Hint: Check into the string attributes 'first and 'last, you also may find
substrings helpful.

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That's correct.  An example is "Madam, I'm Adam."  If you ignore the spaces
and punctuation, that becomes MADAMIMADAM, which is the same sequence of
letters either forward or backward.  Notice that the "I" is the middle of
the string, and doesn't have to match any other letters.  If a string has an
even number of letters, then the two middle letters much match for it to be
a palindrome.

Glenn Booker

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>Colin Brown:
>> question, write an ada program using recursion to find out if the text
>> entered is a palindrome. I sort of understand how recursion works, I
>Is a palindrome a word where the first and the last letter
>is the same, the second and the second to last letter is the
>same, and so on?
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