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Dr. Richard Messnarz
Sun, 10 Sep 2000 22:37:32 +0200
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*****************         EuroSPI ' 2000 Conference            *************
**                 European Software Process Improvement                  **
**     Theme 2000: Practical and Innovation Based Software Process        **
**             Improvement to Prepare for the New Millenium               **
*****************            *************

     7. - 9. November 2000, Copenhagen Business School (Handelshojskolen)

   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Key notes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Watts Humphrey, SEI (USA), Dieter Rombach,  Fraunhofer IESE (Germany)

                           With Contributions From

3 Soft, AEA Technology, AFTI, Alenia Marconi Systems, Astrazeneca,
Axa Sun Life, B. K. Medical, CIT, Daimler Chrysler AG, Danfoss, Danske
Data, DELTA, DERA, DTU, ECI Telecom, Elsag, Ericsson, FZI, General
Fundacion, IBM Global Services, IPSSI Consortium, ISCN, IVF, NDS
Technologies, Newtech, Onion, Siemens , SEC, SINGULAR S. A. ,
Sintef, Sophist, Systematic, Sztaki, Telematica, TietoEnator,
The Bilgi Group, USKMA/FESMA Consortium, STTF, and
Universities of Aalborg, Amsterdam, College of Boras, Dublin DCU,
Florence, Hong Kong Politechnic, Iceland, Lund, Oslo, Oulu, Maribor,
North London, Stockholm, Sunderland, Tampere, Umea, Cork Institute of
Tecnology, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Imperial College London,
Politecnico di Turino, Southampton Institute of Technology

                   Organised and Further Contributions by

A consortium of large Scandivian research centres, a large German software
quality association, the software engineering specialists of the
Defence Evaluation Research Agency of UK, and with ISCN as the coordinating
Find partner details at:,,,,
               , and

                   SPI Newspaper and Previous Contributions

EuroSPI 2000 is the 7th of a series of conferences with ISCN'94 in Dublin,
ESI & ISCN'95 in Vienna, ISCN'96/SP'96 in Brighton (London), ESI & ISCN'97 in
Budapest, and EuroSPI'98 in Gothenburg, EuroSPI'99 in Pori, and EuroSPI'2000
in Copenhagen. In cooperation with members of the W4Group consortium in the
Select project, previous proceedings and contributions are made available
on the WWW with rating and search services.


                         Conference Architecture

Tuesday, 7.11.2000, Tutorials Day

Morning Tutorials, 09.00 - 12.00

Tutorial T1 : Software Process Improvement for E-business applications,
Onion (Italy)

Tutorial T2 : "PIPSI" - Process for Improving Programming Skills in Industry,
IVF (Sweden) and Gerry Coleman from IPSSI Consortium

Tutorial T3 : Workshop on GQM, Rini van Solingen, Fraunhofer IESE, (Germany)

Tutorial T4 : Assessment and Accreditation of Skills with a Network
Based System Approach, CREDIT Project, University of Amsterdam (NL),
Telematica (UK), ISCN (IRL)

Tutorial T5 : COSMIC - new software sizing techniques and developments and
applications in software estimation process, Charles Symons from
USKMA/FESMA Consortium

Afternoon Tutorials, 14.00 - 17.00

Tutorial T6 : Using Process Assessment Methodologies in System and Software
Process Improvements, John Hamilton, DERA , SPICE working group, (UK)

Tutorial T7 : SPICE Update - the current ISO development work and
complementary activities, Risto Nevalainen, STTF (Finland)

Tutorial T8: How and when to apply tools in Software Test, Chris Bagge
& Kai Ormstrup, DELTA (Denmark)

Tutorial T9 : Better Requirements Using Scenarios, Prototyping and
Usability Test, Otto Vinter & Mads Christiansen, DELTA ( Denmark)

Tutorial T10 : A Learning Organisation Model and Virtual Enterprise
for Process Improvement, ISCN, Cork Institute of Technology (IRL),
General Fundacion (Spain), Sztaki (Hungary)

Wednesday, 8.11.2000, Conference Day 1

08.30-09.00  Welcome & Opening Talk
                  T. Gronning, CEO, DELTA
                  F.Junge-Jensen, President, Copenhagen Business  School

09.00-10.00  Watts. S. Humphrey, Software Engineering Institute, USA

             Track 1 Sessions (Si)         Track 2 Sessions (Si)
10.20-12.20  S1:SPI and Assessment       ! S2:SPI and People/Skills
13.30-15.30  S3:SPI and Implementation   ! S4:SPI and Systems
16.00-17.30  S5:SPI and Personal         ! S6:SPI and Measurement
             Process                     !

