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"ACM SIGCHI WWW Human Factors (Open Discussion)" <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 08:51:30 -0000
Matt Pearcey <[log in to unmask]>
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Intergral (UK) Ltd
Matt Pearcey <[log in to unmask]>
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>  Leme clarify this
> again for ur benefit:Between a labled button and a logo (refer to the
origin of
> this query)
> -the choice obviously would be both
> -if there is real estate constraint in using the button then the onus is
on the
> logo . This means that it is the only outlet point to home.Under these
> circumstances..its useful to animate the logo to make it implicit that
its a
> clickable link...
> -if there is real estate for button as well as logo then it wont be
required to
> animate as the button is serving the main functionality and the logo
becomes an
> affordance.

Coneti, I understand your perspective, but regardless of the desire on the
part of the site designer for a 'logo' [a vehicle of identity for an
entity] to 'afford' the function of going to a home page, without
explicitly expressing that _function/behavior_ either graphically or
linguistically, it does not.

In constructing affordance in the interface, a couple of salient questions
spring to mind (from the perspective of the user):

1.. how easily can one tell what actions are possible?
 [one cannot, from a logo - it is identity, not function, regardless of
animation or other characteristics, unless they embody an affordance of
their own - perhaps some other graphical/linguistic component]

2.. how easily can one determine mapping from intention to physical
 [again, without augmentation, a logo is a logo]

Affordance can be seen as the ability of an artifact to reveal its
function/behavior through its form and visual 'interface' [i.e. its
physical representation of the function it provides] -- we can't do that
with a logo, as to do so impedes its ability to communicate its own intent
- that is, the visual identity of its owner (such as company, organization,
or whatever).

It's not simply a case of real-estate - if the task requirement of a user
is defined as 'to get to the home page' I fail to see how a logo alone
reveals/affords this behavior.

However, I agree that, depending on the type & form of the animation of a
logo, it could well reveal its function of 'home page link'. However, I
would employ _any_ animation with extreme trepidation, due to its innate
ability to distract and detract from task completion.

cheers, & best regards,
Matt Pearcey
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                                             - Aeschylus