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Sun, 7 Oct 2018 10:46:13 -0500
Neeraj Mittal <[log in to unmask]>
ACM PODC Participants List <[log in to unmask]>
Neeraj Mittal <[log in to unmask]>
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[Apologies if you received multiple copies of this announcement]


*Round Efficient Computationally Secure Multi-party Computation Revisited
Authors: L. Bangalore, A. Choudhury, G. Garimella

*Distributed Symmetry-Breaking with Improved Vertex-Averaged Complexity
Authors: L. Barenboim, Y. Tzur

*Sublinear-Time Mutual Visibility for Fat Oblivious Robots
Authors: P. Poudel, G. Sharma, A. Aljohani

*Parallel Algorithms for Predicate Detection
Authors: V. Garg, R. Garg

*Reconfigurable Dataflow Graphs For Processing-In-Memory
Authors: C. Shelor, K. Kavi

*Silent Self-Stabilizing Scheme for Spanning-Tree-like Construction
Authors: S. Devismes, D. Ilcinkas, C. Johnen

*The Weakest Failure Detector to Solve the Mutual Exclusion Problem in an Unknown Dynamic Environment
Authors: E. Mauffret, D. Jeanneau, L. Arantes, P. Sens

*Benefit of Self-Stabilizing Protocols in Eventually Consistent Key-Value Stores: A Case Study
Authors: D. Nguyen, S. Kulkarni, A. Datta

*Efficient Dispersion of Mobile Robots on Graphs
Authors: A. Kshemkalyani, F. Ali

*Perfectly Secure Message Transmission over Partially Synchronous Networks
Authors: R. Kishore, A. Inumella, K. Srinathan

*Improving Efficacy of Concurrent Internal Binary Search Trees using Local Recovery
Authors: A. Ramachandran, N. Mittal

*A Simple and Practical Concurrent Non-blocking Unbounded Graph with Reachability Queries
Authors: B. Chatterjee, S. Peri, M. Sa, N. Singhal

*Session Guarantees with Raft and Hybrid Logical Clocks
Authors: M. Roohitavaf, J. Ahn, W. Kang, K. Ren, G. Zhang, S. Ben-Romdhane, S. Kulkarni

*Time-Optimal Uniform Scattering in a Grid
Authors: P. Poudel, G. Sharma

*A simple 2(1 – 1/\ell ) factor distributed approximation algorithm for Steiner tree in the CONGEST model
Authors: P. Saikia, S. Karmakar

*Consistify: Preserving Correctness and SLA Under Weak Consistency
Authors: S. Sidhanta, W. Golab, S. Mukhopadhyay


*Big Data Analytics Framework for Spatial Data
Authors: P. Shah, S. Chaudhary

*Odd-Even Based Adaptive Two-way Routing in Mesh NoCs for Hotspot Mitigation
Authors: R. S. Reshma Raj, C. Gayathri, Saidalavi Kalady, P.B. Jayaraj

*On the Hardness of the Strongly Dependent Decision Problem
Authors: M. Biely, P. Robinson

*QoS and Performance Metrics for Container-based Virtualization in Cloud Environments
Authors: I. Jawarneh, P. Bellavista, F. Bosi, L. Foschini, G. Martuscelli, R. Montanari, A. Palopoli



*Distributed Alpha-Fair Transmit Power Adaptation Based Congestion Control in VANET
Authors: C. Navdeti, C. Giri, I. Banerjee

*Scalable, High-speed On-chip based NDN Name Forwarding using FPGA
Authors: D. Saxena, S. Mahar, V. Raychoudhury, J. Cao

*Detection of Beacon Transmission Denial Attack in ITS Using Temporal Auto-correlation and Random Inspections
Authors: S. Sultana, F. Altaf, M. Aditia, M. Burra, C. Maurya, S. Maity

*Building an Emulation Environment for Cyber Security Analyses of Complex Networked Systems
Authors: F. Tanasache, M. Sorella, S. Bonomi, R. Rapone, D. Meacci

*Scheduling Virtual WiFi Interfaces for High Bandwidth Live Video Upstreaming Using Multipath TCP
Authors: S. Maheshwari, P. Lundrighan, S. Kasera

*pTASC - Tranversal Autonomous Secure Communications
Authors: P. Sousa, A. Cirne, J. Resende, R. Martins, L. Antunes

*Advanced Urban Public Transportation System for Indian Scenarios
Authors: P. Rajput, M. Chaturvedi, P. Patel

*Improving Performance of TCP for Wireless Network using SDN
Authors: K. Singh, S. Gupta, S. Verma, M. Pandey

*Low Complexity Landmark-Node Tracing in WSNs using Multi-Agent Random Walks
Authors: S. Redhu, R. Hegde

*On Upper and Lower Bounds of Identifying Code Set for Soccer Ball Graph with Application to Satellite Deployment
Authors: A. Sen, V. Goliber, K. Basu, C. Zhou, S. Ghosh

*Multi-Tenant Mobile Offloading Systems for Real-Time Computer Vision Applications
Authors: Z. Fang, J. Lin, M. Srivastava, R. Gupta

*pDCell: an End-to-End Transport Protocol for Mobile Edge Computing Architectures
Authors: C. Fiandrino, J. Widmer, K. Kogan, A. de la Oliva

*NOVN: Named-Object Based Virtual Network Architecture
Authors: F. Bronzino, S. Maheshwari, I. Seskar, D. Raychaudhuri

*Exploration and Impact of Blockchain-enabled Adaptive Non-binary Trust Models
Authors: D. Kravitz

*Cache Attacks on Blockchain Based Information Centric Networks: An Experimental Evaluation
Authors: S. Roy, F. Morais, M. Salimitari, M. Chatterjee

*Measurements and Analytics of Wide-Area File Transfers over Dedicated Connections
Authors: N. Rao, Q. Liu, S. Sen, Z. Liu, R. Kettimuthu, I. Foster


*A Hybrid Classifier Approach to Multivariate Sensor Data for Climate Smart Agriculture Cyber-Physical Systems
Authors: A. Pandey, P. Tiwary, S. Kumar, S.K. Das

*Defense Strategies and Expected Capacity of High Performance Computing Infrastructures
Authors: N. Rao, N. Imam, C. Ma, F. He

*Dynamic Sensor Selection for Path Coverage
Authors: S. Shamoun, T. Abdelzaher, A. Bar-Noy

*HydraDoctor: Real-time Liquids Intake Monitoring by Collaborative Sensing
Authors: B. Du, C. Lu, X. Kan, K. Wu, M. Luo, J. Hou, K. Li, S. Kanhere, Y. Shen, H. Wen

*A Study on Packet Processing Using GPUs
Authors: D. Cerovic, A. Amamou, K. Haddadou, G. Pujolle