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Giorgio Brajnik <[log in to unmask]>
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Giorgio Brajnik <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 10:28:04 PST
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                    INVITATION TO ATTEND UM97

                      **       **    ***    *********
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           **      ** ** ** ** ** **     **     **
           **      ** **  ***  ** **     **    **
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           **      ** **       **   *****    **
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            ********                 **
             ******                 **


          Chia Laguna, Sardinia, Italy, 2-5 June, 1997

          (Early registration deadline: 4 April, 1997)



  User modeling has been found to enhance the effectiveness
and/or usability of software systems in a wide variety of
situations. A system that constructs and consults user models can
adapt aspects of its performance to individual users or user
  UM97 is the latest in a series of International Conferences on
User Modeling.  These conferences provide a forum in which
academic and industrial researchers from various disciplines can
exchange their complementary insights on user modeling issues.
  For UM97, a program has been assembled that offers an
invigorating and instructive experience for everyone interested
in user modeling. The schedule has been designed so as to ensure
a maximum of interactivity, so that the conference experience
offers benefits that go far beyond those of reading the
proceedings. In addition, the timetable will allow many
opportunities for unscheduled smaller-scale discussions, some of
which can be conducted in the inspiring surroundings of the
conference venue.
  Although most aspects of the program have now been filled in,
those who wish to contribute to the program can still submit to a
workshop or register a system demonstration.

               ***** 0. CONTENTS OF THIS MESSAGE *****

  The rest of this message covers the following topics:

    Conference Program
      1. Overview of Program
      2. Tutorials
      3. Workshops
      4. Invited Speakers
      5. Papers and Posters
      6. Doctoral Consortium
      7. System Demonstrations
    Conference Organization
      8. Conference Organizers and Sponsors
      9. Contact Addresses
    Practical Information
      10. Overview of Costs
      11. Information About Hotel
      12. Travel Information
      13. Registration Instructions
      14. Registration Form
      15. Credit Card Authorization Form

You can navigate within this message using your system's string
search function:

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                 the next section         "** "
                 section number [n]       "** [n]."
                 this table of contents   "** 0."

  Much more extensive information can be obtained via the UM97
World Wide Web sites. Those who lack access to the Web can
request further information on specific topics via the e-mail
addresses listed in Section 9.

                  ***** 1. OVERVIEW OF PROGRAM *****

  Opening: Monday,   2 June, about 9 a.m.
  Closing: Thursday, 5 June, about 5 p.m.

  Monday, 2 June
    Tutorials, 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon
    Workshops, 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon

  Tuesday-Thursday, 3-5 June
    Invited talks
    Paper sessions
    Poster sessions
    Doctoral consortium
    System demonstrations

Note: Even those who will not be participating in any workshop
are strongly encouraged to arrive at the conference in time to
attend one or both of the tutorials on Monday.

                       ***** 2. TUTORIALS *****

  The two UM97 tutorials are open to all conference participants
at no extra charge. They will be given on Monday, June 2nd.


    User Modeling in Information Retrieval

        Nicholas J. Belkin

        School of Communication, Information and Library Studies,
        Rutgers University, U.S.A.


    Student Modeling: Cognitive Psychology Meets Education

        Albert Corbett

        Human Computer Interaction Institute,
        Carnegie Mellon University, U.S.A.

                       ***** 3. WORKSHOPS *****

  Submissions to workshops should be sent to the respective
organizers by the dates shown below.
  Because the notification dates for the workshops are later than
the UM97 early registration deadline of April 4th, a special
arrangement regarding early registration has been made for
authors of workshop presentations.
  Detailed information and instructions concerning the workshops
is available via the UM97 Web sites.
  The workshops will be held on Monday, June 2nd.


