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ACM PODC Participants List <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 6 Nov 2022 19:46:27 +0000
Etienne Riviere <[log in to unmask]>
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Etienne Riviere <[log in to unmask]>
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    OPODIS 2022: Call for Participation
* Early registration deadline: 18/11/2022 *

We warmly invite you to attend OPODIS 2022 in Brussels, Belgium!

26th Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems
Brussels, Belgium (with Zoom broadcast)
13-15 December 2022


OPODIS is an open forum for the exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge on distributed computing and distributed computer systems. OPODIS will feature a rich and balanced program that combines theory and practice of distributed systems, as well as three high-profile keynote addresses.

OPODIS 2022 is now open for registration with early registration deadline of Nov 18, 2022.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Input Output, Wallonia's Agence du Numérique, and of the Belgian FNRS, OPODIS is able to offer low rates for student attendees (300 euros before Nov 18) and non-student attendees (500 euros before Nov 18). Details are available at https://sites.uclouvain.be/OPODIS2022/index.html#subscribe

In addition to in-person attendance, OPODIS offers the possibility to remotely follow the presentations via Zoom. Online participation is free but requires prior registration by email to [log in to unmask] 

Keynote speakers:

- Panagiota Fatourou, University of Crete: "Recoverable Computing"
- Victor Luchangco, Algorand: "Theory Meeting Practice in the Algorand Blockchain"
- Sébastien Tixeuil, Sorbonne Université

Accepted papers:

- Fernando Pedone, Enrique Fynn, Robert Soulé, Zarko Milosevic and Ethan Buchman: 
  Robust and Fast Blockchain State Synchronization
- Colette Johnen, Adnane Khattabi, and Alessia Milani: 
  Efficient Wait-free Queue Algorithms with Multiple Enqueuers and Multiple Dequeuers
- Gali Sheffi, Erez Petrank, and Pedro Ramalhete: EEMARQ: 
  Efficient Lock-Free Range Queries with Memory Reclamation
- Neta Rozen Schiff, Klaus-Tycho Foerster, Stefan Schmid, and David Hay: 
  Chopin: Combining Distributed and Centralized Schedulers for Self-Adjusting Datacenter Networks
- Shir Cohen, Idit Keidar, and Alexander Spiegelman. 
  Make Every Word Count: Adaptive Byzantine Agreement with Fewer Words
- Hagit Attiya and Faith Ellen: 
  The Step Complexity of Multidimensional Approximate Agreement
- Ignacio Amores-Sesar, Christian Cachin, and Enrico Tedeschi: 
  Melting the Snow: A Security Analysis of Avalanche Consensus
- Trevor Brown and Rosina Kharal: 
  Performance Anomalies in Concurrent Data Structure Microbenchmarks
- Shihao Liu: 
  The Impossibility of Approximate Agreement on a Large Class of Graphs
- Taichi Inoue, Naoki Kitamura, Taisuke Izumi, and Toshimitsu Masuzawa: 
  Computational Power of A Single Oblivious Mobile Agent in Two-Edge-Connected Graphs
- Pierre Fraigniaud, Pedro Montealegre, Pablo Paredes, Ivan Rapaport, Martín Ríos-Wilson, and Ioan Todinca: 
  Computing Power of Hybrid Models in Synchronous Networks
- Darya Melnyk, Jukka Suomela, and Neven Villani: 
  Mending Partial Solutions With Few Changes
- Timothé Albouy, Davide Frey, Michel Raynal, and François Taïani:
  A Modular Approach to Construct Signature-Free BRB Algorithms under a Message Adversary
- Rodrigo Queiroz Saramago, Hein Meling, and Leander Jehl: 
  A Privacy-Preserving and Transparent Certification System for Digital Credentials
- Yuval Emek, Yuval Gil, and Noga Harlev: 
  Design of Self-Stabilizing Approximation Algorithms Via a Primal-Dual Approach
- Ittai Abraham and Gilad Stern: 
  New Dolev-Reischuk Lower Bounds Meet Blockchain Eclipse Attacks
- Yonghwan Kim, Masahiro Shibata, Yuichi Sudo, Junya Nakamura, Yoshiaki Katayama, and Toshimitsu Masuzawa: 
  Gathering of Mobile Robots with Defected Views
- Jannik Castenow, Jonas Harbig, Daniel Jung, Peter Kling, Till Knollmann, and Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide: 
  A Unifying Approach to Efficient (Near-)Gathering of Disoriented Robots with Limited Visibility
- John Augustine, Arnhav Datar, and Nischith Shadagopan M N: 
  Randomized Byzantine Gathering in Rings
- Christian Cachin, Giuliano Losa, and Luca Zanolini: 
  Quorum Systems in Permissionless Networks
- Sarah Azouvi, Christian Cachin, Duc V. Le, Marko Vukolic, and Luca Zanolini: 
  Modeling Resources in Permissionless Longest-chain Total-order Broadcast
- Bernadette Charron-Bost and Louis Penet de Monterno: 
  Self-stabilizing clock synchronization in dynamic networks
- Petra Berenbrink, Amin Coja-Oghlan, Oliver Gebhard, Max Hahn-Klimroth, Dominik Kaaser, and Malin Rau: 
  On the Hierarchy of Distributed Majority Protocols
- Sravya Yandamuri, Ittai Abraham, Kartik Nayak, and Michael Reiter:
  Communication-Efficient BFT Using Small Trusted Hardware to Tolerate Minority Corruption
- Jared Coleman, Evangelos Kranakis, Danny Krizanc, and Oscar Morales Ponce:
  Line Search for an Oblivious Moving Target

**** Organization ****

- General chair: 
    Etienne Riviere (UCLouvain)

- PC chairs:
    Eshcar Hillel (PLIOPS, Israel)
    Roberto Palmieri (Lehigh University, USA)

**** Venue ****

The conference will be held in Brussels, Belgium. It will be hosted by UCLouvain on its Brussels campus, with a direct public transport connection to the city center. 

**** Contact ****

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