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"Team Ada: Ada Advocacy Issues (83 & 95)" <[log in to unmask]>
"S. Ron Oliver" <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 09:18:28 -0600
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"S. Ron Oliver" <[log in to unmask]>
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At 09:38 AM 9/29/00 -0400, Wisniewski, Joseph (N-COMSYS) wrote:

>I am looking for a fairly representative Ada95 downloadable test suite.
>I am trying to standardize, unify, and beef-up string test suites for ASIS
>and Ada
>source interrogation tools. I am looking for something that can pretty well
>dumped into a directory and compiled (preferably no compiler specific
>or attributes).

(I'm replying to the entire list, just in case any one else is interested.)

I have a suite of Ada95 test programs - code that was developed while I was
at Cal Poly, hence is in the public domain - that I make available for
free.  Most of the code is fairly simple, intended primarily to demonstrate
the use of advanced Ada features.  It primarily focuses on the more
"interesting" features of Ada like tasking, generics (a LOT of that), and
object oriented stuff.  I don't believe it includes much with strings.  I
recently implemented several little programs to test the new string types
in Ada95, but they have not yet made it into the test suite.  Nor do I
expect they will any time soon.

Two not-so-simple and very useful packages included there are a generic
queue package and a generic (statistical) distributions package
(genqueue.adb and dstrbtns.adb - sorry about the strange, cryptic
name.  The code was originally implemented in Meridian Ada, and I didn't
have much choice.).  The queue package makes it easy to instantiate a queue
abstract data type, including queue management routines, for LIFO, FIFO,
and Priority Queues of virtually any imaginable data type.  The
distributions package is based on Knuth's RAN3 random number generator, and
is hence portable to any compiler or system.  This package is somewhat OBEd
by the new random number stuff in Ada95.  However, it still provides
several nice features not included with Ada95.  (I've thought long and hard
about re-implementing it using the new Ada95 stuff, but the translation is
not at all straightforward - the R.N. paradigms are quite different - and I
just haven't yet mustered up the energy to take this on.)

So, I would not call my test suite "very representative".

I almost exclusively use GNAT these days, but most of the code was
originally implemented using other Ada compilers, and to the best of my
knowledge there are no compiler-specific pragmas.  There were a few
Meridian-specific packages used, but I converted all that to Ada95 packages.

The code is supposed to be available via the Cal Poly FTP site, and there
is a pointer to it on my home page at Cal Poly  (URL below).  However, I
have not heard from anyone who has accessed it for a long time, so it could
have disappeared.

I have a floppy diskette I could send you with all the source code, Readme
files, test data files, and other documentation on it.  It also incudes a
PKZIP of the complete set.  The ZIP file is 78KB.  If you want I could
email it to you as an attachment.


S. Ron Oliver, semi-retired professor of Computer Science and Computer

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