   Advances in Languages for User Modeling
        Stefano A. Cerri and Vincenzo Loia (Italy)
        [log in to unmask]
        Deadline: April 7th

   User Models in the Real World
        Judy Kay (Australia) and Gerhard Fischer (U.S.A.)
        [log in to unmask]
        Deadline: March 31st

   User-Adapted Multimedia Documentation in Industry
        Alessandro Mura, Pietro Carratu, and Loredana
          De Dominicis (Italy)
        [log in to unmask]
        Deadline: April 30th


   Machine Learning for User Modeling
        Mathias Bauer (Germany), Wolfgang Pohl (Germany), and
          Geoff Webb (Australia)
        [log in to unmask]
        Deadline: April 18th

   Adaptive Systems and User Modeling on the World Wide Web
        Peter Brusilovsky (U.S.A.), Josef Fink (Germany), and
          Judy Kay (Australia)
        [log in to unmask]
        Deadline: March 30th

   Embedding User Models in Intelligent Applications
        Vadim L. Stefanuk (Russia)
        [log in to unmask]
        Deadline: April 18th

                   ***** 4. INVITED SPEAKERS *****

  The invited speakers, international leaders in their respective
areas, will discuss novel techniques and application areas for
user modeling.

    Agents with Beliefs: Reflections on Bayesian Methods for
    User Modeling

        Eric Horvitz

        Decision Theory and Adaptive Systems Group,
        Microsoft Research, Redmond, Washington, U.S.A.

    Developing Interfaces for Diverse User Requirements

        Constantine Stephanidis

        Rehabilitation Tele-Informatics and HCI Laboratory,
        ICS-FORTH, Crete, Greece

                  ***** 5. PAPERS AND POSTERS *****

  The typical paper session will focus on two papers with related
topics. The session chair will provide background information and
ensure that about equal time is devoted to presentation and
  Each poster session will be moderated by a session chair and
focus on a subset of the accepted posters.
  Papers and posters are listed together below, grouped according
to the nature of the user modeling problems that they address;
papers are marked with '*'. (Several conditionally accepted
presentations will be added to the program if and when they are
definitely accepted.)
  Papers (12 pages) and poster summaries (3 pages) will be
available several weeks in advance via the conference Web sites.


* User as Student: Towards an Adaptive Interface for Advanced
Web-Based Applications
    Peter Brusilovsky and Elmar Schwarz

* User Modeling and Adaptive Navigation Support in WWW-Based
Tutoring Systems
    Gerhard Weber and Marcus Specht

* How to Build Modeling Agents to Support Web Searchers
    Paul P. Maglio and Rob Barrett

Web Browser Access by Vocal Entries
    M. Gori, M. Maggini, and E. Martinelli

* Users and Intermediaries in Interactive Information Retrieval
(IR): What Are They Talking About?
    Tefko Saracevic, Amanda Spink, and Mei-Mei Wu

Integrating User Modeling in Information Extraction: The
UMIE Prototype
    Eftihia Benaki, Vangelis A. Karkaletsis, and Constantine
    D. Spyropoulos


* Authoring and Generating Health-Education Documents That
Are Tailored to the Needs of the Individual Patient
    Graeme Hirst, Chrysanne DiMarco, Eduard Hovy, and Kimberley

* Augmenting the User's Knowledge via Comparison
    Maria Milosavljevic

* Making Sense of User Mouse Clicks: Abductive Reasoning and
Conversational Dialog Modeling
    Adelheit Stein, Jon Atle Gulla, and Ulrich Thiel

Modeling Agents in Dialog Systems
    Paulo Quaresma and Jose Gabriel Lopes

Using Dialectical Argumentation for User Modeling in
Decision Support Systems
    Floriana Grasso


* SATELIT-Agent: An Adaptive Interface Based on Learning
Interface Agents Technology
    I. Akoulchina and J.-G. Ganascia

* A User-Adaptive Chart Editing System Based on User Modeling
and Critiquing
    Bernd Gutkauf, Stefanie Thies, and Gitta Domik

Adaptable and Adaptive Information Access for All Users,
Including the Disabled and the Elderly
    Josef Fink, Alfred Kobsa, and Andreas Nill


* Dynamic Modeling of Keyboard Skills: Supporting Users with
Motor Disabilities
    Shari Trewin and Helen Pain

* User Modeling for Error Recovery: A Spelling Checker for
Dyslexic Users
    Roger I. W. Spooner and Alistair D. N. Edwards

* See Yourself Write: A Simple Student Model to Make Students
    Susan Bull

Generating Clinical Exercises of Varying Difficulty
    Sandra Carberry and John R. Clarke

* Levels of Expertise and User-Adapted Formats of
Instructional Presentations: Cognitive Load Approach
    Slava Kalyuga, Paul Chandler, and John Sweller

* On-Line Student Modeling for Coached Problem Solving Using
Bayesian Networks
    Cristina Conati, Abigail S. Gertner, Kurt VanLehn, and Marek J.

