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Fri, 17 Sep 1999 15:17:39 -0500
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        Please post this call to CHI-ANNOUNCEMENTS.

You have 50 years.                      Thad Starner
How do you want to                      Contextual Computing Group
change the world?                       Georgia Tech  (


IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC'99)
October 18-19, 1999
Cathedral Hill Hotel
San Francisco, CA, USA

The International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC) is sponsored
by the IEEE Computer Society through the IEEE Wearable Information
Systems Technical Committee. The purpose of ISWC is to bring together
researchers, product vendors, research sponsors, and others to share
information and advances in wearable computing. The conference will
include presentations, exhibitions, demos, and poster sessions.  This
year, the Second International Workshop on Augmented Reality (IWAR)
'99 is co-located with ISWC and convenes on the following two days

Due to demand, please reserve your hotel room as soon as possible.

The topics for ISWC may include:
* Applications, including augmented reality, computer-supported
collaborative work, computer-supported cooperative living, ubiquitous
computing, personal imaging, consumer applications, industrial applications,
medical applications, military applications, and software agents.
* Hardware, including head-mounted display technologies, batteries, power
management, heat dissipation techniques, industrial design techniques, and
manufacturing & packaging issues.
* Human Interface, including hands-free user speech recognition,
mobility-challenged users, user modeling, user evaluations, and health
* Networks, including wireless networks, on-body networks, the World Wide
Web, and networked vs. standalone computers.
* Operating Systems
* Social implications
* Privacy Issues
* Software Architectures
* Ergonomics
* Training
* Future of Wearable Computing

Invited Speakers:

Situated Computing
Anatole V. Gershman
Andersen Consulting

Solutions for the last 10 meters--An overview of IEEE 802.15 Working Group
on WPANs
Bob Heile
Bolt, Beranek, & Newman

Wearable Computing & Head-mounted Displays
Dick Eurban

Paper Sessions

Session 1: Context-Awareness

Virtual Information Towers - A metaphor for Intuitive Location-Aware
Information Access in a Mobile Environment
Alexander Leonhardi, Uwe Kubach, Kurt Rothermel

The Conference Assistant: Combining Context-Awareness with Wearable
Anind Dey, Masayasu Futakawa, Daniel Salber, Gregory D. Abowd

Indoor Navigation Using a Diverse Set of cheap wearable sensors
Andrew Golding, Neil Lesh

Real-Time Personal Positioning System for Wearable Computers
Hisashi Aoki, Bernt Schiele, Alex Pentland

Session 2: Systems and Architectures

Co-Modal Browser - An Interface for Wearables
Jonny Farringdon, Vanessa Oni, Chi Ming Kan, Leo Poll

MEX: A Distributed Software Architecture for Wearable Computers
Juha Lehikoinen, Jussi Holopainen, Marja Salmimaa, Angelo Aldrovandi

Wearing Bike Components
Jo Herstad, Do Van Thanh

MoCCa: A Mobile Communications and Computing Architecture
Asim Smailagic, Dan Sieworek, Len Bass, Bob Iannucci, Anton Dahbura,
Steve Eddleston, Bob Hanson, Ed Chang

Session 3: Personal Applications

Smart Sight: A Tourist Assistant System
Jie Yang, Weiyi Yang, Matthia Denecke, Alex Waibel

Situated Documentaries: Embedding Multimedia Presentations in the
Real World
Tobias Hoellerer,  Steven Feiner, John Pavlik

A Run on Sterling - Personal Finance on the Move
Lee Cooper, Graham Johnson, Chris Baber

Session 4: Gadget Show, Dan Molinari, Master of Ceremonies

Session 5: Posters, Demos, & Reception

Session 6: Hardware Components

A Small Planar Inverted-F Antenna for Wearable Applications
Pekka Salonen, Lauri Sydanheimo, Mikko Keskilammi, Markku Kivikoski

Non-ideal Battery Properties & Low Power Operations in Wearable
Thomas L. Martin, Daniel P. Sieworek

Wearable Sensor Badge & Sensor Jacket for Context Awareness
Jonny Farringdon, Andrew J. Moore, Nancy Tilbury, James Church, & Pieter D. Biemond

Electric Suspenders: A Fabric Power Bus and Data Network for Wearable
Digital Devices
Michael Gorlick

Session 7: Panel

Usability for Wearable Computing
Sarah Zuberec, Jane Siegel, others TBD.

