> For any of you who still have web pages with references
> to URLs for the original "Intermetrics" bindings (c2ada, x11ada/motif,
> win32ada), could you please update these as follows:
>    Where you originally had:
>       www.inmet.com/~mg/...
>    Please change these to:
>       www.averstar.com/~stt/bindings/...
> There is now a very short "overview" page at:
>    http://www.averstar.com/~stt/bindings
> Please note that these bindings are *not* under active maintenance
> at AverStar, and that there are probably better places to find
> them on the web.  Hopefully sites like AdaPower will begin to point
> to these better sites.  But in the interim, please change any
> existing links in accordance with the above.

Actually Adapower already does point to a better link which is


Which actually contains slightly modified versions of the original X
bindings (and Motif and Xforms)
setup to build with later versions of GNAT that exposed bugs in the
bindings. In addition, from
here you can follow a link to the Linux for Ada Team that has built RPMs
based on these modified bindings.

I do not have the time to update these to later versions as I am now
much more interested in the GtkAda bindings which provide a better solution
for a GUI (IMHO). I certainly
will continue to update the bindings if I find bug but at the moment I am
not planning on adding any new