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Currie Colket <[log in to unmask]>
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Currie Colket <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 1 Sep 1997 13:34:37 -0400
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Dear Team Ada,

We are pleased to announce the attached status on the ISO
standardization progress of ASIS.

Currie Colket


ASIS has another milestone!!!!

At the SC22 meeting last week in Ottawa, Canada, Mr. Jim
Moore, Convener of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 WG9, made the official
request of SC22 to concurrently conduct the CD registration
Ballot for ASIS and the Final CD Ballot for ASIS. This was
approved unanimously by SC22!

>Resolution 97-21:  Concurrent Letter Ballots for Ada ASIS
> ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22 authorizes the Secretariat to conduct
> concurrent CD registration and Final CD letter ballots
> for project JTC 1.22.15291 - Ada Semantic Interface
> Specification (ASIS).

Concurrent balloting achieves faster standardization, but is
sometimes viewed as risky. At the WG9 meeting on 2 June 1997,
WG9 unanimously approved the following 3 Resolutions by the
nations present: Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden,
Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States:

     RESOLUTION: The disposition of comments on the ASIS
     Working Draft ballot is approved by WG9 and the Project
     Editor of project 15291 is authorized to forward
     Version 2.0.N of the draft to the SC22 secretariat for
     CD registration. [Passed: 8 Affirmative; 0 Abstain;
     0 Negative].

     RESOLUTION: WG9 authorizes Convener, in his judgment,
     to combine CD registration and CD ballot. [Passed: 8
     Affirmative; 0 Abstain; 0 Negative].

     RESOLUTION: WG9 authorizes Convener, in his judgment,
     to combine CD registration and CD ballot and Final CD
     ballot. [Passed: 7 Affirmative; 0 Abstain; 1 Negative].

To assess risk for the combined CD registration, CD Ballot, and
Final CD Ballot, we submitted the ASIS Working Draft to ISO in
July to identify possible formatting problems that might prevent
a successful Final CD Ballot. A number of such formatting problems
were identified and corrected by Mr. Clyde Roby. Mr. Jim Moore then
made available to SC22 representatives this corrected ASIS Working
Draft as an advance copy. This resulted in only positive comments.
We concluded that a combined CD registration, CD ballot and Final
CD ballot would be of low risk. Mr. Moore reported the following
in his Report of the SC22 Plenary:

> In behalf of WG9, I requested that the CD registration ballot
> and the Final CD Balloting for project JTC1.22.15291 (ASIS)
> be conducted concurrently. This request was approved. We can
> anticipate that this ballot will commence in September if we
> promptly provide the draft for balloting.

If all goes well, ASIS could be an ISO standard as early as summer of 1998.

Attached is the Convener's Report for the SC22 Plenary Meeting.
It contains additional information of interest to the Ada and
ASIS community.

Currie Colket
+1 (703) 602-1483
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P.S. Tri-Ada'97 (in St. Louis from 10-14 November 1997) will
have a number of ASIS activities ranging from a
tutorial, a panel, a paper, and possibly a BOF. The following
is a list of the current planned ASIS activities at Tri-Ada'97:

Monday Morning, 10 November; Half Day Tutorial

   Building Development Tools for Use with GNAT.
   Sergey I. Rybin, Moscow State University

Tuesday Afternoon, 11 November; 4:00-5:30 P.M.; ASIS Panel

   ASIS Panel: Roll Your Own Analysis Tools

   Chair:      Mr. Currie Colket, Chairman ASISWG/ASISRG
   Panelists:  Dr. Joyce, Tokar, DDC-I
                   Technical Presentation on ASIS 95 Interface
               Dr. Bill Thomas, MITRE
                   Rolling Your Own Tools using ASIS
               Dr. Herm Fischer, MARK V
                   Roll Your Own Tools from ObjectMaker Experience
               Mr. Clyde Roby, IDA
                   ASIS 95 Artifacts on the Internet

Wednesday Afternoon, 12 November; 4:00-5:30 P.M. Paper Session:

   ASIStint: An Interpreter for Debugging and Testing ASIS Implementations.
   Mr. Vasiliy Fofanov, Moscow State University,
   Dr. Sergey Rybin, Moscow State University,
   Professor Alfred Strohmeier, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Wednesday Evening, 12 November; time TBD; Combined ASISWG/SAFEWG BOF


Details on each of these will be provided in a future email!!!
For more information on Tri-Ada'97 and the ASIS activities there,
please check out the Tri-Ada'97 Home Page at =>

Convener's Report for the SC22 Plenary Meeting =>

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Subject: WG9 N 335, Convener's Report of SC22 Plenary Meeting
Author:  [log in to unmask] (James W. Moore; reply to [log in to unmask]) at
Date:    8/26/97 5:49 PM

Document ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9 N 335

Meeting Report
Plenary Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22
18-22 August 1997, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Reported by:
James W. Moore, Convener, ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9
The MITRE Corporation
[log in to unmask]

SC22 is the parent body of WG9 in the ISO/IEC JTC1 hierarchy. It
conducts a plenary meeting annually. I attended in my role as convener
of WG9.

