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"Team Ada: Ada Advocacy Issues (83 & 95)" <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 6 Jan 1998 01:43:13 +0000
Nasser Abbasi <[log in to unmask]>
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Nasser Abbasi <[log in to unmask]>
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Matthew S. Whiting wrote:

> Most of Nasser's insulting, useless and self-aggrandizing drivel snipped
> for brevity.

and who the hell you think you are?

I have not "insulted" who ever he was. I simply critisized him. strongly, yes. but
I did not "insult" him.
If I did, he is a big boy to tell me. He does not need a high-moral pretender like
you to come to defend him.

> You can argue that we all should be using compilers that require a
> command line interface like in the "good old days", but the reality is
> that IDEs are here to stay and MOST software engineers like this
> environment.

fine. If you like an IDE use it. btw, MOST software engineers do not like IDE's.
but if it makes you feel good about yourself to use an IDE, you should use it.

> MS has proved pretty well that people use what they like
> even if the quality is less than something they don't like.  I can
> empathize with David as I have the same problem in the engineering group
> that I manage.

> The engineers simply like using the MS development suite
> and the MFC, etc.,

and VB too?

fine. do not be shy about saying it.

I am happy that your engineers are happy using MFC and MS products. you must be
doing a good job as a manager. making the engineers happy is the first
responsibility of any manager.

you use MFC for emmbeded systems?

> and Ada doesn't yet offer anything equivalent.

true. Ada is a language, not an IDE. and Ada is not a company. May be next time
they release a new Ada standard, they add a nice looking IDE to  the language
specifications to make you and your engineers happy.

> And
> hurling insults at people contemplating Ada does absolutely nothing to
> help this situation.

against, I did not hurl insults. I told someone to  that they can't expect someone
to come feed spoon them programming skills. this is an insult?

> The reality is that using VC++ with some "band
> aid" utilities such as bounds checkers, software that is very reliable
> can be generated.

then what are you doing in an Ada mailing list? you better go buy more band aid
tools for your engineers instead. they'll need it.

> I'm sorry, Nasser, that you don't want to promulgate Ada.  But is your
> sense of self-worth so small that you feel the need to insult someone
> else just to deter them from using Ada?

now who is insulting whom here?

Look, I am not one of your engineers, so I do not need to hear this crap from you.
I just feel soory for your company to have a so called manager like you who think
C+band-aid is better than a language like Ada. I hope I never work for someone
like you in my life.

> Matt