19.00        Conference Dinner

Thursday, 9.11.2000, Conference Day 2

09.00-10.00     D. Rombach, Fraunhofer IESE, Germany

            Track 1 Sessions  Track 2 Sessions       Track 3 Sessions

10.20-12.20 S7 :            ! S8:                  ! S9 : 11.30-12.20
            SPI and Testing ! SPI and Measurements ! Centre for SPI
                            !                      ! in Denmark I
13.30-15.00 S10 :           ! S11 :                ! S12 :
            Danish exper-   ! SPI and Procurement  ! Centre for SPI
            ience in SPI    !                      ! in Denmark II
                            !                      !
15.30-17.00 S13 :           ! S14 :                ! S15 :
            SPI in small    ! SPI and Requirements ! Centre for SPI
            businesses      !                      ! in Denmark III

17.15           Conference Panel and Closure

Session Details & Contributions

Wednesday, 8.11.2000, Conference Day 1

Key note : Watts. S. Humphrey, Software Engineering Institute, USA :
           "What if your Life Depended on Software ? "

Session 1 : SPI and Assessments/ Benchmarks

*A Recent Extension of ISO 15504 to IT Acquisition Processes, Y. Wang,
 IVF, Sweden, A. Dorling,  University College of Boras, Sweden
*A detailed Process Assessment Method For Software SMEs, T. Makinen,
 T. Varkoi, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
*Rapid Assessment to Solicit Process Improvement in SMEs, G.Bucci,
 M.Campanai, G.A. Cignoni, University of Florence, Italy
*A New Approach to Benchmark Based Process Improvement, G. King,
 Southhampton Institute, UK, Y. Wang, IVF

Session 2 : SPI and People/Skills

*The importance of NOT Learning from Experience, M. Jorgensen, D. Sjoberg,
 University of Oslo, Norway
*Managing Inexperienced Programmers by Better Managing Design-Coding,
 K. M. Lui, Keith C. C. Chan, HongKong Polytechnic University, Hongkong
*A field-study of Cultural Influences on Software Process Improvement
 in a global Organisation, K.Siakas, University of North London, UK,
 B. Balstrup, Danfoss, Denmark
*The Perception of Quality Based on Different Cultural Value Systems,
 Biro M. , Sztaki, Hungary, R. Messnarz, ISCN, Ireland, J. Sandberg,
 University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Session 3 : SPI Implementation

*Avoiding Failure in SPI Initiation, P. Pourkomeylian, Astrazeneca, Sweden
*Instilling Quality Improvement, J. Klein, Y. Cohen, NDS Technologies, Israel
*Challenges for Software Development Companies in the 21 st century,
 B. Koelmel, FZI, Germany
*An interview Based Evaluation of a Process Change Proposal, M. Host,
 University of Lund, and T. Berling, Ericsson, Sweden

Session 4 : SPI and Systems

*INTERWORKS : How to support the realisation of a Virtual Software Factory,
 F. Manzo, Alenia Marconi Systems, Italy
*Role and Impact of Feedback and System Dynamics in Software Evolution
 Processes and their Improvement, M.M. Lehman, J. F. Ramil, G. Kahen,
 Imperial College London, UK
*Intranet as a vehicule and a platform for Process Improvement, F. Basili,
 G. Bazzana, G. Zontini, Onion Technologies, R. Delmiglio, S. Scotto di
 Vettimo, Siemens, Italy
*The Victory Project - A Virtual Enterprise for SPI, R. Messnarz,
 ISCN, Ireland, G. Velasco, Fguva, Spain, G. O'Suilleabhain, CIT, Ireland

Session 5 : SPI and Personal Processes

*Improving individual software engineering skills,
 G. Coleman, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland, C. McGowan,
 ESI, Spain, D. Escala, M. Morisio, Politecnico di Turino, Italy,
 C. Mercier, AFTI, France, R. O'Connor, H. Duncan, DCU, Ireland,
 Y. Wang, IVF, Sweden

*A Tool to Support the Capture of individual Process Data,
 G. Coleman, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland, C. McGowan,
 ESI, Spain, D. Escala, M. Morisio, Politecnico di Turino, Italy,
 C. Mercier, AFTI, France, R. O'Connor, H. Duncan, DCU, Ireland,
 Y. Wang, IVF, Sweden
*Deriving Personal Software Processes from Current Software
 Engineering Process Models, Yingxu Wang, IVF, Sweden,
 Graham King, Southhampton Institute, UK, and Howard Duncan,
 Dublin City University, Ireland