* Student Modeling in the ACT Programming Tutor: Adjusting a
Procedural Learning Model with Declarative Knowledge
    Albert T. Corbett and Akshat Bhatnagar


* Inspectable User Models for Just-In-Time Workplace Training
    J. A. Collins, J. E. Greer, V. S. Kumar, G. I. McCalla,
    P. Meagher, and R. Tkatch

* Cinematographic User Models for Automated Realtime Camera
Control in Dynamic 3D Environments
    William H. Bares and James C. Lester

* Agent Modeling in Antiair Defense: A Case Study
    Sanguk Noh and Piotr J. Gmytrasiewicz

* Interactive Assessment of User Preference Models: The
Automated Travel Assistant
    Greg Linden, Steve Hanks, and Neal Lesh

* Pragmatic User Modeling in a Commercial Software System
    Linda Strachan, John Anderson, Murray Sneesby, and Mark Evans

* Learning Modeling for Intelligent CALL
    Maureen Murphy and Michael McTear

Modeling the Personality of Decision Makers for Active
Decision Support
    Priyanka Paranagama, Frada Burstein, and David Arnott


* Mechanisms for Flexible Representation and Use of Knowledge
in User Modeling Shell Systems
    Wolfgang Pohl and Joerg Hoehle

* Towards a Bayesian Model for Keyhole Plan Recognition in
Large Domains
    D. W. Albrecht, I. Zukerman, A. E. Nicholson, and A. Bud

* Assessing Temporally Variable User Properties with Dynamic
Bayesian Networks
    Ralph Schaefer and Thomas Weyrath

* A Comparison of First-Order and Zeroth-Order Induction for
Input-Output Agent Modeling
    Patrick Chiu, Geoffrey I. Webb, and Mark Kuzmycz

Symbolic Data Analysis with K-Means Algorithm for User
    Anne-Claude Doux, Jean-Philippe Laurent, and Jean-Pierre Nadal

Do We Know What the User Knows, and Does It Matter?
    Michael Ramscar, Helen Pain, and John Lee

A Goal-Based Model of Adaptation in Multi-Agent Systems
    Julita Vassileva

                  ***** 6. DOCTORAL CONSORTIUM *****

  In the doctoral consortium, PhD students will receive feedback
on their plans and on the intermediate results of their research.

Plan Processing in User Models
    Detlef Kuepper
    Knowledge-Based Information Systems, University of Konstanz,

Intelligent Help Through Shared Understanding
    Gerhard Peter
    Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing,
    University of Ulm, Germany

Subjective and Analytical Models of Variability for Designing
in Complex Systems: The Case of Air Traffic Control
    Olivier Pierret
    CENA - Orly Sud, France

Security and Privacy Issues in User Modeling
    Joerg Schreck
    HCI Research Division, GMD - Institute for Applied Information
    Technology, Germany

Using a Semantic User Model to Filter the World Wide Web
    Joep Simons
    NICI, University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Student Modeling for Operational Skill Training in Air
Traffic Control
    Kalina Yacef
    Thomson Radar Australia Corporation and
    Laboratoire d'Intelligence Artificielle de Paris

                 ***** 7. SYSTEM DEMONSTRATIONS *****

  The facilities for (unrefereed) system demonstrations will be
available throughout the conference at a convenient location.
Prospective demonstrators should contact Giorgio Brajnik
([log in to unmask]) by April 15th and specify their technical


General Chair:
  Carlo Tasso           University of Udine, Italy

Organizing Chair:
  Alessandro Micarelli  University of Rome 3, Italy

Program Co-Chairs:
  Anthony Jameson       University of Saarbruecken, Germany
  Cecile Paris          CSIRO, Australia

