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"Richard L. Conn" <[log in to unmask]>
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Richard L. Conn
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 23:40:12 -0400
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Hi, Everyone,

The new ASE01_03 CDROM has come out from Walnut Creek CDROM
(right on schedule on 1 June 1999) and is shipping.  All the
Ada and Software Engineering Library web sites are fully
online, containing the content of all three ASE CDROMs
released so far (two CDROMs in the Nov 98 edition and one
CDROM in the May 99 edition).

The three websites (and their sponsors) are:  Walnut Creek CDROM  Idaho State University and the Microsoft
                       Academic Cooperative (supported directly
                       by Microsoft)  Kennesaw State University
                       (part of the University System of Georgia)

These web sites are identical copies of each other, providing
alternate sources for the same material.  The library contains
the work of hundreds of authors from industry, academia,
and the government divided into 376 assets.  It occupies
1,756,411,187 bytes (plus blocking factor overhead), 26,059
files, and 917 directories and subdirectories.  The three CDROMs
can be used to easily build duplicates of the library for use
and extension inside an organization, such as a corporation or
university.  The Online Help contains instructions for building
your own web site from the CDROM, and a copy of the Generic
Web-based Reuse Library (a family of programs written in Ada95
for building web-based libraries) is included should you wish to
modify (and extend) the web site you build.

Below is the release notice (included in the support directory
on the web sites and the ASE01_03 CDROM).

Richard Conn, ASE and PAL Manager
Ada and Software Engineering (ASE) CDROM
2nd Edition, May 1999
Richard Conn, Editor

Release Notice, 28 April 1999
This second edition of the ASE CDROM product integrates with
the first edition through the ASE Card Catalog, which is
available as a hypertext document on this ASE CDROM.
The ASE Card Catalog documents the contents of ASE CDROMs
ASE01_01 and ASE01_02 (of the first edition) and ASE01_03
(this second edition).

A Resource for the Practicing Software Engineer (regardless of
implementation language) and the Practicing Ada Developer:

  For the Practicing Software Engineer:
    . Best practices in Software Engineering
    . Index of useful web sites (with 17,000+ hyperlinks
      to them directly from the CDROM)
    . Systems Engineering Capability Maturity Model
    . Software Capability Maturity Model
    . Hundreds of documents and tutorials on various topics
      in Software Engineering, including
      Domain Engineering, Reuse, Requirements,
      Object-Oriented Analysis and Design,
      Object-Oriented Programming, Software Devleopment
      Methodologies (Waterfall, Spiral, Rapid Application
      Development), Formal Methods, Cleanroom,
      Complexity Analysis, Metrics, Capability
      Maturity, Six Sigma, Personal Software Process,
      Team Software Process (with this May 1999 edition,
      new courseware on systems engineering, life cycles,
      requirements engineering, configuration management,
      risk management, reviews, and several other topics)
    . General-purpose tools (such as GRASP - Graphical
      Representation of Algorithms, Structures, and
      Processes - for Ada, C, C++, Java, and VHDL from
      Auburn University with funding from ARPA, NASA and NSF) -
      GRASP is updated with this May 1999 edition
    . Quality freeware compilers for Ada, C, C++, Objective C,
      and FORTRAN 77 and interpreters for Perl and Tcl/Tk
      (Java expected in a future update)
    . An introduction to Ada, a language specifically
      designed to support the engineering of large and
      small software systems, including safety-critical
      real-time software intensive systems

  For the Practicing Ada Developer:
    . The "Ada User's Bookshelf" - 100M+ bytes of hypertext
      documents, tutorials, and references on Ada, reuse,
      and software engineering
    . Index of useful web sites (with hyperlinks to them
      directly from the CDROM)
    . Freeware Ada95 compilers and development environments
      for a variety of platforms, including Windows 95/98/NT and
      UNIX (such as GNAT Ada95 and C environment from Ada Core
      Technologies) - GNAT is updated with this May 1999 edition
    . Freeware Software components and tools - RAPID, AdaGIDE,
      SCATC DSK, GWRL, and the Booch components are updated
      with this May 1999 edition
    . Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS)
    . Support for Ada95 education, including tutorials and
      freeware tools (such as AdaGIDE from the United States
      Air Force Academy)
    . Ada Advocacy material - why Ada is the preferred language
      for Software Engineering
    . Ada background and historical information, user and
      developer notes, grapical icons, and other items of
      interest for the Ada enthusiast

  The combined contributions of hundreds of authors have gone
  into the making of the Ada and Software Engineering (ASE)
  CDROMs.  These authors are acknowledged in their associated
  ASE Card Catalog entires.

  The editor wishes to specifically thank the following
  people for their support in the creation of this product:
     The Honorable Emmett Paige, CEO of OAO Corporation,
       former Assistant Secretary of Defense for
       Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
     Susanne Peterson, Microsoft Research and Development
     Hal Hart, TRW and ACM/SIGAda, Ben Brosgol, Aonix and
       SIGAda President, and the SIGAda Officers
     Martin Carlisle, United States Air Force Academy
     James Cross, Auburn University
     David Cook, Draper Labs
     Mike Feldman, ACM/SIGAda Education Working Group
     Corey Schou and Chris Watts, Idaho State University and
       the Microsoft Academic Cooperative
     Martha Myers, Merle King, Dick Gayler, and Ben Setzer,
       Kennesaw State University
     Don Herring, Charles Caldwell, Pam Thompson, Raj Patel,
       and Steve Traub, Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems
     Bob Bruce, Christopher Mann, Ellen Hsu, Phil Jenvey, and
       Wayne Self, Walnut Creek CDROM

The ASE Card Catalog is Powered by GWRL - Generic Web-based
Reuse Library - written in Ada95.  GWRL is included on the

This CDROM conforms to ISO-9660 with Rock Ridge
Extensions and the Windows 95/98/NT Joliet File System.
It can be read on over 40 platforms, including
Windows 3.x/95/98, Windows NT, and various UNIX platforms.

For more information, visit the ASE Websites at:
The ASE website contains all the material on the ASE
CDROM Set (over 1.7G bytes compressed on 3 CDROMs).

For ordering information, visit the Walnut Creek
CDROM Website at:
or send email to:
  mailto:[log in to unmask]
or call their orders desk at:
  800/786-9907 or 925/674-0783

Disclaimer: Richard Conn is the editor of this CDROM
and receives no income from its sale.  The creation
of the ASE CDROMs was performed as a service to the
Ada and Software Engineering communities under his
Reuse Tapestry project.