My experience is that the decision is based 99% on popularity of language X
and the ability to get cheap programmers who you need not train to work for
you.  The results are not an issue.

Even if we had hard data that language X yields poor results, and the Ada
yields better results the perception that Ada programmers are hard to find
prevails.  We need to build that killer app, or awesome game to get that
turned around.  Unless others have a better idea.

        Just my 2Cents.

William L. Dale
 "'E'commerce is not life and death. If it was,
it would be coded in Ada." - Dean Esposito - Team-Ada

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> > Seriously, it may take hundreds of years to get enough data to prove,
> > at the 99% level and without a shadow of a doubt, that X is true.  But
> > even knowing that X is more likely true than not, is *useful*
> > information.  While we wait for certainty, people *are* making
> > decisions that are more likely bad than good, based on their
> > conclusions, statistically valid at *very* low confidence, from single
> > circumstance anecdotes.
> With the Ada vs. _________ question, in many cases people are making
> decisions CONTRARY TO all the available anecdotal evidence !!!
> --
> Wes Groleau