> R. C. Leif, T. Moran, and R. Brukardt, "Ada 95, The Language Speaks for
> Itself", Object Magazine, Implementation Languages, 7 (3) pp. 32-39, May
> (1997)

Good article, if a bit inflammatory ("... leave it to the JAVA converts
to describe the sins ...")

The more I learn about Java, the less impressed I am.  But I must admit it
does not have one problem the article implies.  The Java inventors figured
out (finally!) that a boolean is NOT a number.  So it is no longer possible
(unless x and y are booleans) to get the compiler to accept  x == y  when it
should be  x = y  (as implied by the first paragraph in the second column.

The sins of the fathers are indeed visited upon the descendants, and Java
does carry FAR too much baggage from C.  But at least they repented of
this one.

Wes Groleau