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Ecole d'ete <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 03:42:42 PST
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                European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information

                            Aix-en-Provence, France
                             August 11 - 22, 1997


Contents :      - General Information
                - Registration Form
                - Programme & contacts

                        | GENERAL INFORMATION |

Logic, Language and Information have attracted and brought together a large
number of active researchers from disciplines such as Logic, Computer Science,
Linguistics and Cognitive Science, who consider the use of logical techniques
(broadly conceived) as a thread unifying their research efforts. The European
Summer School in LLI (ESSLLI) has become the main meeting place for young
researchers and research students in this rapidly growing field. ESSLLI is a
unique, interdisciplinary event, with no counterparts in Europe or elsewhere
in the world.

The main focus of the summer school is the interface between logic,
linguistics and computation as far as it concerns the modelling of human
language and cognitive abilities. The 1997 summer school programme includes
courses, workshops and symposia covering a variety of topics within six areas
of interest: Logic, Language, Computation, Logic and Computation, Computation
and Language, Language and Logic.

ESSLLI'97 will take place at the Aix-en-Provence Faculty of Arts(University
of Aix-Marseille I). This Faculty is close to the old town centre. There are
regular connections by bus (25 mns) from the international airport of Marseille
and by train (30mns) from Marseille. The Faculty is at a 10 minute walking
distance from the railway station.

        April 30th      Early registration deadline
        May 3rd         Deadline of the student session call for papers
        May 30th        Deadline for student grants application
        June 15th       Accomodation reservation deadline

1. Registration Fees

. Registration fees only cover the participation in this summer school.
  Miscellaneous expenses (accomodation, meals and social activities) are
  in addition.

. The registration deadline to get the early registration fare is :
  April 1997, 30th.

. Students must enclose with the registration form a photocopy of their
  student card.

. Members of FoLLI get a discount of 30 FF for students and 50 FF for others.

Status          | Early registration (before 4/30/97)   | Late registration |
Student         |               1.100 FF                |       1.400 FF    |
Scholar         |               1.900 FF                |       2.300 FF    |
Industrial      |               3.800 FF                |       4.600 FF    |

2. Accomodation
        >>>>>> Reservation should be made before June, 15th <<<<<<<

. Hotel :
        Two classes of hotels are available. A deposit will be necessary to
        book a room. The prices include breakfast.

        Classes         - 250-300 FF / night    (Deposit : 600 FF)
                        - 350-400 FF / night    (Deposit : 1200 FF)

. Hall of residence:    - 70 FF / night         (Complete payment at
                                                         the reservation)

3. Meals

. It is possible to have lunches at the University cafeteria. A reservation is
  necessary  before June 1997, 30th. Reservations and payments have to be made
  on the basis of full weeks Luncheon vouchers (day by day) will be provided at
  your arrival.

. The cafeteria of the University will be closed on August, 15th.

. It is also possible to buy sandwiches on the campus of the

        - First week (4 meals) = 100 FF
        - Second week (5 meals) = 125 FF

4. Social events

Two Thursday evening parties will be organized (buffet, concert) one on August
14 and one on August 21. To attend you should buy a ticket valid for both
parties at 200 FF per person. This ticket includes the buffet and the concerts.

5. Tee-shirt

The ESSLLI'97 Tee-shirt is on sale at the price of  50 FF.

                        | REGISTRATION FORM |

Name: ________________________________________________

First Name: __________________________________________

Institution: _________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________



Country: ____________________________________________

Phone : ____________________________    Fax : _____________________________

E-mail : __________________________________________

Member of FoLLI :       o Yes           o No

1. Registration Fees
Status          | Early registration (before 4/30/97)   | Late registration |
Student         |       o       1.100 FF                | o     1.400 FF    |
Scholar         |       o       1.900 FF                | o     2.300 FF    |
Industrial      |       o       3.800 FF                | o     4.600 FF    |

2. Accomodation
        - Day of arrival :      _____________

        - Day of departure :    _____________

        - Number of nights :    _____________

. Hotel : Classes       o       250-300 FF / night      (Deposit : 600 FF)
                        o       350-400 FF / night      (Deposit : 1200 FF)

. Hall of residence:    o       70 FF / night           (Complete payment at
                                                         the reservation)
        -  Total amount :       __________

3. Meals
   o First week (4 meals) = 100 FF       o Second week (5 meals) = 125 FF

        -  Total amount :       __________

4. Social events
        o I would like to take part in ESSLLI  parties

                -  Number of tickets :  __________

                -  Total amount :       __________

5. Tee-shirt
        o I would like to buy one (or several) tee-shirt(s)

                - Number of tee-shirts and size: ____ L  ____ XL ____ XXL

                -  Total amount:        __________

                        | Method of payment |
1. Detailed account
                Registration fees :     FF ___________________________

