Well, if it had been a Fortran, COBOL, Java, or C++ question of the same
level, I think it would still be considered obscure by most contestants and
audience members.  We're specialists in a pretty small area, relative to the
world at large!  I think this was an appropriate high-value question, and
would not have been appropriate at a low value (say $64K or less).

I guess a similarly obscure COBOL question would have been "What was the
highest military rank achieved by the primary developer of the COBOL
language?"  I don't think your typical outstanding quiz-show contestant
would know that offhand.

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> Subject: Re: Who wants to spell millionaire?
> When I saw Ada on the show last night, I couldn't decide
> whether I should be
> excited about the fact that it was even mentioned or
> disappointed in the
> fact that it was the half million dollar question--implying
> that its history
> (and for those of us feeling paranoid, the language itself)
> is so obscure
> that almost nobody would know it.
> I agree with Steve about the $200 question, and wish that
> things were such
> that it really belonged there -- although is Ada's origin any
> more obscure
> than the color of the stripes on the "Cat in the Hat"'s hat?
> Gene Ouye <[log in to unmask]>
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> On Friday, February 25, 2000 7:21 AM, Hal Hart [SMTP:[log in to unmask]]
> wrote:
> > It was very intriguing to read Stanley's oblique message
> half an hour ago
> &
> > really not know why it was posted, and then 5 minutes ago
> have my wife
> call
> > me into the living room where she was watching "Who Wants to Be a
> > Millionaire" to watch a guy pass up a chance at $.5M by
> answering the
> > question "The computer language Ada was named for the
> daughter of which of
> > the following poets?"  He thought he knew but wasn't sure,
> passed & walked
> > away with the $.25M he had already won, and then Regis made
> him say what
> he
> > had been thinking.  He would have been right!  I think that's as
> > encouraging as the fact the question was asked.
> Then again, it would have been more encouraging if it had
> been the $200
> question.
> (For those that have been on Pluto and haven't even accidentally
> seen/understood the show, they ask increasingly difficult
> questions as the
> $$$ get higher.  At least the Ada question wasn't for the full $1M).
> Regards,
> Steve
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