[said Hal]
> dscm wrote:
> > ...
> > By the way, Team-Ada is not Jobserve.Com
> >
> > Isnt there a more appropriate place to fish for freelancers !!
> This has come up before, and I believe the consensus has been that wide
> visibility among Teamers of available Ada jobs is helpful as ammunition for Ada
> advocacy.   A lot of non-believers say Ada is dead and no new work is being done
> in Ada, and this helps dispell those untruths.  Having something "in writing"
> carries a lot more weight than just saying it.   -hh
I agree with Hal. I think there is no problem at all with legitimate
recruiting info being posted to Team-Ada. If we ever get so many of
these that it becomes bothersome, we can cross that bridge when we
come to it. (Frankly, that is a problem I'd LOVE to have!)

Mike Feldman