Program Committee:
  Nicholas J. Belkin    Rutgers University, USA
  Beatrice Cahour       CNRS Rouen, France
  Sandra Carberry       University of Delaware, USA
  Albert Corbett        Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  Fiorella de Rosis     University of Bari, Italy
  Oren Etzioni          University of Washington, USA
  Gerhard Fischer       University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
  Helen M. Gigley       Office of Naval Research, USA
  Brad Goodman          The MITRE Corporation, USA
  Eric Horvitz          Microsoft Research, USA
  Judy Kay              Sydney University, Australia
  Alfred Kobsa          GMD FIT, Germany
  Diane Litman          AT&T Research, USA
  Pattie Maes           MIT Media Lab, USA
  Uwe Malinowski        Siemens Corporate R&D, Germany
  Gordon McCalla        University of Saskatchewan, Canada
  Michael McTear        University of Ulster, UK
  Alessandro Micarelli  University of Rome 3, Italy
  Robert J. Mislevy     Educational Testing Service, USA
  Riichiro Mizoguchi    Osaka University, Japan
  Edie M. Rasmussen     University of Pittsburgh, USA
  John Self             University of Leeds, UK
  Julita Vassileva      Federal Armed Forces Univ., Germany
  Wolfgang Wahlster     DFKI, Germany
  Geoff Webb            Deakin University, Australia
  Ingrid Zukerman       Monash University, Australia

Doctoral Consortium Organizers:
  Nadja De Carolis      University of Bari, Italy
  Fiorella de Rosis     University of Bari, Italy

Workshop Coordinator:
  Christoph G. Thomas   GMD FIT, Germany

Demonstration Organizer:
  Giorgio Brajnik       University of Udine, Italy

UM97 is being organized jointly by the Department of Mathematics
and Computer Science of the University of Udine, the Department
of Scientific Disciplines of the University of Rome 3, the
Department of Informatics of the University of Bari, and CRS4
(Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in
Sardinia), under the auspices of User Modeling, Inc.  UM97 is
being sponsored by AI*IA, the Italian Association for Artificial
Intelligence and by CISM, the International Centre for Mechanical

A $500 Best Paper Award is being sponsored by Kluwer Academic

                   ***** 9. CONTACT ADDRESSES *****

Up-to-date conference information can be obtained via either of
the following World Wide Web sites: (site in Germany) or      (site in Italy)

Queries can be sent to the following addresses:

Organizing chair:               [log in to unmask]
Program co-chairs:              [log in to unmask]
Doctoral consortium organizers: [log in to unmask]
Workshop coordinator:           [log in to unmask]
Demonstration organizer:        [log in to unmask]

                  ***** 10. OVERVIEW OF COSTS *****


  All fees are given in Italian Lire (Lit.), and they must be
remitted in Lire.
  The following amounts are roughly equivalent (as of early
March, 1997):

       1000    Italian Lire
          1.00 German Marks
          0.60 U.S. Dollars
          0.36 Pounds Sterling


Queries about the student volunteer program and financial
support for students should be directed to the organizing


The UM97 organizers and sponsors can accept no liability for
any personal injuries or for loss of (or damage to) property
belonging to conference participants or accompanying persons,
either during or as a result of the conference. It is recommended
that attendees take out personal travel insurance.


What the Fee Covers

  * Admission to ALL parts of the UM97 program, including:
    - Tutorials
    - Workshops (subject to admission by workshop organizers)
    - Invited talks
    - Paper sessions
    - Poster sessions
    - Doctoral consortium
    - System demonstrations

  * Printed proceedings volume (published by Springer Wien
    New York)

  * Welcome drink, banquet (including beverages), and
    refreshment during coffee breaks

  * Shuttle bus between Cagliari airport and conference hotel
   (before beginning and after end of conference)

Amount of Fee (in Lire)

                   Date of receipt of payment
                      (or proof of payment)
                  By 4 April     After 4 April
        Regular     600,000         780,000
        Student     360,000         480,000

  Banquet tickets for accompanying persons are Lit 80,000 each.

Note on Meeting the Early Registration Deadline

  If you can submit your registration form by April 4th but are
not sure that your (proof of) payment will arrive by that date,
please contact the organizing chair.


  UM97 will be held at the Grand Hotel Chia Laguna (see Section
  Normal double rooms are equipped with telephone, refrigerator,
color TV, and air conditioning. Residences are more modestly
equipped: no TV, phone, or air-conditioning. Residences have
rooms for two, four, or six persons.
  Regarding the need for air conditioning: The temperature at the
time of the conference is unlikely to exceed 25 degrees Celsius
during the day and 20 degrees Celsius at night (77 and 68 degrees
Fahrenheit, respectively).

