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Prof R Conn <[log in to unmask]>
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Prof R Conn <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 26 May 1997 22:52:45 EDT
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Hi, Everyone,

I thought you might be interested in this new introduction to Ada95.
The material assembles into a 400-page course notebook and includes
many (what I think to be) interesting examples of what you can do with
Ada95.  The examples (with one exception) can be compiled on both the
AONIX Ada95 compiler and GNAT 3.09.  I found it particularly interesting
that both compilers were able to generate code that handled the multitasking
example (Bank Demo 5) with over 30 tasks running.

Richard Conn, PAL Manager  |  [log in to unmask]
Opinions expressed herein are my own and not necessarily those of anyone else.
Public Ada Library (PAL) Release Notice
Release of: Intro to Ada95 (3rd version)
1. Taxonomy:
            INTRODUCTION (3)
2. Author:
    Richard Conn
    Center for Technology Development and Transfer
    Software Engineering Department
    Monmouth University
    West Long Branch, New Jersey
3. Rights:
    Approved for public release; distribution unlimited
4. Copyright:
    1997 Richard Conn
5. Abstract:
"An Interactive Introduction to Ada95"
A course by Richard Conn
Center for Technology Development and Transfer
Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ
[log in to unmask]
May, 1997

This is a day-long short course that introduces Ada95.  The purpose of
the course is to explore the Ada95 language, including its facilities
for object-oriented design and programming, real-time programming,
distributed processing, and other domains.  The course will concentrate
on the practical aspects of applying the features of Ada95 to the
software development process. Numerous examples of the language are

The files are divided as follows:

  FLYER.TXT     - Flyer used to advertise this course (ASCII text)

  MODULES       - Modules and sample Ada95 code that make up the course
    COVER.PPT*       48,640  Cover page to course notebook
    CONTENTS.PPT*    72,704  Contents pages (with page numbers)
    SUMMARY.PPT*     92,672  Summary of course
    WHYADA.PPT**    513,536  Chuck Engle's "Why Ada?" Briefing
    TRANSADA.PPT**  417,792  Chuck Engle's "Transitioning the AJPO" Briefing
    PAL.PPT**        99,328  Rick Conn's "Public Ada Library" Briefing
    MOD1.PPT**      222,720  Module 1
    MOD2.PPT*        73,216  Module 2
    MOD3.PPT*       168,448  Module 3
    MOD3CODE             0  Directory containing code examples for Module 3
                              All examples have been compiled and run with
                                GNAT 3.09 on the Silicon Graphics platform
                              All examples except CIFACE have been compiled
                                and run with ObjectAda 7.0 (limited version
                                that comes with Feldman & Koffman's book)
                                on the Windows 95 platform
    MOD4.PPT*       109,056  Module 4
    CLOSING.PPT*     86,016  Closing

  PICTURES - Contains "Ada The Language for a Complex World" picture

  PNUMS - Page numbers for course notebook

See Contents pages for order of course notebook.  When printing the
course notebook:
  * Print as Notes Pages
 ** Print as Handouts (2 per page)

Powerpoint 97 was used to create the Powerpoint (PPT) files.

In addition to this material, the instructor should put together a set
of course notes which include the following material (available from the

  Ada Joint Program Office, "Ada95 Adoption Handbook"
      PAL Location: ada/ajpo/docs/adopt_hb
  Ada Joint Program Office, "Ada95 Transition Planning Guide"
      PAL Location: ada/ajpo/standard/95plngui
  Bill Taylor, "Ada Compatibility Guide"
      PAL Location: ada/ajpo/docs/compat_g
  Richard Conn, "Public Ada Library Frequently Asked Questions (PAL FAQ)"
      PAL Location: ada/userdocs
  Richard Conn, "Defining and Exploring an Efficient Distributed Process
    for the Reuse of Ada Software Components and Tools in a Global Theater -
    The Public Ada Library, Third Annual Report"
      PAL Location: ada/userdocs
  Richard Conn, "Tour of Walnut Creek Ada CDROM"
      PAL Location: ada/userdocs
6. Release Notice:
Approved for public release; distribution unlimited
Restrictions on release: NONE
7. Directory Listing:

  File Name                 Size
  ---------                 ----
  README                   3,057           971,203

  ==============  ==============
    2 Files              974,260