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Thu, 3 Aug 2000 09:17:48 +0000
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>Not being familiar with the VB Learning Edition, perhaps you should
>share with the group a list of it's content.

I haven't actually looked at it in detail for a while - I ended up buying the
professional version - so I'm not sure of the content, but it should be pretty
easy to find that information from the M$ website. Unfortunately I don't have
web access at work (where I'm subscribed to Team-Ada) or I would try to get the
info now.

As far as I can remember, I think it was just a cut down package with all the
frills taken out. As a Learning edition I would have expected it to come with a
book or something, but I can't imagine M$ doing that these days! I know (for
definite) that the learning edition couldn't produce executables (i.e. it didn't
contain the compiler from the professional version), all the programs have to be
interpreted - that is the main reason I went for the professional edition.

>I think that assembling and organizing material for such a project would be a
>worthwhile endeavor for Team Ada.

Actually, the BURKS project springs to mind when talking about this, but my
suggestion was mainly a single vendor, no support type of thing like you get
from M$ rather than anything else.

>IMO, the Ada Learning Edition should support multiple platforms
>e.g., MS Windows, Linux & Unix and perhaps come with multiple compilers.
>If the material won't fit on a single CD it could be tailored to
>specific platforms.
>Rush Kester
>charter member Team Ada
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>> Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2000 6:16 AM
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>> Subject: Re: The Pocket PC - a platform where Ada *should* have a
>> presence
>> >It seems there could have been at least one Ada compiler
>> >vendor with Ada compilers for Windows in a shrink-wrap package.
>> That would be nice! I made enquiries of ACT as to whether
>> they marketed a product that was the equivalent of VB Learning
>> Edition.  Basically I was told they don't do that, and that
>> their minimum support contract covers up to 10 people. I don't
>> know how much that costs, but I'm pretty sure it would be much
>> more than the UKP70.00 or so that VB Learning edition costs.
>> I seem to remember Aonix did different versions of ObjectAda
>> in the same sort of way as M$ did their VB and C++ products,
>> i.e Professional and Enterprise editions, and I know they did
>> a free Academic version, but did they do a learning edition?
>> From my point of view, I would be likely to buy an Ada
>> compiler for say $100.00r so that provided a CD with Windows
>> installer and the equivalent functionality to VB Learning.
>> Linux is available shrinkwrapped in various forms, why not Ada?
>> John