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Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 13:44:16 -0400
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been working on porting gnat to rhapsody and talking to some folks at apple
about gcc in rhapsody/linuxppc.  it turns out that rhapsody kind of
starting the ppc stuff from the linuxppc port so much of what i have been
seeing in rhapsody may be appropriate.  biggest problem is that the
linuxppc folks have done a lot of work on gcc code generation for ppc.  its
real different than the standard in some respects.  some of the patches for
gnat don't apply cleanly as they are coded to use line numbers which are
radically changed in a few cases i am aware of and the patches are put in
places that cause compiel to fail.  if you know what you are doing you can
avoid this, but its not the kind of slam dunk that would allow someone
without experience to get it done.

but much more important, gnat 3.11 only works with gcc 2.8.1 and above,
which as far as i know has not been done for linuxppc (i could be wrong).
do you know anything about support for 2.8.1 in linuxppc?



At 10:11 AM +0000 6/25/98, Matthew Heaney wrote:
>> Having heard rumors of a GNAT for LinuxPPC, I surfed a bit and
>> turned up
>> Looking at the directory of this distribution reveals something
>> that does, indeed, look like a GNAT distribution.
>> Anyone know the story on this?
>Yes: I'm using it.  Works great!  The only issue is that it's Gnat
>I tried a couple of times to build v3.10p from sources, but I'm new at
>that sort of thing, and couldn't get the build to finish.
>The problem I have is that the linuxppc guys patched gcc, and the ACT
>guys patched gcc too.  So I have two sets of patches to the same code
>base.  I've tried applying the patches in different orders.  Tried not
>applying some of the patches.  Nothing I tried worked.
>I know ACT only guarantees that you can build gnat from sources using
>the most recent version of gnat.  With Gnat v3.11 coming up, there is a
>real need to get v3.10p going on LinuxPPC.
>If you know how to port Gnat v3.10 to LinuxPPC, then let me know!  I
>would be grateful for any help you or anyone else can offer.
>The linuxppc guys are busy working on the next release (corresponding to
>red-hat v5.0).  If we get gnat v3.10p ported, then maybe we can make
>sure it gets included on the CD release.
>I've included below the text of the message from Gary Thomas.  He told
>me where the source rpm is located.  That SRPMS includes the sources for
>both gcc-2.7.2 and gnat-3.09.  (You'll have to download sources for gnat
>v3.10p directly from the NYU ftp site.)
>LinuxPPC is really nice.  And the CD-ROM is only US$32 - a real
>bargain.  There's ordering info at the web site.
>(start of message)
>On 01-Jun-98 Matthew Heaney wrote:
>> Gary:
>> I was poking around the website, and could only find the
>> source package gcc-2.8.0.src.rpm.  I am in need of the source package for
>> gcc-, that includes the linux ppc source patches.
>> Here is my problem.  The version of Gnat (the gcc Ada compiler) that
>> comes with the Valentine's Day CD is version 3.09.  I'd like to build the
>> next version of gnat (3.10p), but I need the sources for gcc- to
>> do it.  (Gnat 3.10p includes source patches of its own, that patch
>> gcc-
>> I downloaded the gcc- sources from the gnu ftp site, but I still
>> need the patches you guys used to build the gcc executable included on
>> the CD ROM.
>> The sources for gcc don't seem to be on the CD-ROM.  The sources for
>> gcc-2.8.0 are available from the linuxppc website, but not the sources
>> (patches) for gcc-
>You'll find the most recent version at:
>Note: this package contains *major* patches to GCC-2.7.2 which bring it
>very nearly up to GCC-2.8.0
>Good luck,
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were given an awkward question to answer.  "If you had just boarded an
airliner and discovered that your team of programmers had been responsible
for the flight control software, how many of you would disembark
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