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Nasser Abbasi <[log in to unmask]>
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Nasser Abbasi <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 16:30:25 -0700
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>From: Bob Leif, Ph.D.
> I have been informed that I will Chair the SigAda '98 Workshop on
> commercializing Ada. I am looking forward to sharing ideas with the
> attendees. I hope that together we can greatly increase commercial uses of
> Ada with benefit to the users and ourselves.


I am starting to write a new program to a customer. I have the choice of
using C/C++/Ada95/Java.  although I like Ada, I choose Java. Becuase I
can go to Oracle web page and download JDBC driver rigth away, and be
able to connect my Java application to the database in few lines. Java
also has a rich set of API's that comes with the JDK, and very good API

Ada might have that too, but there are not packaged along the "Ada"
itself, one has to go look on the net for other Ada components/pakcages.

So, what I think Ada needs is:

- More API's
- more API' and more API's.

And these should be "packaged" with the "Ada" system. for example, I use
GNAT, and what would really help, is if I download GNAT, it also come
well documented with all these cool extra Ada packages in a "supplement"
type directory, so that we standarize on.  The javadoc tool is realy
cool to document ones own software. I have all my Java classes I write
documented on my web page. If I need to find something, I quickly find
it. would be neat to have something like javadoc for Ada.

The JDK API's are becomming standard becuase they come with JDK.

Simple example. In Java, if I want to find if a file is readable, I use
the File class and call the method that tells me the file is readble or
not. In a platform independent way. If I want to find if a file is a
directory, I call a method in the File class to find that. It is all
there well. This is what Ada needs. I dont think the Ada to Java hooks
will take of. If someone wants to generate Java byte code, they'll use
Java directly.

I'd rather use Ada, but Java makes it easier for me now to do what I