Reinholtz Åke wrote:
> Subject: Safety Critical Certification
> I search for an Ada Run-Time System which can be used in a Safety Critical
> Application. The Ada RTS and the Ada libraries must be in compliance with
> FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) RTCA/DO-178B for airborne software
> systems. Please send me a reply if you have information about this.

I am pretty sure that Aonix, Rational, and DDC-I all have Ada run-times
(or subsets) that have been designed for use with DO-178B systems.
Other vendors (e.g. GNAT, Green Hills, Irvine, OCSystems) may also have
such products, or be working on them.  I would check their respective web
sites, or send mail to their sales departments.  Here are their web
addresses, in alphabetical order:

> Best Regards,
> Åke Reinholtz

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