                Accomodation     :      FF ___________________________

                Meals:                  FF ___________________________

                Social events :         FF ___________________________

                Tee-shirt :             FF ___________________________

                Amount:                 FF ___________________________

                Credit card charges
(Japan : 4,5 %, Other countries : 3%)   FF ___________________________

                TOTAL AMOUNT :          FF ___________________________

2. Methods of payment
.  Cheques :    Made out in French Francs, payable to FoLLI.

. Bank transfers :
        - Sorry but you will have to pay the banking charges (if you don't,
          your registration will be considered as incomplete).
        - Please enclose with this form a copy of your transfer. This copy
          should mention the name and adress of your bank.
        - Do not forget to write down your name on the transfer.
        - The bank transfer must be done in French Francs on the account:

        Bank :                  ABN-AMRO
        Account number :        45 20 12 449
        Swift Code:             ABNANL  2A
        References :            ESSLLI'97 / your name
        Address :               Vereniging FoLLI
                                Plantage Muidergracht 24
                                1018 TV  AMSTERDAM
                                The Netherlands

. Credit cards :

Credit card charges are yours. Whatever your credit card is, credit card
charges represent 4,5% of the total amount if your payment comes from Japan
and 3% if your payment comes from any other foreign country.

        o  VISA                 o Mastercard            o American Express

  Cardholder's Name : ______________________________________________________

  Card number : ____________________________________

  Expiration date : ________________________________

  Amount : _________________________________________

  Signature : _______________________________________

. If these methods of payment are inconvenient, it will be possible for you to
pay cash once you are in Aix. In this case, you will have to pay the late
registration fee and you will have to book your room yourself. Some exceptions
to these arrangements can be made for people coming from countries which do not
allow any of the long distance methods of payment above.

3. Cancellation
- Cancellations received before June 1997, 15th:
        . running costs = 400FF

- Cancellations received after June 1997, 15th:
        . running costs = 50% of the registration fees
        . no reimbursement of the deposits paid for the hotel

Date : _____________________    Signature : __________________________________

To return by e-mail to : [log in to unmask]

A copy of this registration form together with the justificatory of payment
and the copy of the student card has to be sent by surface mail to :

                LPL - Université de Provence
                29 Avenue Robert Schuman
                13621 Aix-en-Provence

                          | ESSLLI'97 PROGRAMME |

Introductory Courses
  B. Dorr (Univ. of Maryland) & P. Saint-Dizier (Univ. of Toulouse):
        Lexical Semantics of Predicative Forms

  M. Pickering (Univ. of Glasgow) & M. Crocker (Univ. of Edinburgh):
        Human Sentence Comprehension

Advanced Courses
  M. Moortgat (Univ. of Utrecht) & P. Oehrle (Univ. of Arizona):
        Grammatical Resources: Logic & Structure

  C. Gardent (Univ. of Saarlandes):
        The Syntax and Semantics of Focus

  A. Abeille, D. Godard (Univ. of Paris) & P. Miller (Univ. of Lille):
        The Major Syntactic Structures of French

  D. Brown (Univ. of Surrey)
        Formal Elegance and Natural Complexity in Morphology

  N. Asher (Univ. of Texas):
        Applications of Pragmatic Theories of Discourse to
        Natural Language Interpretation

Introductory Courses
  L. Moss (Univ. of Indiana):

  S. Feferman (Stanford Univ.) & G. Jaeger (Univ. of Bern):
        Applicative Theories and Variable Types

Advanced Courses
  A. Sernadas & C. Sernadas (Univ. of Lisbon):
        Categorial Techniques for Combining Logics

  L. Hella (Univ. of Helsinki):
        Finite Model Theory

  L. Beklemishev (Steklov Mathematical Institute):
        Provability and Reflection

 F. Wolter & M. Zakharyaschev (JAIST):
        Topics in Polymodal Logic

  J. Makowsky (Technion):
        Translations, Reductions and Interpretations

Introductory Courses
  P. Van Hentenryck (Brown Univ.):
        Constraint Programming for Combinatorial Search Problems.

