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Prof R Conn <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 03:55:42 EDT
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Hi, Everyone,

The following new versions of GRASP are now in the PAL (we just squeezed
them in before running out of disk space - there wasn't enough space
left to update the PAL database, even).  If you haven't tried GRASP yet,
do so ... it's an excellent tool for software development, reverse
engineering, and teaching.  I'm using it all the time now, and both my
students and I are using it extensively.  GRASP is freeware and supports
development/reverse engineering in Ada95, C, Java, and VHDL.

Richard Conn, PAL Manager  |  [log in to unmask]
Opinions expressed herein are my own and not necessarily those of anyone else.

                      GRASP v6.0 Beta 1 for UNIX
                 pcGRASP v1.0 Beta 4.3 for Windows 95/NT

GRASP Version 6.0 for UNIX is a signficant upgrade from Version 5.1
and includes the following.

  -  Control Structure Diagram (CSD) Window is based on a new custom
     editor which provides many new features including selectable fonts
     and color preferences for the CSD, keywords, comments, strings, etc.

  _  Project support (see "Help/On Project" on the Control Panel for details).

  -  Print options now include bolded keywords and/or slanted comments.

  -  PostScript Type 1 screen fonts have been eliminated to improve
     portability and facilitate remote execution.

  -  Binaries are provided for the following platforms:

                PC Linux ELF, Dynamically Linked
                PC Linux ELF, Statically Linked
                SGI IRIX4, Statically Linked
                SPARC Solaris, Dynamically Linked
                SPARC Solaris, Statically Linked
                SPARC SunOS4, Dynamically Linked
                SPARC SunOS4, Statically Linked

         The dynamic versions require C, X (X11R4 or higher), and
         Motif (1.1 or higher) libraries.

         The "static" SPARC Solaris version requires the dynamic dl library.

         The SGI IRIX4 version has been tested on only one machine.

pcGRASP v1.0 Beta 4.3 (replaces Beta 4.2)

  -  If an edit window was maximized when the Templates/Floating Menu
     option was selected, pcGRASP would fail.  This has been corrected.

  -  International characters are now accepted by the editor.  To enter
     them from the keyboard, use the standard Windows keypad method: press
     and hold the ALT key, press "0" followed by the ASCII code of the
     desired character (on the keypad).  Release the ALT key.

  -  Two options have been added to the edit menu that allow keywords in
     Ada and VHDL files to be converted to/from uppercase characters.

  -  CSD support for JDK 1.1's new constructs (inner classes, etc.) has
     been implemented.


        Anonymous FTP from in pub/grasp

        PAL (Software Development Tools / GRASP)