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Tucker Taft <[log in to unmask]>
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Tucker Taft <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 17:58:48 -0500
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Here is a slightly edited version of a list of compiler hosts
and targets I sent around a few weeks ago, along with a list
of companies that sell Ada-supportive tools.  I would appreciate
any comments, additions, deletions, etc.
Thanks in advance,
-Tucker Taft [log in to unmask]
            A d a    C o m p i l e r s   a n d   T o o l s

The following is a partial list of Hosts, Targets, and operating systems
supported by various Ada compiler vendors:

       SPARC/Solaris, HP9000/HP-UX, RS6000/AIX, IBM390/MVS,
       Intelx86/Win-NT/9X, SGI/IRIX, Concurrent/PowerMAX, Intelx86/Linux,
       Intelx86/OS/2, PowerMAC/Tenon, VAX/VMS, Alpha/Open-VMS,
       Intelx86/DOS, Alpha/DEC-Unix, Siemens-Nixdorf RM200/SINIX

    Targets: All the above hosts plus:
       PowerPC/VxWorks, PowerPC/Raven, Intelx86/PharLapETS,
       PowerPC/Integrity, HP7xx/HP-RT, MIPS/VxWorks, RAD6000/VxWorks,
       68K/VxWorks, Pentium/VxWorks, ADI-21020/Bare, i960/HAOS,
       PowerPC/LynxOS, ADI-SHARC/Virtuoso, IBM390/CICS, Nighthawk 6800

The Hosts and Targets list is not complete, as some compilers
are used in-house without being officially validated, while others
are in the process of development.  In particular, there are a
number of GNAT-derivatives being used for production work for targets
or hosts not listed above.

There are also Ada 95 compilers that generate Java byte codes, as well
as those that generate optimized ISO/ANSI C as their intermediate code,
allowing integration with JVM-based environments, as well as with any existing
ISO/ANSI-C-supportive environment.  In addition, there is the GNAT
compiler supported by Ada Core Technologies, which targets the
GNU "GCC" optimizer and backend.  As with GCC, the GNAT compiler operates
under the "open source" principle (the GNAT front end is written
in Ada 95 itself).  Given these three integration approaches
(JVM, ISO/ANSI C, and GCC), plus the existing retargetable
technologies of the other compiler vendors, an Ada 95 capability
is readily available on essentially any platform of interest now
or in the future.

The Ada compiler and tool market is served by a number of software vendors.

The following vendors provide multiple Ada compilers (those marked with a
"*" are members of the Ada Resource Association --

    *Ada Core Technologies  (
    *Aonix (
    *AverStar (formerly Intermetrics)  (
    *DDC-I  (
    *Green Hills Software  (
     Irvine Compiler Corp (
    *O. C. Systems (
    *Rational Software (
     RR Software (
     TLD Systems

There are also companies who just offer compilers for their own
hardware or chips; for example:

    Analog Devices (for the SHARC) (
    Concurrent (
    SGI (

There are also a number of tool companies which provide Ada-supportive tools;
for example:

    Ainslie Software (AdaJNI --
    GrammaTech (Ada-Assured --
    Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS Ada Xcessories --
    IPL (AdaTest --
    McCabe and Associates (McCabe QA/Test/Reengineer/2000 --
    Objective Interface Systems (ORBExpress/Ada --
    Praxis Critical Systems (SPARK --
    Vector Software (AdaCAST --

A number of the compiler vendors also sell Ada-supportive tools
The Ada compiler and tool market is approximately $100 Million.

Ada training and mentoring services are also available from many
of the above product companies, plus from various other companies
and independent consultants.

For a sampling of projects that have used Ada successfully, see