  B. C. Pierce (Indiana Univ.):
        Programming in the Pi-Calculus

Advanced Courses
  A. Podelski (MPI):
        Set Constraints, Their Use for Program Analysis and for Solving
        Constraint Problems over (Feature) Trees

  R. Backofen & P. Clote (Univ. of Munich):
        Computational Biology

  T. Fruehwirth ((Univ. of Munich):
        Constraint Reasoning

                                LANGUAGE & LOGIC
Introductory Courses
  N. Asher (Univ. of Texas) & T. Fernando ((Univ. of Stuttgart):
        Logical Aspects of the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface in Discourse

  J. Groenendijk & M.Stokhof ((Univ. of Amsterdam) :
        Update Semantics & Discourse Coherence

  R. Zuber (Univ. of Paris):
        Logics and Grammars as Deductive Systems

Advanced Courses
  M. A. Moshier (Chapman Univ.):
        Category-Theoretic Foundations of Formal Linguistics

  E. Keenan & E. Stabler (UCLA):
        Mathematical Linguistics and Abstract Grammar

  H. A. Costa (Carnegie-Mellon Univ.) & K. Segerberg (Uppsala):
        AGM in and out of Focus

  S. Peters (Stanford Univ.) & J. van der Does (Univ. of Amsterdam):
        Quantifiers, Collectivity and Reciprocals

  A. Ranta (Univ. of Helsinki):
        The Informal Language of Mathematics

  T. Jansen (Univ. of Amsterdam) & P. Pagin (Stockholm Univ.):
        Compositionality: Logical and Meaning Theoretical Aspects

                        LANGUAGE & COMPUTATION
Introductory Courses
  B. Krenn & C. Samuelsson (Univ. of Saarlandes):
        Statistical Methods in Computational Linguistics

  E. Hinrichs, D. Meurers (Univ. of Tuebingen) & J. Nerbonne (Groningen):
        Grammar Development in Constraint-Based Grammar Formalisms

  P. Blackburn & J. Bos (Univ. of Saarlandes):
        Representation and Inference for Natural Languages: A First
        Course in Computational Semantics

Advanced Courses
  R. Gaizauskas (Univ. of Sheffield):
        Information Extraction

  M. Johnson (Brown Univ.) & M. Kay (Stanford Univ.):
        Deductive Approaches to Constraint-Based Parsing and Generation

  A. Lecomte (Grenoble), G. Morrill (UPC Barcelona) & C. Retore (INRIA):
        Geometry of Language

  C. Paris (CSIRO) & R. Dale (MRI):
        Natural Language Generation

  A. Zaenen (Rank Xerox Research Centre)
        Grammar Writing as Software Development

                        LOGIC & COMPUTATION
Introductory Courses
  F. Baader (Univ. of Aachen):
        Terminological Reasoning

  G. Brewka (Univ. of Leipzig) & J. Dix (Univ. of Koblenz):
        Extended Logic Programming and Knowledge Representation

Advanced Courses
  J. Mullins (Univ. of Brest):
        Recursion Theory and Concurrency Models

  A. Dawar (Univ. of Wales) & I. Stewart (Leicester Univ.):
        Logic and Computation with Finite Structures

  V. Marek & M. Truszczynski (Univ. of Kentucky):
        Nonmonotonic Reasoning: a Computational Perspective

  B. Rounds (Univ. of Michigan):
        Domain Theory and its Applications in LLC

    J. Vaananen (Univ. of Helsinki):
        Generalized Quantifiers and Computation

    W. van der Hoek (Utrecht), Y. Lesperance (York Univ.) & R. Scherl (Heights):
        Logical Approaches to Agent Modelling and Design

                                | Contacts |
        Philippe Blache
        LPL - Universite de Provence
        29, Avenue Robert Schuman
        13621  Aix-en-Provence

        fax:    +33 442.59.50.96
        tel:    +33 442.59.20.73

        e-mail : [log in to unmask]

Programme Committee
        Sergei Artemov (Moscow)
        Daniele Godard (Paris)
        Georg Gottlob (Vienna)
        Bill Keller (Sussex), CHAIR
        Gert Smolka (Saarbruecken)
        Dag Westerstahl (Stockholm)

Organising Committee
        Anne Abeille (TALANA, Paris)
        Gabriel Bes (GRIL, Clermont-Ferrand)
        Philippe Blache (2LC, Sophia-Antipolis), CHAIR
        Christophe Fouquere (LIPN, Paris)
        Daniele Godard (LLF, Paris)
        Benoit Habert (ENS, Fontrenay)
        Alain Lecomte (INRIA, Nancy)
        Philip Miller (SILEX, Lille)
        Christian Jacquemin (IRIN, Nantes)
        Monique Rolbert (LIM, Marseille)
        Paul Sabatier (LIM, Marseille)
        Patrick Saint-Dizier (IRIT, Toulouse)
        Jean Veronis (LPL, Aix-en-Provence)
        Annie Zaenen (RXRC, Grenoble)
        Richard Zuber (LLF, Paris)
        Pierre Zweigenbaum (DIAM, Paris)