Rates per person per night (in Lire):

     Double room, double occupancy      135,000
     Double room, single occupancy      175,000
     Room in residence (see above)       90,000

  All rates include half board (breakfast and one meal, including
beverages) at the hotel restaurant.
  There is an additional one-time reservation fee of Lit 15,000
per person.

               ***** 11. INFORMATION ABOUT HOTEL *****

  The following information is provided by the hotel:
  The Grand Hotel Chia Laguna is a four-star hotel about 40 km
southwest of Cagliari, in a beautiful area near the southernmost
tip of Sardinia. The hotel covers a large area, and it includes
several buildings and bungalows. The private beach is located in
a beautiful laguna, at walking distance, a few minutes away from
the hotel.
  Grand Hotel Chia Laguna offers rooms, suites, and residences.
The total number of beds is 1200.
  There is a main restaurant, the typical sea restaurant at the
swimming pool, and special children's restaurants. Five bars are
located so as to offer maximum comfort to the guests. The
shopping center provides local crafts, boutiques, sporting goods,
a pizzeria, a parfumerie, a herbalist and a coiffeur.
  The Grand Hotel Chia Laguna is surrounded by a great natural
park and the pure sea waters of Sardinia. Sand dunes, junipers
and cliffs give way to great expanses of fine golden sandy
beaches, where the sea is green and crystal-clear. There are four
swimming pools, four tennis courts, two squash courts and a
fitness center with a fully equipped gym and a sauna.  There is a
children's area, a small theater, a games room, a football pitch,
mini-football, mountain bike hire and a nightclub. The beach is
fully equipped with deck chairs and parasols. The Nautical Club
is available to guests for windsurfing courses, water skiing,
scuba-diving with a local tank refilling center and boat

                  ***** 12. TRAVEL INFORMATION *****

  The airport nearest the conference hotel is Cagliari Elmas
Airport, which is about 40 km to the northeast.
  There are 8 flights per day each way between Cagliari and Rome,
4 per day between Cagliari and Milan, and additional flights to
and from other Italian cities (Bologna, Florence, Verona, Turin,
Palermo and Catania).
  There will be free shuttle bus service between the airport and
the conference hotel during the following periods:

  * in the morning and the afternoon of Sunday, June 1st;
  * in the late afternoon and the evening of Thursday, June 5th;
  * in the morning of Friday, June 6th.

The exact schedule for the shuttle bus will be adapted as well
as possible to the arrival and departure times of UM97
  For those who are willing to make part of their voyage by sea,
various ferry services link Sardinia with mainland Italy.
  Further types of travel information, including maps and local
bus schedules, are available via the Web sites. For the planning
of the complete voyage, however, it will probably be necessary to
consult a travel agency.

              ***** 13. REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS *****

Each conference participant should fill in a separate form (see
Section 14). Accompanying persons who are not attending the
conference can be listed on the participant's form.


  Registration for both the conference and the hotel is being
handled by the agency Kassiopea News, whose addresses are given
at the beginning of the registration form (Section 14).


  Three procedures are available:

  A. Fill in by hand, send by fax or postal mail

    1. Print the empty form, using a uniform-width font like
    2. Fill in the form by hand.
    3. Arrange for payment in one of the ways listed below.
    4. Send the form by fax or postal mail to Kassiopea News,
       along with the following (if applicable):
       - credit card authorization form (Section 15);
       - photocopy of bank check or proof of bank transfer (only
         necessary if check or transfer itself would not arrive
         on time).

  B. Fill in on computer, send by fax or postal mail

    1. Fill in the form on your computer.
    2. Print the filled-in form, using a uniform-width font
       like Courier.
    3. Follow the steps 3 and 4 listed for method A.

  C. Fill in on computer, send by e-mail

    1. Fill in the form on your computer.
    2. Arrange for payment in one of the ways listed below.
    3. E-mail the filled-in form to Kassiopea News.
    4. If necessary, send by fax or postal mail any required
       information that cannot be e-mailed, making sure that your
       name and the conference name "UM97" are included:
       - credit card authorization form (Section 15);
       - photocopy of bank check or proof of bank transfer (only
         necessary if check or transfer itself would not arrive
         on time).


  Three modes of payment are available:

  1. Credit card

  Fill in the credit card authorization form in Section 15 and
  send it to Kassiopea News by fax or postal mail--even if you
  submit the main form by e-mail--for security reasons and
  because a signature is required.

