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Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 13:45:41 -0500
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Greetings! The following is an announcement of a new wiki and e-mail
digest called "Tangint."

Tangint is intended to service the international community of
researchers, designers, artists, and other practioners in the area of
tangible interfaces and (more generally) tangible interaction.

(Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this mailing; this is a
one-time announce, in an attempt to reach a widely-spread community.)

The Tangint wiki is accessable at the address
All comers are welcome to visit, explore, and contribute to this site.

The Tangint digest is a ~bimonthly e-mail newsletter which accompanies
and draws content from the wiki. The digest will report on upcoming
events; recent publications; recommended readings; and other content (to
be evolved over time).

The digest is open for general subscription by visiting the address

(You need not choose the "digest" option; this list will only broadcast
once every ~two months.)

The text of the first digest follows, and is also online (hyperlinked):

We welcome and look forward to your participation!

Tangint Editors:
  - Brygg Ullmer, Tangible Visualization group, Louisana State University
  - Eva Hornecker, Interact Lab, University of Sussex
  - Albrecht Schmidt, Embedded Interaction group, University of Munich


========================= TANGINT 2005 n1 ==========================
                              June 15, 2005

------------------------ TABLE OF CONTENTS -------------------------

    * Launch issue of Tangint digest
    * Upcoming events
    * Recent publications
    * Recommended readings
    * Editors

The online, heavily-hyperlinked version of this digest is online at

If you are reading this in plaintext, you may wish to visit the web
version.  (Some text may not make sense, in the absence of hyperlinks.)

----------------- LAUNCH ISSUE OF TANGINT DIGEST -------------------

This is the announcement and launch issue of the Tangint digest, a
~bimonthly mail newsletter on tangible interfaces and tangible
interaction. The digest accompanies and draws content from our new
community wiki,, which is discussed below.

The main aims of this edited, ~bi-monthly newsletter are:

  * to foster awareness amongst the growing and evolving
     tangible interfaces community
  * to highlight shared issues of the diverse disciplines involved
     (computer science, HCI, product design, architecture, arts...)
  * to summarize recent developments and give pointers to wiki highlights

This first issue is distributed to a wide list to announce and give a
first impression for the kind of content the digest and wiki will
deliver. To receive the Tangint digest in the future, you can subscribe
through the link

The tangint digest will generally contain:

    * a list of upcoming events (drawwn from the Tangint wiki);
    * lists of recent publications;
    * recommended readings the editors feel to be moving the field
       forward, well-summarizing research, or providing inspiration.
    * reports of conferences and workshops
    * other content (to be decided and evolved over time)

The tangint wiki currently contains (among other things):

    * Related papers (esp. from 2004 + 2005)
    * Related conferences and workshops that are possible related venues
    * Related theses
    * Related courses and tutorials
    * Related degree programs
    * links to software, electronics, mechanical, etc. resources.

Having a wiki means that anyone can directly add and modify information,
making this a community portal that lives through community
participation. You are explicitly encouraged to add not only your own
publications, but also other content you find missing.

Please feel encouraged to distribute this announcement to others who may
not have received it. We have collected adresses of individuals we know
to be interested in tangibles and from papers published on tangibles,
trying to spread geographically and in terms of disciplinary
backgrounds, but we require your help to reach the broader community.

--------------------- UPCOMING EVENTS ------------------------------

One important role for Tangint is to aggregate information on
tangibles-related conferences and workshops. The main Tangint list is at
Related Conferences and Workshops. Some events with rapidly upcoming
submissions deadlines are summarized on the wiki, as well as below.

   * A workshop on Tangible Interfaces for Collaboration will be held on
      September 18 in Paris at ECSCW. The submission deadline for
      position statements is June 20. More information is here.

   * DPPI 2005 (Designing Pleasurable Products/Interfaces). Deadline 15
      July. takes place 24-28 Oct. in Eindhoven.

   * Workshop Approaches to Movement-based Interaction at Aarhus 2005 -
      Critical Computing Conference. Deadline 1 July. takes place
      21 August in Aarhus, DK.

