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"Team Ada: Ada Advocacy Issues (83 & 95)" <[log in to unmask]>
Prof R Conn <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 6 Nov 1996 14:56:08 EST
Prof R Conn <[log in to unmask]>
Prof R Conn <[log in to unmask]>
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Hi, Everyone,

This is now in the PAL.  Much improved.  There is also a hot button at the
top level (in pal.html and pal_a.htm) to get you there quickly.

Richard Conn, PAL Manager  |  [log in to unmask]
Opinions expressed herein are my own and not necessarily those of anyone else.
Public Ada Library (PAL) Release Notice
Release of: Update to Ada Advocacy Package
1. Taxonomy:
2. Author:
    Ada Resources Association (ARA)
    Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO)
    Ada Information Clearinghouse (AdaIC)
    Colbert, Edward
    Engle, Charles
    Masters, Michael
    Mathis, Robert
3. Rights:
    Approved for Public Release; Distribution Unlimited
4. Copyright:
5. Abstract:
The Ada Advocacy Package
Making the Business Case for Ada

2nd Release

SIGAda, the Ada Resources Association (ARA), the Ada Joint Program
Office (AJPO), the AJPO's agent (the Ada Information Clearinghouse
(AdaIC)), and many others in the Ada community have identified as one
impediment to the widespread use of Ada a previously-unfulfilled need to
make widely available a package containing a small number of refined,
tested, best-of-breed materials usable by anyone who is trying to
convince an organization or project to use Ada.  The "Ada Advocacy
Package" has been created to help address this shortcoming - all of
these organizations have initiated focused efforts to collect, create,
and refine the appropriate Ada advocacy materials.  Materials in this
package include:
  . management/business briefings (documented productivity benefits,
    cost/schedule results, risk mitigation effects, availability of
    trained Ada programmers, and other topics)
  . technical briefings (features of Ada that support improved
    software engineering and development)
  . a concise monograph (equivalent to the briefings)
  . a catalog of vendors providing Ada products and services
  . a set of Ada "success stories" in various domains (especially
    commercial software domains)
  . frequently asked questions about Ada, its availability, and
    results of its usage
  . resource lists (including education/training materials and
    providers) and Web pointers
  . tailoring and selection guidelines for using the package's

In the files and, you will find (courtesy of Dr.
Charles Engle):

  Masters -- contains a file sent specifically to put up on the
Web (see note below).  Requires Powerpoint 4.0 for Windows 95.

  Colbert -- "Ada in Open Systems" by Edward Colbert.

  Engle - Dr. Charles Engle's "Why Ada" brief.

  FalsRed -- contains an FAQ style document entitled Fallacies and Red
Herrings. It attempts to answer the non-technical issues that come up
with regard to Ada use.

  Mathis1 -- a presentation given at a European Space Agency
symposium by Bob Mathis

  Mathis2 -- a presentation to the NRC study committee by Bob Mathis

  Mathis3 -- a presentation at STC'96 by Bob Mathis

  Mathis4 -- a presentation at AdaEurope'96 by Bob Mathis

You will also find
These files constitute a set of briefing notes by Dr. Charles Engle
on why Ada is a better choice over other languages.  They are in a
workable format (compatible with the PAL and the Ada CDROMs), but there
is some room for improvement.
6. Release Notice:
This prologue must be included in all copies of this software.
Restrictions on use or distribution:  NONE
7. Directory Listing:

  File Name                 Size
  ---------                 ----
  README                   1,026             317,717             468,315             88,264

  ==============  ==============
    4 Files              875,322