  2. Bank check

  Your bank should make the check out to "Kassiopea News sas".
  Your form will be processed when either the check or a fax of
  it has been received by Kassiopea News.

  3. Bank transfer

  Your bank should transfer the sum you specify to the
  following account:

      Banca Nazionale del Lavoro,
      Ag. 3, Cagliari
      (ABI 1005, CAB 04998)
      Account name: Kassiopea News sas
      Account number: 858

  Your form will be processed when either the transfer has
  arrived at this account or proof that the transfer has been
  made has arrived at Kassiopea News.


Please send this form, as described in the instructions, to:

        Kassiopea News
        Via S. Satta 47
        I-09128 Cagliari

        E-mail: [log in to unmask]
        Fax number: +39 70 496064
        (After making the fax connection, you may hear a voice;
        just wait, and the transmission will proceed as usual.)

Please insert information where appropriate by

  - adding an "x" between square brackets "[ ]"; or
  - adding text after an arrow ("->").


            Name: ->
     Affiliation: ->
         Address: ->
Telephone number: ->
      Fax number: ->
  E-mail address: ->

[ ] "I give permission for the above information to be disclosed
    to mailing lists."

Special needs, including dietary needs:

Names and special needs of accompanying person(s):

[ ] "I am traveling with infants or small children and I am
    interested in contacting other attendees who are in a similar


[ ] "I would like to find a roommate to share a hotel room of the
    type specified on the form below."

Requirements for roommate (e.g., gender, smoking):

  Note: The organizers will distribute a list of potential
  roommates to those who are seeking roommates. You will be
  responsible for contacting one another to ascertain
  compatibility and make arrangements. UM97 and its organizers
  can accept no liability for any personal injuries, losses, or
  damages resulting from the selection of roommates.


Please insert the applicable amounts:
Regular, by    4 April (Lit. 600,000) ->
Regular, after 4 April (Lit. 780,000) ->
Student, by    4 April (Lit. 360,000) ->
Student, after 4 April (Lit. 480,000) ->

Banquet tickets for accompanying
persons (Lit 80,000 each)             ->
Total amount due for registration
 (= sum of the above amounts):        ->


  Each room price refers to one night's stay with half board for
one person.
  Please calculate and remit for each person (i.e., the
conference participant and any accompanying persons) the price
for one night and the one-time reservation fee. That is, each
relevant amount listed below should be multiplied by the number
of persons for whom you will be paying. Do NOT multiply by the
number of nights involved, since a deposit is required for only
one night.

                                                  Cost for
                                                  all persons
Double room, double occupancy   (Lit. 135,000) ->
Double room, single occupancy   (Lit. 175,000) ->
Room in residence (no phone,
 TV, or air conditioning;
 2, 4, or 6 persons per room)   (Lit.  90,000) ->

     One-time reservation fee   (Lit.  15,000) ->
 Amount to remit as deposit for accommodation
                     (= sum of above amounts): ->

If a room is to be shared with one or more persons not named on
this form who will pay their share separately, please specify
their name(s) (not necessary if you are still following the
procedure for finding roommates):

                   Date of arrival: ->
     Flight number and/or time of
     arrival at airport (if known): ->

                 Date of departure: ->
     Flight number and/or time of
 departure from airport (if known): ->


Total amount remitted (= sum of amounts for registration
and for accommodation):   Lit. ->

Method of payment (cf. the instructions):

  [ ] Credit card
  [ ] Bank check
  [ ] Bank transfer (free of charges to receiver)

         ***** 15. UM97 CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM *****

Note: If payment is to be made by credit card, this
authorization should be sent to Kassiopea News by fax or postal
mail--even if the registration form is submitted by e-mail--for
security reasons and because a signature is required.

        Kassiopea News
        Via S. Satta 47
        I-09128 Cagliari

        Fax number: +39 70 496064

Name of UM97 participant (if different from card holder):

The sum of Lit. ->
is to be charged to the following credit card:

  [ ] VISA
  [ ] Master Card
  [ ] EuroCard
  [ ] American Express
  [ ] Carta SI

     Card number (12 digits): ->
Month and year of expiration: ->
          Card holder's name: ->

    Signature (on hard copy): ->