> Ada in the system.  I know as i just finished porting all of it from
> rational to gnat. Interesting note, i have listened to them complain
> for years about how slow Ada was compared to c/c++ to compile.  well
> now they are also porting to the Solaris c++ compiler that's part of
> Solaris 7.  interestingly enough the gnat compiler now compiles about
> 5 times faster than the c++!

Were they complaining about the speed of Apex or the speed of GNAT?
Versions of Apex before 3.2 were indeed quite slow.  But that has
changed.  And of course, GNAT has always been quite fast.  Plus, GNAT.
unlike most compilers, can compile many files at the same time without
corrupting some "library."

Wes Groleau