors at more affordable prices.  Early registration is
recommended for the expected increased participation and limited space.

- Submission: May 31, 2009 Letter of Intent (to be followed up with
coordination with Planning Committee)
- Notification: June 30, 2009
- Camera-ready copies: September 1, 2009

Tracking Competition:
The first event of this kind garnered much attention at ISMAR 08
(  A sequel  
be organized at ISMAR 2009.  Details regarding the tracking task and the
rules of competition will be made available on the web site.  It is to  
expected that only a limited number of teams can participate.

- Announcement of competition task and rules: June 15, 2009
  (See the details on the web site.)
- Registration: first come first served.

Jannick Rolland and Christopher Stapleton
General Chairs ([log in to unmask])

Gudrun Klinker, Tobias Höllerer and Hideo Saito
Science and Technology Program Chairs ([log in to unmask])

Raphael Grasset
Arts & Humanities Chair ([log in to unmask])

Jay Bolter
Humanities Program Chair ([log in to unmask])

Carl Disalvo
Arts Program Chair ([log in to unmask])

Jarrell Pair
Media Program Chair ([log in to unmask])

Charlie Hughes
John Quarles
Tutorial Co-chairs ([log in to unmask])

Christian Sandor
Laboratory Demonstration Chair ([log in to unmask])

Sean White
Art, Media, & Humanities Showcase Chair ([log in to unmask])

Jannick Rolland
Larry Davis
Industry Sponsors Co-chairs ([log in to unmask])

Christopher Stapleton
Commercial Exhibitions Chair ([log in to unmask])

Daniel Pustka
Tracking Contest Chair ([log in to unmask])

Brian Plamondo
Financial Chair ([log in to unmask])

Felix Hamza-Lup
Professional Network Chair ([log in to unmask])

Mark A. Livingston
Publicity Chair ([log in to unmask])

Jacob Ervin
Webmaster ([log in to unmask])

Christoph Bichlmeier
Wiki administrator ([log in to unmask])

Marcus Tönnis
Publication Chair ([log in to unmask])

Florian Fournier
Student Volunteer Chair ([log in to unmask])

Eileen Smith
Workshop Chair, "Falling in Love with Learning" ([log in to unmask])

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald
Workshop Chair, "Transforming Lives: Training with Mixed Reality" ([log in to unmask] 

Noora Guldemond
Workshop Chair, "Magic Wand: Mobile MR" ([log in to unmask]) 
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