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Tue, 27 Jan 2015 19:40:58 -0600
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MobiSys 2015 Workshops
18th - 19th May, 2015 Florence, Italy
A range of exciting workshops will be co-located with MobiSys 2015. Please
check out the list ofworkshops and consider submitting your work!
- MobiSys Ph.D. Forum
- WPA: Workshop on Physical Analytics
- MobiGames 2015: Workshop on Mobile Gaming
- WearSys: Workshop on Wearable Systems and Applications
- Future Mobile User Interfaces workshop
- DroNet 2015: Micro Aerial Vehicle Networks, Systems, and Applications for
Civilian Use
- IoT-Sys 2015: Workshop on IoT challenges in Mobile and Industrial Systems
- Do-it-yourself Networking - an Interdisciplinary Approach
MobiSys Ph.D. Forum
The PhD Forum has been a regular event of the ACM MobiSys conference for the
past few years. The forum represents a highly interactive environment for
PhD students to present and discuss their research with other students and
professionals from both academia and industry. Furthermore, it will provide
them with a great opportunity to get feedback on their research and build
their professional network. The topics of interest to coincide with those of
ACM MobiSys. Students working in areas related to mobile computing, wireless
systems and applications are encouraged to submit a two-page extended
abstract comprising an overview of the key challenges they want to tackle, a
summary of their findings, work in progress and planned research.
Program Chairs 
Aakanksha Chowdhery (Microsoft Research)
Filippo Rebecchi (UPMC Sorbonne Universites)
Chungkuk Yoo (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Important Dates 
Submission deadline: March 9, 2015
Notification deadline: March 23, 2015
Camera-ready deadline: April 2, 2015
Workshop date: May 18 or May 19, 2015
2nd Workshop on Physical Analytics (WPA)
The 2nd edition of this workshop (successfully organized at MobiSys last
year) is motivated by the observations that people spend a significant part
of their daily lives performing a variety of activities in the physical
world-traveling to places, performing activities at various locations,
interacting with various physical objects and artifacts, and being subject
to various audiovisual stimuli. The 2nd Workshop on Physical Analytics will
bring researchers and industry practitioners together to explore (a) the
technologies that can enable unobtrusive capture of such individual and
collective physical world behavior, and (b) the real-world opportunities for
commercial applications and services (e.g., in retail, insurance or
healthcare) that leverage the understanding of physical world behavior. We
emphasize the broad scope of the proposed workshop. Topics such as
multimedia sensing, localization, wearable computing, activity recognition
and privacy are undoubtedly parts of the emerging research agenda. The focus
will be exploring how these components can be harnessed holistically to
capture useful real-world physical behavior of users.
Program Chairs 
Archan Misra (SMU, Singapore)
Dina Katabi (MIT, USA)
Important Dates 
Submission deadline: March 2, 2015, 11:59 PM EST
Notification deadline: March 22, 2015
Camera-ready workshop papers due (firm): April 2, 2015
Workshop date: May 18 or May 19, 2015
MobiGames 2015: Workshop on Mobile Gaming
With the advent of consumer mobile devices equipped with high resolution
touch screens, powerful CPUs and GPUs, gaming has become wildly popular with
users. With the intense competition that has ensued in this industry, games
are now rapidly incorporating sophisticated technologies, which include the
recent advances in wearable head-mounted displays, cloud computing, virtual
reality and augmented reality adapting them to the mobile computing
environment. Many of these technologies present diverse challenges of
importance to researchers. There are many research challenges across
graphics, computer vision, energy consumption, network latency, HCI,
security, and sensor networking. While this field is interdisciplinary by
nature, many proposed ideas have direct impact on how networking protocols
and infrastructures are designed and managed. In this first Mobile Gaming
workshop at MobiSys, we will bring together practitioners as well as
interested researchers to discuss the latest developments in this growing
field. We will identify what we have already achieved, the challenges that
lie ahead, and promising avenues forward.
