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"ACM SIGCHI General Interest Announcements (Mailing List)" <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 4 Sep 2000 09:05:54 +1030
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University of South Australia
"Dr. Bruce Thomas" <[log in to unmask]>
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Please forgive me if you have received this more than once, and
you please pass this on.

Advanced Program for ISWC - International Symposium on Wearable
October 16-17, 2000
Sheraton Colony Square, Atlanta, GA, USA

The International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC) is sponsored
by the IEEE Computer Society. The purpose of ISWC is to bring together
researchers, product vendors, research sponsors, and others to share
information and advances in wearable computing. The conference will
include presentations, exhibitions, demos, and poster sessions.

Full Papers

A fogettable near eye display, Ichiro Ksai, Yasushi Tanijiri, Takeshi
Endo and Hiroaki Ueda

A wearable public key infrastructure (WPKI), Nigel Smart & Henk Muller

WearTrack: A Self-Referenced Head and Hand Tracker for Wearable
Computers and Portable VR, Eric Foxlin and Michael Harrington

Finding location using omnidirectional video on a wearable computing
platform, Wasinee Rungsarityotin & Thad E. Starner

Context Compass, Riku Suomela, Juha Lehikoinen

Smart Clothing for the Arctic Environment, Jaana Rantanen, Niilo
Alfthan, Tapio Karinsalo, Mikko Malmivaara, Riikka Matala, Mailis
Mäkinen, Akseli Reho, Päivi Talvenmaa, Mikko Tasanen, Jukka Vanhala,
J. Impiö

Wearable Key: Device for Personalizing nearby Environment Nobuyuki
Matsushita, Shigeru Tajima, Yuji Ayatsuka, Jun Rekimoto

What shall we teach our pants?, Kristof Van Laerhoven, Ozan Cakmakci
Evaluation of Orientation Interfaces for Wearable Computers David
A. Ross Bruce B. Blasch

Issues in Wearable Computing for Medical Monitoring Applications: A
Case Study of a Wearable ECG Monitoring Device, Thomas Martin, Emil
Jovanov, Dejan Raskovic

Wearable Visual Robots, W.W. Mayol, B. Tordoff and D.W. Murray

Recognizing User Context via Wearable Sensors, Brian Clarkson, Kenji
Mase, Alex Pentland

ARQuake: An Outdoor/Indoor Augmented Reality First Person Application,
Bruce Thomas, Ben Close, John Donoghue, John Squires, Phillip De
Bondi, Michael Morris and Wayne Piekarski

Application design for a smart watch with a high resolution display,
Chandra Narayanaswami, M. T. Raghunath

Power Consumption and Performance Analysis of Real - Time Speech
Translator Smart Module, Denis Reilly, Dan Siewiorek, Asim Smailagic

The Gesture Pendant: A Self-illuminating, Wearable, Infrared Computer
Vision System for Home Automation Control and Medical Monitoring, Thad
Starner, Jake Auxier, Danial Ashbrook, Maribeth Gandy

Enriching the Design Process: Developing a Wearable Operator's
Assistant, Jack Moffett, Derek Wahila, Christopher Graefe, and Jane

Wearable Phased Arrays for Sound Localization and Enhancement, Sumit
Basu, Steve Schwartz, and Alex Pentland


Virtual Pockets, Juha Lehikoinen

Visual Augmented Memory, Jonny Farringdon & Vanessa Oni

Electrically Switchable Bragg Grating Technology for Wearable Computer
Displays, Milan Popovich & Stephen Sagan

Wearable Computers in Battle: Recent Advances in the Land Warrior
System, John Murray Ph.D.

Physical Load and Wearable Computers, James F. Knight & Chris Baber

Employing Electric Field Sensing for Detecting Static Thumb Position
Using the Finger-Joint Gesture Keypad Input Paradigm, Mikael
Goldstein, Orlando Baez and Peter Danielsson

Context Awareness by Analyzing Accelerometer Data, Cliff Randell &
Henk Muller

Mobile Wireless Wearable visual Augmented Reality WITHOUT HEADWEAR OR
EYEWEAR, and without any reliance on items installed in the
environment around the wearer, Steve Mann

Understanding the Interaction between Performance and Power
Consumption in Mobile Systems to Accurately Predict Battery Life,
Jolin M. Warren, Daniel P. Siewiorek, and Thomas L. Martin

Balloon Tag: (In)visible Marker Which Tells Who's Who, Hisashi Aoki
and Soichiro Matsushita

Improvement of panorama-based annotation overlay using omnidirectional
vision and gyro-sensors, Masakatsu Kourogi, Takeshi Kurata, Katsuhiko
Sakaue, Yoichi Muraoka

Context Triggered Visual Episodic Memory Prosthesis, Jyrki Hoisko

Design of a Context-based Document Capture and Acess System for
Wearable Computers, Kent Lyons, Thad Starner, Lonnie Harvel

Two Wearable Testbeds for Augmented Reality: itWARNS and WIMMIS,
Reinhold Behringer, Clement Tam, Joshua McGee, Sundar Sundareswaran,
Marius Vassiliou

Animal-Machine Interfaces, Jesus Savage, R.A. Sanchez-Guzman, Walterio
Mayol-Cuevas, Leobardo Arce, Alejandro Hernandez, Laura Brier, Gerardo

Enabling Implicit Human Computer Interaction - A Wearable RFID-Tag
Reader, Albrecht Schmidt, Hans-W. Gellersen, and Christian Merz

Spectators at a Geek Show: An ethnographic inquiry into wearable
computing, Wendy C. Newstetter, Jennifer G. Sheridan, Valerie

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