Hi Fellow Teamers,

Just a note to let you know that Ada is still alive
at Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA.  I have
recently accepted an appointment to the faculty there
and, among my first classes will be Ada As a Second
Language, starting April 3.

During my interviews with other faculty, I was suprised
to discover a very intelligent attituded regarding Ada.
Several other professors indicated their fondness for Ada.
There are even some very interesting projects by graduate
students involving Ada.

I will keep AdaWorks alive so I can continue to teach Ada seminars
during the summer months, but my travel schedule will be cut back
so I will not be able to attend as many meetings and conferences
as I have been attending.  This will mean less eyeball contact with
those of you who have been so generous in your hospitality over the

My email address at Naval Posgraduate School, for those of you with a
compelling tidbit of information now and then,

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My team-ada subscription will remain under adaworks for the time being.



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