Program Chairs 
Eduardo Cuervo (Microsoft Research)
David Chu (Microsoft Research)
Important Dates 
Submission deadline: March 1, 2015, 11:59 PM EST
Notification deadline: March 19, 2015
Camera-ready deadline: April 2, 2015
Workshop date: May 18 or May 19, 2015
Workshop on Wearable Systems and Applications (WearSys)
The off-the-shelf availability of wearable devices and the commercial
proliferation of wearable gadgets are shaping new directions for mobile and
wireless systems research. Mobile systems and applications research is
increasingly adopting wearable devices for primary and auxiliary sensing.
This is an exciting time where wearables are also seeming to spearhead
advancements in technology through inter-disciplinary research among a broad
spectrum of disciplines apart from mobile wireless, such as health, fashion,
energy, just to name a few. The 1st ACM Workshop on wearable systems and
applications, WearSys, is focused on how wearable technologies can shape
mobile computing, systems and applications research. The goal of this
workshop is to provide a forum to bring together researchers and design
experts to discuss how wearable technologies have, and can, complement
mobile systems research, and vice-versa. It also aims to provide a launchpad
for bold and visionary ideas for wearable systems research. We hope that
this workshop will serve as a catalyst for advancements in mobile and
wearable systems technology as well as present a clear sense of direction
for the research community to proceed in this space.
Program Chairs 
Ashwin Ashok (Carnegie Mellon University)
Jie Liu (Microsoft Research)
Suman Banerjee (University of Wisconsin - Madison)
Important Dates 
Submission deadline (paper, demo, poster): March 1, 2015
Notification deadline: March 19, 2015
Camera-ready workshop papers due (firm): April 2, 2015
Workshop date: May 18 or May 19, 2015
Future Mobile User Interfaces workshop
Mobile user interfaces have always been constrained to the shape of the
mobile devices and the limitations due to the size of the display. However
in recent years, we have seen the emergence of devices with new form
factors, including foldable screens or even vibro-tactile displays. These
new devices include various sensors allowing for novel types of input and
outputs with the mobile technologies. This workshop will address innovations
in terms of interaction with mobile and wearable devices, as well as with
the applications they enable. This workshop will bring together researchers
and practitioners to explore the future of mobile user interfaces. We expect
to discuss issues around design, software and hardware and leverage
everyone's expertise to bring up potential solutions for effective
interaction with mobile devices. We will encourage the exchange of research
results, ideas and future research endeavors.
Program Chairs 
Jessica Cauchard (Stanford University)
James Landay (Stanford University)
Yang Li (Google Inc.)
Important Dates 
Submission deadline: March 2, 2015, 11:59 PM PST
Notification deadline: March 22, 2015
Camera-ready workshop papers due (firm): April 2, 2015
Workshop date: May 18 or May 19, 2015
DroNet 2015 - Micro Aerial Vehicle Networks, Systems, and Applications for
Civilian Use
Micro or nano aerial vehicles (MAVs and NAVs), often referred to as drones,
are unmanned aerial vehicles of various forms, such as small quadrocopters,
airplanes, balloons, or tiny flapping wing vehicles. They are novel mobile
unmanned systems currently investigated in various mission-oriented civilian
applications. Their popular applications include 3D-mapping, search and
rescue, surveillance, farmland and construction monitoring, delivery of
light-weight objects and products, or video taking during sports events.
Such drones are autonomous systems with a good awareness of their
environment, provided by rich on board sensors, such as gyroscopes,
accelerometers, lasers, GPS units and cameras, and embedded image
processing. Nevertheless, all useful applications require a reliable
communication link, or even rely on fleets of MAVs that need to coordinate
their activities. DroNet welcomes contributions dealing with communication
aspects of micro aerial vehicles, theoretical studies, algorithm and
protocol design for flexible aerial networks, as well as mission-oriented
contributions dealing with requirements, constraints, safety issues, and
regulation. We are particularly looking for papers reporting on system
aspects and experimental results, summaries of challenges or advancements,
measurements, or innovative applications. The program seeks original and
unpublished work not currently under review by another technical
journal/magazine/conference, but welcomes interdisciplinary teams to present
robotic work or applications focusing on the communication challenges or
requirements to the audience.
