"Carlisle, Martin, Dr, DFCS" wrote:
> See for the
> March issue of Ada Letters.  Note you need an ACM account to access this,
> and the URL will accept SIGAda members only.

Thank you for making Ada_Letters available electronically. This is a
very important step to facilitate access of Ada Letters to all and
something most of us have wanted to see for a long time. Congratulations
on this important milestone! The next step is to make Ada_Letters
available without membership limitations.

Why is Ada_Letters placed onto a membership/password protected site? Is
this a requirement of ACM since Ada_Letters is copyrighted by ACM? I
thought ACM gave the SIGS the permission to post anything to our own web
sites without password access. We have the papers from previous
conferences available through the SIGAda Home Page without password
control (they are also available via the ACM Digital Library). We should
be able to do the same thing for Ada_Letters. Yes?

Again, thank you for this important milestone!