Session 6 : SPI and Measurement

*Measuring the Success of Software Process Improvement : The Dimensions,
 P. Abrahamsson, University of Oulu, Finland
*Now You See It ... Now You Do'nt, T. Hind, Axa Sun Life, UK
*Practical Measurements for Reengineering the Software Testing Process,
 S. Pantelopoulos, Y. Panopoulos, SINGULAR S. A. , Greece

Thursday, 9.11.2000, Conference Day 2

Key  note : D. Rombach,  Fraunhofer IESE, Germany :
            "Experience with Measurement and Goal Based Strategies"

Session 7 : SPI and Testing

*Automated Testing for User Interfaces - ESSI PIE DATES, G. Spence,
 S. Phillipson, AEA Technology, UK
*Process Improvement Through Measurement of Test Activities - ESSI PIE
 PROMOTE, T. Mauro, Elsag, Italy
*Constructing test cases from derived requirements, B. Hindel. U. Hehn,
 3Soft, Germany
*WHEN - Release Decision Metrics, N. B. Svendsen, J. A. Fodeh,
 B-K Medical, Denmark

Session 8  : SPI and Measurements

*Enhancing the Measurement of Process Maturity and SPI effectiveness,
 J. Elliott, SEC, DERA, UK
*Quality Metrics and the Kano Model, T. Stalhane, Sintef, Norway
*SoPCoM - Model for Evaluation of the Software Processes Complexity,
 R. V. Horvat, I. Rozman, V. Lesnik, University of Maribor, Slovenia
*PROBE : Development of a European Benchmark on IT Acquisition Processes,
 Yingxu Wang, IVF, Sweden, Alec Dorling, University College of Boras, Sweden

Session 9 : Centre for SPI in Denmark I

*Learning SPI in Practice, L.Mathiason, P. A. Nielsen, Aalborg University,
 J. Pries Heje, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Session 10 : Danish Experience in SPI
*RAMSES - Rapid Application Development in Military Sofware Systems,
 S. S. Bruhn, Newtech, Denmark
*Sofware Quality Management and Software Process Improvement in Denmark,
 M. Christiansen, K. Kautz, F. Ramzan, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Session 11 : SPI and Procurement

*Software Acquisition: Experiences with Models and Methods, G. Getto,
 T. Gantner, T. Vullinghs, DainlerChrysler AG, Germany
*Rational Unified Process in a Public Procurement Environment, A. Ibsen,
 J. R. Jensen, TietoEnator, Denmark
*SPI and Outsourcing, C. A. Pedersen, IBM Global Services, Norway

Session 12 : Centre for SPI in Denmark II

*CMM Improvements in the fast lane, S. Bang, L.M. Ericsson, Denmark
*Systematic's experiences on running an ambitious SPI initiative,
 Systematic, M. H. Pederson, Denmark
*An organisational Implementation Approach for SPI in Practice, Susanne
 Tryde, Ann-Dorte Nielsen & Jan Pries-Heje, DanskeData, Denmark

Session 13 : SPI in Small Businesses

*Improving Effort Estimation in Small Software Companies, J. Moses,
 University of Sunderland, J. Clifford, STCS, UK
*Evaluation of Small Software Companies For Large Contracts, E. Demirors,
 The Bilgi Group, Turkey
*A Comparison of Techniques to Support Small companies with Software Process
 Improvement, E.T. Hvannberg, G.A. Johannsdottir,, University of
 Iceland , Iceland

Session 14 : SPI and Requirements

*Linguistic methods of Requirements Engineering (NLP), C. Rupp, Sophist,
*Improving Requirements Engineering Capabilities, S. Koenig, I. Zelovich,
 ECI Telecom, Israel
*Dynamic Capability Maturity Model for Small Organisations, T. Orci,
 University of Stockholm, A. Laryd, Umea University ,Sweden

Session 15 : Centre for SPI  in  Denmark III

*Learning from Assessment, J. Johansen, Delta, Denmark
*Criteria and Characteristics of SPI in Different Cultural Contexts,
 J. Arent, Aalborg University, Denmark
*Software Process Assessment with Problem Diagnosis, J. Iversen, J. Norbjerg,
 DTU, Denmark


                        Early                   Late
Tutorial Day            300 Euro                350 Euro
Conference              550 Euro                740 Euro
Combined                690 Euro                890 Euro

The registration fee includes documentation, lunch, refreshments, reception,
and conference dinner.

Please contact the EuroSPI'2000 Registration Office, c/o ISCN Co-ordination
Office, Florence House, 1 Florence Villas, Bray, Co. Wicklow, IRELAND.
Fax :  + 353 1 205 0021
E-mail : [log in to unmask]

For online registration contact

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