Session 8: Collaboration 1

When Cyborgs Meet: Building Communities of Cooperating Wearable Agents
Gerd Kortuem, Jay Schneider, Jim Suruda, Steve Fickas, Zary Segall

Asymmetries in Collaborative Wearable Interfaces
Mark Billinghurst, Simon Bee, Jerry Bowskill, H. Kato

Wearable Computing Meets Ubiquitous Computing: Reaping the Best of
both Worlds
Bradley Rhodes, Nelson Minar, Josh Weaver

Session 9: Collaboration 2

"Where Are You Pointing At?" A Study of Remote Collaboration in a Wearable
Videoconference System
Martin Bauer, Gerd Kortuem, Zary Segall

Wearable Location Mediated Telecommunications: A First Step Towards
Contextual Communication
Jerry Bowskill, Mark Billinghurst, Barry Crabtree, Nick Dyer, A. Loffler

Poster Papers

Context Sensing With the Twiddler Keyboard
Daniel Ashbrook

Combining Positional Information With Visual Media
Neil Campbell, Henk Muller, Cliff Randall

Force XXI LandWarrior: Implementing Spoken Commands for Soldier
Wearable Systems
Gary Cleveland, Linda McNinch

Batteries and Power Supplies for Wearable and Ubiquitous Computing
Robert Hahn, Herbert Reichl

Wearable Computers for the Fire Service & Police: Technological and
Human Factors
David J. Haniff, Chris Baber

Finger Acceleration Glove
Seth Hollar, John Perng, Kris S. J. Pister

The Wearboy:  A Platform for Low-cost Public Wearable Devices,
Peter Ljungstrand, Staffan Bjork, Jennica Falk

Sulawesi: A Wearable Application Integration Framework
Neil J. Newman, Adrian F. Clark

The Matchbox PC
Vaughan Pratt, Greg Defouw

A Wearable Context-Awareness Component: Finally a Good Reason to Wear a Tie
Albrecht Schmidt, Hans W. Gellerson, Michael Beigl

Modeling Wearable Negotiation in an Opportunistic Task Oriented Domain
Jay Schneider, Jim Suruda, Steve Fickas

CMU Wearable Computers for Real- Time Speech Translation
Asim Smailagic, Dan Sieworek, Richard Martin, Denis Reilly

Determination of Placement of a Body-Attached Mouse as a Pointing
Input Device for Wearable Computers
Bruce Thomas, Karen Grimmer, Dan Makovec, Joanne Zucco, Bernard Gunther

The Wristcam as Input Device
Andrew Vardy, John Robinson

Hummingbirds Go Skiing: Using Wearable Computers to Support Social
Alexandra Weilenmann, Lars Eric Holmquist

Organizing Committe:

General Chair: David Mizell, Boeing
Program Co-chairs:  Jane Siegel, CMU; Chris Esposito, Boeing
Publicity Co-chairs:  Chris Thompson, Thad Starner, Georgia Tech
Finance Chair:  Paul Jackson, Boeing
Local Arrangements Chair:  Vaughan Pratt, Stanford
Exhibits Chair:  Zary Siegel, U. Oregon

Program Committee:

Chris Esposito (Boeing) & Jane Siegel (CMU) Co-Chairs
Gaetano Boriello - U. of Washington
Hans-Werner Gellersen - University of Karlsruhe
Robert (Bob) Ianucci - Compaq
Noboru Kamijoh - IBM Japan
Gerd Kortuem - U. of Oregon
Sandy Pentland - MIT
Jean Scholtz - DARPA
Dan Siewiorek - CMU
Chris Thompson - Ga. Tech

Paper Reviewers:

Chris Baber, Woodrow Barfield, Joel Bartlett ,Len Bass, Sumit Basu,
Martin Bauer, Michael Beigl, Mark Billinghurst, Staffan Bjork, Gaetano
Borriello, Jerry Bowskill, Ed Chang, Andrew Christian, Brian Clarkson,
Per Dahlberg, Richard W. DeVaul, Chris Esposito, Jennifica Falk, Erik
Geelhoed, Hans Gellersen, Francine Gemperle, Jamey Hicks, Pertti
Huuskonen, Bob Iannuci, Paul Jackson, Noboru Kamijoh, Sonny Kirkley,
Gerd Kortuem ,Peter Ljungstrand, Steve Mann, Thomas L Martin, Tom
McKlin, Jack Moffett, Dushyanth Narayanan, Jennifer Ockerman, Randy
Pausch, Sandy Pentland, Mark Pollard, Steve Poltrock, Johan Redstrom,
Steven J. Schwartz, Jean Scholtz, Bernt Schiele, Albrecht Schmidt, Jay
Schneider, Jane Siegel, Dan Sieworek, Thad Starner, Desney Tan, Chris
Thompson, Carl A. Waldspurger, Deborah Wallach, Lee Weiss, Christopher
R. Wren, Jie Yang