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Mon, 24 Apr 2000 19:08:14 -0400
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Dear Sirs,

The below are the requirements for the applications that we are
intending to offer as new services for our customers.  Please
provide in detail for your product's functionality .

If your company can provide a strong turnkey solution on the
FreeBSD please contact us ASAP. If you can send us an outlined
project proposal this makes the things faster.

*100.000 user
*8.000 concurrent user
*All system should be clustered and mission critical
*You can look the Geocities.. We want same funcitonality..

Free E-mail Functionality

1.      5 MB storage capacity per user
2.      Read mail function
3.      Compose mail function
a.      Completing the address of the recipient if the recipient
exists in the address book
b.      Cc and bcc options
4.      Reply function
5.      Reply all function
6.      Forward function
7.      Folder options
a.      Inbox
b.      Drafts
c.      Outbox
d.      Sent items
e.      Deleted items
f.      Unlimited number of customised folders
8.      Find message function within folders
9.      Attachment (up to * files, * MB)
10.     Spam control (block sender)
11.     Filters
a.      Directing incoming messages to specific folders.
12.     Address book
a.      Group definitions
b.      Add sender to address book option
13.     E-mail forwarding
14.     POP mail retrieval
a.      Storing retrieved POP mail messages into a separate
15.     A smart user interface
16.     User customisation
17.     xxx staff customisation
18.     Options
a.      Personal profile
i.      Personal information
ii.     Password change
iii.    Secret question
19.     Signature
20.     User preferences, users will be able to define;
a.      Messages per Page
b.      Line width
c.      Auto jump between folders (move to)
d.      Sort function for message headers
i.      From
ii.     Subject
iii.    Received
iv.     Size
v.      Make read/unread (sign as read after * seconds or when
jumping to the next unread message)/flag
e.      Reply to messages options
i.      Allow to use standard style defined by the user
ii.     Keep signature in reply / use signature only when
composing a new message
iii.    Keep original message text
iv.     Use separators when replying
v.      Specification of reply to address
vi.     Confirm sent messages
21.     Calendar
22.     Reminders
23.     Subscriptions (users will determine the services that
they are going to subscribe like "haber express", "son dakika"
etc. when signing on for the first time)
24.     xxxx member directory (users will be added to xxx member
directory depending on their choice (optional), visitors or other
members of xxx will be able to find the recorded members within
the member directory and their contact information)
25.     Language (default TR, optional ENG)
26.     The product should allow xxx staff to customise the
default Turkish settings, the words used etc.

Free Web Functionality

1.      5 MB web space per user
2.      Each user will choose a category within xxx web space
categories when applying for a free web space
3.      The application should support content audits that have
to be performed periodically by xxx staff
4.      Composing web pages
a.      All users;
i.      Should retrieve a general guideline regarding how to
create a web site + software  + HTML vs.
ii.     Will have a counter to be placed within their web pages
iii.    Will have a xxx logo that will always be been when the
users' web pages are on the screen (a sliding logo not restricted
to the section of the web page seen, "anchor (?)")
iv.     Should have a space for opening forums
v.      Should have samples of questionnaire templates with a
certain number of questions and a certain number of choices)
vi.     Should be able to place a search console on their pages
1.      To provide search opportunity within their pages
2.      A link to perform search within xxx categories by xxx
search engine
vii.    A clipart and picture archive for all users to let them
use those images within their pages
viii.   An optimiser for all users to shrink the size of their
images for better space utilisation
b.      New users
i.      These users are assumed to use several templates to
compose their web pages and therefore the application should be
able to provide them several templates for different
uses/purposes of their web presence. However, these users will be
given the option to upload their files and images
c.      Advanced users
i.      These users are assumed to use ftp tools to upload the
web pages that they have prepared by themselves
5.      The application should provide an environment that will
support formation of web rings within xxx categories and user web
6.      The application should help determining of the web sites
that are not visited or updated for a certain period of time
7.      Language (default TR[we do this ], optional ENG)

We are ready to start this.


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Turkey  UAE (Dubai) Qatar  Saudia Israel