SC22 conducted a great deal of business related to the re-engineering
initiative within JTC1. The results reported below are selected for
particular relevance to the business of WG9.

Since the last plenary meeting, new members have joined SC22, hence WG9.
The new P (participating) members are Ireland and Norway and the new O
(observing) member is Israel.

I was required to provide a schedule for all WG9 projects in progress.
The information that I provided is as follows:
- - Project JTC1.22.15291 (ASIS): WD 6/97; CD 9/97; DIS 5/98; IS 5/99.
- - Projects JTC1.22.10.04 and 05 (complex arithmetic): IS 3/98.

During their national body report, Japan noted that they have translated
the Ada standard, ISO/IEC 8652:1995, into Japanese and intend to process
it as a national standard.

In behalf of WG9, I requested that Erhard Ploedereder and Bob Duff be
named as the Project Editors of project JTC1.22.10.01 (the Ada
standard). This request was approved.

In behalf of WG9, I requested that Andreas Koeller be named as the
Project Editor of project JTC1.22.31 (SAMeDL). This request was

In behalf of WG9, I requested that the CD registration ballot and the
Final CD Balloting for project JTC1.22.15291 (ASIS) be conducted
concurrently. This request was approved. We can anticipate that this
ballot will commence in September if we promptly provide the draft for

In behalf of WG9, I requested that SC22 support a request to JTC1 to add
PostScript to the list of acceptable formats for the electronic
distribution of documents. This request was NOT approved. Apparently,
this issue is old and contentious and few people want to reconsider it.
In a straw vote within SC22, a slight majority of delegations supported
the request but the margin was considered too narrow to constitute
grounds for a strong request to JTC1 to change the existing plan of
action. One of the other Working Group conveners has agreed to provide
an FTP mechanism which we may use to produce PDF from PostScript

In behalf of WG9, I requested that SC22 make a request to JTC1 to allow
WG9 to provide public access to any Technical Corrigenda document
prepared for the Ada standard. (Public access is already permitted for
Defect Reports and Working Group Responses.) This request was approved;
it is anticipated that JTC1 will approve the request because there is

This is a good opportunity to report on the status of a few other SC22
activities that are proceeding independently of the plenary meeting: the
DIS ballots for 13813 and 13814 (complex arithmetic) are currently
underway; also underway is the ballot for approval of the New Work Item
requested by the HRG.

It was reported that the ISO/IEC standard on character sets, 10646-1,
continues to be revised. Thirteen amendments have been processed and six
more are underway. Several Latin alphabets now exist and more are being
prepared. The continued change is regarded as instability by some
parties and has caused some concern. A more completed description of
this situation can be found in SC22 N 2558.

Some of you may be interested in the status of the CD balloting of the
C++ document. The WG convener reported that about ten issues remain to
be resolved; the others have been unanimously resolved. It is expected
that the final issues will be resolved and the document will go to Final
DIS ballot shortly after their planned November 1997. There is some
consideration of a plan whereby the WGs for C and C++ will collocate
their meetings and a plan whereby the C++ WG and the C WG would agree
that the responsibility for maintenance of the common portions of the
languages would be delegated to the C WG.

Some of you may be interested in the status of issues related to Java.
The convener of the Java study group reported that the request of Sun
Microsystems for recognition as a PAS submitter was disapproved with
comments from several nations. At this time, Sun has not yet responded.
The JSG convener also reported that ECMA (European Computer
Manufacturers Association) has approved standard 262 on ECMAScript, the
language commonly known as JavaScript. Their standard is publicly
available on the ECMA web site and will be submitted to JTC1 for
fast-track processing.

Future plenary meetings of SC22 are planned as follows:
24-28 August 1998, Copenhagen, Denmark
20-24 September 1999, Berlin, Germany
2000, Kyoto, Japan (tentative)
2001, Austria (tentative)
2002, Finland (tentative)

I have previously noted that JTC1 (including SC22) plans to convert to
fully electronic document processing and distribution mechanisms by
autumn of 1997.  Plans for the conduct of SC22's business were
discussed. I will provide more information on these mechanisms as they
are implemented.