Good response from you on this issue.  Now that I am back
in the academic world (at least with a significant part of
me there, anyway), I think I should participate in the
effort establish Ada's credibility in this domain as I
have tried to do in the commercial domain over the years.  Perhaps I
will have more success.

Already, in a class that started with three Ada students, I have had
added another ten just for this quarter.  The students are amazed
at how easy Ada can be and the power of the language.  There are some
research projects here that might be candidates for the programming
contest.  How does one acquire copies of the contest rules and dates?

Side note related:  Just received a copy of the new Ada book by our
friend John McCormack and his colleagues.  Nice piece of work. One
of my Ada students reviewed it and like it a lot.

Richard Riehle
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