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Loren Phillips <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 10:06:04 -0400
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In an email from 08:32 AM 09/12/2000 -0400, Gordon Montgomery wrote:
>Well just compare how long it takes a human to load a wepage and how long it
>takes you to load a book or magazine.

Add in the very real time of walking to the mailbox and back to retrieve
(load) your magazine, or the time to drive (load) your book, and the
webpage wins.

>How long does it take to log on to a conversation with a friend?

It takes time to dial the phone, wait for the connection and being able to
converse.  And that's IF you were able to connect at all (if they picked up
the phone).

>Get on track --
>People-centric not System-centric.


The systems we have today are the only reason that people are able to live
their lives with even MORE productivity than ever before.   If you want to
find out if people demand 2 second loads, ask them this:

1)  Do you prefer waiting for to load, or waiting for the 6pm news
show to come on or morning newspaper to deliver?
2)  Do you prefer waiting for to load, or driving to and from
the bookstore to order a book?
3)  Do you prefer waiting for to load, or waiting a couple of
weeks for them to mail you the monthly catalog so you can mail order the
rain slicker for your son?
4)  Do you prefer waiting for to load, or waiting for the US
Postal Service to deliver the photo of your sister's new baby?
5)  Do you prefer waiting for to load, or waiting to take vacation
time from work to go on an antique-hunting shopping trip?
6)  Do you prefer waiting for to load, or having to scour
through book after book at the library trying in vain to find an answer to
that programming glitch you can't seem to solve?

If you sit someone in front of their favorite website that takes 15 seconds
to load, and ask them "would you prefer that it load faster, or are you
happy with it as it is", of *course* they'll say it would be good if it
loaded faster.  Ask them if they'd rather wait 15 seconds, or not have it
available at all, and they'll tell you they couldn't live without the site
even if it took 30 seconds to load.   It's all in how you ask the questions...

Today's Internet and it's "nasty-old 20 second load times" is STILL a huge
advantage over the way things used to be.   Anyone who wants to tell me
that people demand instant delivery of anything is deluding themselves.
There's nothing in this world that occurs with "instant
delivery"...nothing...and I don't believe that the web audience is as
demanding as the industry analysts want them to be.



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