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"Team Ada: Ada Advocacy Issues (83 & 95)" <[log in to unmask]>
Craig Spannring <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 8 Nov 2000 07:29:59 -0800
"Robert C. Leif, Ph.D." <[log in to unmask]>
"Robert C. Leif, Ph.D." <[log in to unmask]>
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From: Bob Leif
To: Craig Spannring et al.
I wonder how many billions the demise of the Ada Mandate will cost us. A
previous, very expensive failure was the lack of separation of the
antimissile warhead from the rocket. Was this the result of a software
error? In what language is Star Wars II being programmed? I suspect that, at
present, the simulations are much more important than the media events. I do
believe that the chivalry shown by the US Defense Department in originally
funding an excellent Ada compiler and ensuring its availability in its
entirety to our enemies was excessive.

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From: Team Ada: Ada Advocacy Issues (83 & 95)
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Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 12:11 AM
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Subject: Re: NASA X-38 Question

Roger Racine writes:
 > At 02:01 PM 11/3/2000 , [log in to unmask] wrote:
 > >NASA's page on the recently tested X-38 crew return vehicle
 > >( contains the
 > >following statement:
 > >
 > >"The X-38 flight computer is commercial equipment that is currently used
 > >in aircraft, and the flight software operating system is a commercial
 > >already in use in many aerospace applications."
 > >
 > >Does anyone on this list have more details on the X-38 software that
 > >can share?
 > >
 > >F. Britt Snodgrass
 > VxWorks OS, application software is written in C.
 > Roger Racine

>From comp.risks-

  Date: Mon, 6 Nov 1972 16:46:10 -0500 (EST)
  From: "James H. Paul" <[log in to unmask]>
  Subject: Unplanned roll in NASA's X-38

  *Aviation Week & Space Technology*, 6 Nov 2000, p. 24

  "NASA's X-38 Vehicle 131R did a slow, 360-deg. roll after release from its
  B-52 carrier aircraft on Nov. 2.  It was the first free flight of the
  vehicle, which automatically stabilized under the preprogrammed deployment
  of a drogue chute and made a successful landing under parafoil on a dry
  lakebed runway, as scheduled, at Edwards AFB, Calif.  The vehicle
  no damage in the test.  Project officials said they would have to do some
  trouble-shooting to figure out why the Crew Return Vehicle (CRV) prototype
  rolled at an estimated average rate of about 20 deg. per sec. during its
  sec. of scheduled free flight.  A software problem in the vehicle's flight
  control system was suspected, although project officials were also looking
  at whether aerodynamic disturbances immediately after separation might
  played a role.  Actual separation from the B-52 was clean, and the flight
  control system maintained angle of attack throughout the 18-sec. roll.
  vehicle is an 80%-scale version of the CRV designed to provide emergency
  escape for International Space Station crews."