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David Botton <[log in to unmask]>
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David Botton <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 28 Aug 2000 12:40:54 -0400
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I guess first suggestion is to post the contents (or something similar) of
this e-mail at the very least on the web page, since this is the first clear
answer to some of the how's  :-)

Perhaps post it as a FAQ and send it out as part of a welcoming package for
becoming a SigAda member. When I became a member of the ACM I received a ton
of documents, but when I became a member of SigAda, I don't recall getting
anything. So suggestion two is a welcome packet with this information.

BTW, I never asked who the officers were that is about the only thing that
is easy to find out and I have had the pleasure of meeting almost every one
of them.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Currie Colket" <[log in to unmask]>

> Dear David and Team Ada:
> This thread discussing SIGAda has been interesting and thought
> provoking.
> As Mike Feldman indicated, much of the information you seek is already
> on the SIGAda Home Page at:
> Some of your questions addressed who the officers were, how they were
> selected, and how does one contribute.
> SIGAda is a special interest group under the Association for Computing
> Machinery (ACM). Consequently it conforms to all the rules established
> by ACM as a society for software professionals. SIGAda has 7 elected
> officers:
> Chair
> Vice Chair for Meetings and Conferences
> Vice Chair for Liaison
> Secretary
> Treasurer
> International Representative
> Past Chair
> The current officers are:
> Chair: Ben Brosgol
> Vice Chair for Meetings and Conferences: Currie Colket
> Vice Chair for Liaison: Ron Oliver
> Secretary: John McCormick
> Treasurer: Bard Crawford
> International Representative: Karlotto Mangold
> Past Chair: Hal Hart
> ACM conducts the elections. Only ACM Professional Members have the right
> to vote (i.e., Associate members who join at a reduced fee, do not have
> this right). All officers serve as volunteers and try to keep up with
> their regular job:-) Elections for SIGAda officers are scheduled for
> this spring, with the new slate of officers taking the helm on 1 July
> 2001. You should be getting a ballot sometime this winter/early spring.
> Hal Hart, as Past Chair, is responsible for soliciting candidates to
> run. If you are interested in running for a SIGAda office, please send
> him email at <[log in to unmask]>. Only Ben Brosgol qualifies for the
> position of Past Chair, so please don't apply for this position:-) This
> is a good time to get involved in the election process. You must be both
> an ACM Professional Member and a SIGAda Member to run for an elected
> position. Membership can be obtained on-line through the ACM Home Page.
> (
> SIGAda does have the support of a paid ACM staffer, Ms. Ginger Ignatoff,
> the SIGAda Program Director at <[log in to unmask]>. She supports a number
> of other SIGs as well. She would be a good person to contact should you
> have any membership problems (not handled by the volunteers).
> David's email challenged me to search the ACM and SIGAda Home Page,
> where I expected to find a description of the election process and the
> governing by-laws for both ACM and SIGAda. Unfortunately, nothing was
> easily found. This information is a good candidate for the SIGAda Home
> Page. I have asked John McCormick to add some information there (the
> SIGAda Secretary is also the SIGAda Webmaster). Speaking of the SIGAda
> Home Page, if there is anything else you would like to see there, please
> contact John at <[log in to unmask]>. He would be happy to add
> most things requested. We have a lot of freedom to put things onto our
> Home Page. John has done an excellent job in posting things of interest
> to the Ada community. If you have additional things you would like to
> see, please let John know.
> David, as far as your question as to how one contributes, there are many
> opportunities. You are already involved in the SIGAda 2000 Conference,
> both as an Invited Speaker and as a Tutorial Presenter. I thank you for
> this. The SIGAda Conferences are one of our most important activities
> and our most visible in supporting the needs of the Ada community. (The
> Advanced Program is in the process of being printed as I write and will
> be mailed out shortly). For those who can not wait, please visit the
> SIGAda 2000 Conference Home Page at:
> An electronic tickler for the conference will be sent out shortly.
> Another excellent place to contribute is with the Working Groups. ALIWG,
> NUMWG, ARTEWG, and PIWG all were important forces is shaping the Ada 95
> ISO standard. ASISWG has developed an effective interface for extracting
> syntactic and semantic information about a program to support static
> code analysis. EDUWG has served as a prime resource to support the
> Educational Community. The ABWG has served as a forum to develop and
> disseminate information on Ada bindings. Other working groups have
> conducted workshops to address concerns for the Ada community. Some
> working groups have ambitious missions that need volunteers to achieve
> success. These are all excellent places to contribute. We have 3
> workshops planned for SIGAda 2000:
> 1.  Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) Workshop
> 2.  Cost Effective Approaches to Satisfy Safety-Critical
>             Regulatory Requirements
> 3.  Should Software Engineers by Licensed Engineers?
> Other workshops are welcome and encouraged. Please contact Alok
> Srivastava at <[log in to unmask]> if you would like to propose
> a workshop (or a BOF). We do have space for several more.
> SIGAda publishes Ada Letters. This is an excellent place to contribute
> your ideas which will benefit the entire Ada community. It was noted
> recently that deadlines for Ada Letters should be posted on Team Ada.
> This is an excellent idea.
> There are many other ways to contribute, but I will mention only one
> more, that of the Ada Booth. SIGAda and the ARA send forth a booth to
> about 5-8 conferences each year. SIGAda provides volunteers while the
> ARA support many of the fiscal arrangements for booth shipping, etc.
> This is another good venue to volunteer. If there is a conference you
> think we should take the booth to, please contact Hal Hart at:
> <[log in to unmask]>.
> One of the comments in this thread addressed if the officers subscribe
> to Team-Ada. Most of the SIGAda officers subscribe to Team-Ada and we
> hear the excellent ideas raised here. Some of us have even commented on
> the ideas. Ideas that you feel strongly about should be sent explicitly
> to the SIGAda Executive Council at <[log in to unmask]>, requesting
> action by the SIGAda Officers.
> If you have any specific questions on SIGAda, please contact me at
> <[log in to unmask]> or at +1 (703) 883-7381 and I will try to answer.
> v/r
> Currie Colket
> SIGAda Vice Chair for Meetings and Conferences