Program Chairs 
Kuan-Ta Chen (Academia Sinica)
Mario Gerla (UCLA) 
Karin Anna Hummel (ETH Zurich)
Claudio E. Palazzi (University of Padua)
Sofie Pollin (KU Leuven)
James J.P. Sterbenz (University of Kansas)
Important Dates 
Submission deadline (paper, demo, poster): February 15, 2015
Notification deadline: March 13, 2015
Camera-ready workshop papers due: April 2, 2015
Workshop date: May 18 or May 19, 2015
Workshop on IoT challenges in Mobile and Industrial Systems (IoT-Sys 2015)
The IoT is a rich set of ICT technologies that enables pervasive
interactions among smart objects across the Internet. Applications ranging
from smart home, and smart factories to smart agriculture. IoT-related
technologies and standards are reaching maturity through the work of all
major standardization bodies. Yet, open issues remain, including: (i)
limited interoperability between vertical silos; (ii) difficulty to
guarantee deterministic service provisioning using interoperable
architectures; (iii) limited flexibility and adaptability of hard real-time
service models and related IoT deployments (iv) lack of definitive
Information Centric Networking approaches to inherent data centric IoT
applications; (v) fragmentation of design guidelines and definitions, which
are tightly tied to each single application domain; (vi) efficient and
scalable service and resource discovery; (vii) mobility support and
self-configuration for smart objects and mobile devices. The IoT-Sys
workshop is a forum for exchanging new ideas about the challenges and
symbiosis between the IoT, Mobile Computing, and Industrial Systems. The
workshop aims to foster fruitful and critical discussions between attendees,
facilitate the growth of the main pillars of Mobile-IoT applications and
Indutrial-IoT systems, and pave the road towards networked systems of
Information in IoT applications. We are looking for submissions relevant to
the Mobile-IoT synergy and Industrial-IoT. Contributions with experimental
focus, real world experience, and system building are particularly
Program Chairs 
Simone Cirani (Universita` degli Studi di Parma - Italy)
Mischa Dohler (King's College London - United Kingdom)
Gianluigi Ferrari (Universita` degli Studi di Parma - Italy)
Luigi Alfredo Grieco (Politecnico di Bari - Italy)
Marco Picone (Universita` degli Studi di Parma - Italy)
Thomas Watteyne (Inria - France)
Important Dates 
Submission deadline (paper, demo, poster): February 28, 2015
Notification deadline: March 22, 2015
Camera-ready workshop papers due: April 2, 2015
IoT-Sys 2015 Workshop at MobiSys 2015: May 18 or May 19, 2015
Do-it-yourself Networking: an Interdisciplinary Approach
This workshop wishes to build on a recent successful interdisciplinary
Dagstuhl seminar on DIY networking, which brought together a highly diverse
group of researchers and practitioners to reflect on technological and
social issues related to the use of local wireless networks that operate
outside the public Internet. The main objective of the workshop is to
continue this effort and make a first pragmatic step to bridge the existing
gap between engineering and social sciences, beyond wishful thinking. For
the technical program, we invite 1) technical contributions that render DIY
networking technology easier to understand and use by for less technically
savvy people and 2) theoretical contributions that can facilitate the
understanding of the various inherent trade-offs in the design of DIY
networks and the translation of engineering decisions to constraints and
requirements for applications developers and vice versa. The workshop will
include a special interdisciplinary session, which will facilitate the
participation of a more diverse audience than typically observed in
engineering conferences like MobiSys. For this session, we will invite the
presentation of working prototypes of mature DIY networking frameworks,
novel application ideas by designers and social scientists, and short
tutorials on important concepts such as power, privacy, self-organization,
space, community and dialectics in light of the application of such
technology in urban settings.
Program Chairs 
Panayotis Antoniadis (ETH Zurich, CH)
Jon Crowcroft (University of Cambridge, UK)
Jörg Ott (Aalto University, FI)
Important Dates 
Submission deadline: February 28, 2015, 11:59 PM EST
Notification deadline: March 22, 2015
Camera-ready workshop papers due: April 2, 2015
DIY networking Workshop at MobiSys 2015: May 18 or May 19, 2015
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