   * TableTop 2006 First IEEE Int. Workshop on Horizontal Interactive
      Human-Computer System (interesting for table-top tangibles).
      Deadline: 1 Aug. Takes place 5-7 Jan. 2006 in Adelaide, Australia.

   * ISMAR 2005 Int. Symposion on Mixed and Augmented Reality. Deadline:
      30 June for Demos. Takes place October 6-9 in Vienna.

   * IUI 2006 (Int. Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces). Deadline
      for all papers: 19 September. Takes place Jan. 29 - Feb. 1 in
      Sydney, Australia.

   * CHI 2006. Deadline for papers: 23 September. Takes place
      April 22-27 in Montreal, Canada.

---------------------- RECENT PUBLICATIONS -------------------------

One of the most important roles we envision for Tangint is fostering
awareness of related publications for tangible interfaces research. In
2004, there were more than 110 publications on tangible interfaces,
spread across more than 30 venues! (See Related Papers 2004)

However, this large number of forums leaves an average of 3 papers per
venue. Helping community members track and maintain awareness of this
breadth and diversity is one of our missions. We hope this will help
readers become aware of possible venues outside their existing
communities, both for publishing and searching for related work and
potential project collaborators.

A growing list of 2005 publications is also online (Related Papers
2005). Our interest is in promoting awareness not only of formal
academic publications, but also of art and design installations, related
commercial releases, and other modes of dissemination. Tangint currently
contains relatively few of these; we need the communities' help to grow
this presence.

--------------------- RECOMMENDED READINGS -------------------------

We plan to highlight papers, books, journal special issues, etc. of
interest to Tangint's diverse communities in each issue. In addition to
publications focusing specifically on tangibles, we hope to highlight
other related material which can provide inspiration.

  * Tangible Interfaces in Perspective. Special issues of Personal and
Ubiquitous Computing, October 2004. (intro article; formatted
table-of-contents). This journal special issue contains submissions from
many current sub-communities on tangibles, including HCI, interaction
and product design, and learning technologies. Six full papers summarize
long-term research efforts or large projects or contribute to a
theoretical understanding of the nature of tangible interfaces. Five
design sketches illustrate the breadth of design approaches and
application areas. (BU)

  * Claire O'Malley, Danae Stanton Fraser (2005): Literature Review in
Learning with Tangible Technologies. NESTA FUTURELAB SERIES, REPORT 12.
This is perhaps the first large-scale published review on tangibles in
a specific subfield. From the foreword: what would a school look like
in which the technology disappeared seamlessly into the everyday
objects and artefacts of the classroom? This review maps out the
recent technological developments in the field, discusses evidence
from educational research and psychology, and provides an overview of
projects using such 'disappearing computers' (or tangible interfaces)
in education. (EH)

  * Wilson, F. R. (1999). The Hand: How its use shapes the brain,
language, and human culture. This book helps explain why tangibles have
such an appeal to us. Wilson is a neurologist and medical director of a
health program for performing artists. He uses the life stories of
musicians and surgeons (some his patients), chefs, puppeteers and rock
climbers to illustrate his inquiry into the dexterity, skill,
expressiveness, and innate intelligence of the human hand. The book
seamlessly connects neurology, biomechanics, psychology, linguistics and
theories on creativity. Besides giving a good account of the evolution
of the human hand and its connection to brain/cognitive development
and human creativity, this is a great read, passionate about
its subject, well written, entertaining, and inspiring. (EH)

------ EDITORS ----------

The TangInt wiki is currently jointly edited by:

Brygg Ullmer, Ph.D. Tangible Visualization group,
    Computer Science and Center for Computation and Technology,
    Louisiana State University

Eva Hornecker, Ph.D.  Interact Lab,
    Informatics Department, University of Sussex

Albrecht Schmidt, Ph.D.  Embedded Interaction group,
    Media Informatics Department, University of Munich

Reminder: this issue is available online in hyperlinked form at


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