This posting is an apology from the SIGCHI chair
to those members of the community who had difficulties
with their short paper submissions for CHI'2000.  A number
of the papers were not reviewed for the conference because
our user interface was (in short) not the best. We did not
make it clear that papers needed to be submitted by post,
not electronically.  On top of that, the servers handling
electronic submission failed us on the last day to submit
which surely added to anxiety of our submitters.

Please be assured that we have changed our short paper
submission procedure for CHI'2001.  We will have only
one way to submit papers - electronically.  We will also
be more than prepared for an overwhelming number of short
papers - a change that surprised us this year.

We recognize that our submission procedures are exacting
and time consuming.  Our conference is run by volunteers
and we get almost 2000 submissions in various categories.
We have careful document management procedures and reviewing
procedures in an attempt to make sure that our volunteers
don't burn out while trying to do things as equitably as
possible.  If you have any questions or are uncertain about
the submission process, please contact our mentor services.

Again, SIGCHI is very sorry that these problems occurred and
I am writing to assure everyone in our community that we
have taken steps to keep these problems from happening

Marilyn Tremaine
Marilyn (Mantei) Tremaine
Professor Computer & Information Systems
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