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Rabbi David Botton <[log in to unmask]>
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Team Ada: Ada Programming Language Advocacy
Mon, 29 Dec 2014 22:02:11 -0500
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Gnoga is an open source development platform for the creation of mission
critical and enterprise applications that can be deployed to the cloud,
desktop or mobile devices.

Gnoga applications are written using the open source Gnoga framework
licensed under the GPLv3 with Runtime Exceptions for creating free or
proprietary software and Ada 2012, the time-tested, safe and secure
programming language used for long-lived critical application development.

This releases contains the Gnoga 1.0 Framework, future releases will
include additional platform tools including a full IDE and visual
development environment.

Ada compilers are available for most platforms - see

For more information

Download Gnoga 1.0 at  or clone the latest
      git clone git:// gnoga

The Gnoga user guide is available at -

Join the Gnoga E-Mail Support List -

Gnoga Features

* Realtime live server push web-app technology for the web
* Native Gtk Front end for the desktop
* Native Mac OS X desktop applications that can be submitted to the App
* Write complex web-apps or desktop apps with no HTML or JS
* The same code base can deploy as a web-app, desktop or mobile app
* Server side and client side development is in same code base and all in
* Gnoga applications are clear and easy to read and write
* Extensive concurrency support
* Integrates easily with C/C++, Python or any other server side language or
* Bind any JavaScript based client libraries to take advantage of existing
UI developments

Gnoga Platforms

* GNU/Linux
* Apple Macintosh OS X
* Microsoft Windows
* Raspberry Pi
* And any other gcc/ada platform supporting GNAT.Sockets

Gnoga Framework Overview

1. The communication platform between the Ada code and the browser / native

2. Binding to the HTML5 DOM and Browser
      Gnoga.Gui.Base (Not per se a binding of Node but takes its place)
      Gnoga.Gui.Element, Gnoga.Gui.Element.* (HTML Elements)
      Gnoga.Gui.Element.Canvas - HTML 5 Canvas bindings
      Gnoga.Gui.Element.SVG - HTML SVG vector graphics
      Gnoga.Gui.Element.Multimedia - HTML 5 Audio and Video
      Gnoga.Gui.Element.Style - CSS Style blocks
      Gnoga.Gui.Window, Gnoga.Gui.Navigator, Gnoga.Gui.Screen,

3. Application start up services
      Gnoga.Server.Application.Singleton - Desktop apps
      Gnoga.Server.Application.Multi_Connect - Multi user / Web apps

4. Gnoga higher level containers and GUI widgets
      Gnoga.Gui.Views.* - Auto layout of child elements and basis for
                          custom Gnoga Ada only widgets
      Gnoga.Gui.Views.Docker - Dock child views to view sides
      Gnoga.Gui.Views.Card - Stacks of views

5. Gnoga client side application APIs
      Gnoga.Client.Storage - local persistent and session storage on browser
      Gnoga.Client.Bind_Page - Bind to all elements on pre-made HTML5 pages

6. Gnoga database bindings and server side APIs
      Gnoga.Server.Database - support for MySQL and SQLite 3
           (for ODBC bindings see deps/simple_components)
      Gnoga.Server.Model - Active Data models like in Rails
      Gnoga.Server.Migrations - Rails like database schema migrations
      Gnoga.Server.Template_Parser - Parse files with tokens or Python 2.7

7. Gnoga development tools
      tool/gnoga_make - Generate application scaffolds

8. Plugin bindings to existing JavaScript libraries
      Gnoga.Gui.Plugin.Ace_Editor - Full editor with Ada syntax highlighting
      Gnoga.Gui.Plugin.Bootstrap - The Bootsrap framework
      Gnoga.Gui.Plugin.jQuery - jQuery support to access non-Gnoga Elements
      Gnoga.Gui.Plugin.jQueryUI - all the jQueryUI Interactions and Effects
      Gnoga.Gui.Plugin.jQueryUI.Widgets - the jQueryUI Widgets

9. Native Desktop and Mobile Application Support coming:
      Gnoga.Server.Application.Gtk_Window - Native GTK front end
      Gnoga.Gui.Plugin.MacGap - Native Mac OSX features


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