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"Team Ada: Ada Advocacy Issues (83 & 95)" <[log in to unmask]>
Mike Brenner <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 15:55:00 -0400
Mike Brenner <[log in to unmask]>
text/plain (61 lines)
Dave Wood of Aonix > ... an option for the Unix-impaired
                   > is to use TeleUSE/Win from Aonix.

David, could you outline what you mean by this, please.

  (a) What parts would Bill have to buy (which X-server,
      which compilers, which libraries, which tools,
      which parts of TeleUSE/Win, which tool to test
      when the correct icons are in the X-buffer, which
      mandatory operating systems, which profiler works,
      which debugger, which linkers, which applications,
      what data, which development licenses, what runtime
      licenses, which environments)?

  (b) What features would then be had (can we light up pixels,
      connect icons to Ada subroutines, connect icons to
      Ada main programs, connect icons to Ada objects,
      draw polylines, draw from a library of graphics,
      draw text in fonts, make text light up as hypertext
      links, automatically generate hypertext, cross
      reference things, automatically convert an array to
      radio buttons, automatically convert an array to a menu,
      permit dynamic repainting at any time the programmer chooses,
      use Java calls, use JDBC calls, use ODBC calls,
      display JPEGs, display PCXs, display BMPs, display GIFs,
      search the words on the gui page for a text string,
      zoom the screen, pan the screen, etc.)?

I do not think that there is any corruption of the list by your
telling us to buy your product. However, it is not clear what
your product is or what it does.

The last time I bought a product from Aonix, it was an Ada
graphics shrink-wrapped application, which the Alsys representatives
assured me was a complete application that worked by itself.
When I opened it, it required me to buy another product to install
it and another package to run it. That was $150 of my personal
money (not some company's money). I cannot represent what you
sell to a customer without access to a list of what is required
to buy and what features will/will not be present.

For example, I have an 800,000 line Ada program that does its own
GUI stuff (it is only 250,000 lines after removing blank lines and
comments). If I could replace the home-grown X library GUI,
the home-grown TCP/IP, and the database with commercial components,
it would be one tenth its size and would be easy to maintain.

Can I replace it with your product? What exactly does your product do?

Similarly, I have a 400,000 line CMS2 program that will be replaced
in the next 5 years with a commercial GUI/database/ethernet/
distributed object industrial controller that does realtime marketing,
delivering JASSMs to selected target markets, upon direction of
proper authority.

What is the web page that gives the full information needed to
recommend your product to the customers?