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Edward Colbert <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 13 May 1997 22:24:50 -0700
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Since the following message asked for the widest possible distribution. I suppose there's time to influence the policy change.

Take Care,

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From: Shulman, Eric, GM13
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Zambrana, Michael S.,GM13\MTER
Cc: Kerner, Judith S
Subject: FW: DoD Change to Ada Policy
Date: Friday, May 09, 1997 3:31PM

Please pass this along for widest distribution.
Also note that there maybe an added clause for DoD programming languages
that will require the selected programming language to have an approved
standard such as IEEE, ISO, ANSI, etc.


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Sent:     Friday, May 09, 1997 2:39 PM
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Roan, Larry, , SAF/AQPE
Cc:  Mullins, Mark, Maj, AFCIC/SYNI; Dennis W. Butler; David Luginbuhl;
Budlong, Faye; Hanson, Greg; 'Penasack, John'; Mosemann, Mr Lloyd K. II;
Paul Szulewski; Gould, Phil
Subject:  DoD Change to Ada Policy

Ladies and Gents,

     FYI - On 29 Apr, 1997, Mr Paige (ASD(C3I)) issued a memorandum
titled, "Use of the Ada Programming Language."  The memo states that
both DoD Directive 3405.1, "Computer Programming Language Policy," and
DoD 5000.2-R will be revised to eliminate the mandatory requirement for
use of the Ada programming language.  In the interim, "programming
language selections should be made in the context of the system and
software engineering factors that influence overall life-cycle costs,
risks, and potential for interoperability.  As appropriate, these
selections may be reviewed during milestone/system approval processes."
The memo lists factors to be considered during the decision process, and
concludes with "Ada should be one of the languages considered in this
decision process; however, Ada waiver requests are no longer required
when another language is selected."

     I will be proposing to Dr Hellwig that the Air Force, in keeping
with DoD Policy, should stop processing Ada waivers effective the date
of the memorandum.  I plan to notify the field of this memo and its
impact on AF policy through PD Infonet next week.

     I have enclosed a .tif file copy with this email (have not yet
converted to .pdf).  If you would like me to fax you a copy of the memo,
please send me an email with your name, organization, phone number, and
fax number.  I will be out of the office on Monday, 12 May, and will be
back in the office on Tuesday, 13 May, if you have any questions.

     Hope you have a great weekend!

Maj Joe Stanko
DSN 227-3108

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